Work of Destiny

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Chapter 8

Donald closed the door and cursed himself for his behaviour towards her just now. He will make up for it, that he promised to himself.

"Hem.. bro don't forget I'm still here". Donald looked at his twin brother and smiled.

"I haven't forgotten about that fact. I am sure you have good news for me with that sly smile you are spotting "

"Yhyh, it's just that I'm getting married next two months."

"Bro, that's good news and I guess I will be the best man, right? "

"You've guessed right"

Jack teased his brother about Julia after the congrats were said.

He left shortly after that. Donald attended to five more applicants and closed the interview opportunity.

For her already had his employee. After attending to some paper works, he left for the house.

He still was thinking of the lady who had plaques his mind and had refused to let go.

The doorbell rang and Julia went to open the door to see her friend in all smiles. They hugged, she playfully pulled her into the room and closed the door. "I think I'll need a cup of coffee to be able to tell you the news" Emerald rattled out to her friend.

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