Work of Destiny

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Chapter 9

"It's about Jack and I" she started when they were seated on the couch. "Jack and I are getting married in the next two months.

"Oh, Emmy, I'm so happy for you, congratulation" Julia stated with a quivering voice.

"Now don't start crying and get puffy eyes if you want to be my maid of honour."

"You want me to be your maid of honour? Oh Emmy, what have I ever done to get a friend like you". Emerald nodded in affirmation to Julia's question, afraid tears will flow of she utters a word.

"It is a privilege to be your maid of honour. I will be so grateful".

They prepared a meal of ham sandwich with vegetable salad and ate together.

Emerald left moments later.

Thirty minutes passed since she left, someone rang the doorbell again. Julia reluctantly went to the door and peeped through the doorview.

It was Donald, she opened the door hesitantly to find him soaking wet. She had not realized when it started to rain since her house was sound proof. She hurriedly bid him inside.

"You've got to have a hot bath or else you will catch a serious cold." She told him. He nodded his ascent. She led him to the guess room and showed him the bathroom but she saw that he was shivering like a wet dog so she went to prepare a hot bath for him.

When everything was ready for his bath, she came out of the bathroom. He had already removed his shirt and was on his pants. She hurried out of the room but not before having a glimpse of his hairy chest.

Julia went to her room and rummaged through her things. At last, she found what she was looking for, her late father's teddy bear pyjamas that she cherished so much. She repacked her things and took the pyjamas to the guess room.

She turned her back to the bathroom and placed them on the bed. She heard a sound behind her and when she turned, there was Donald with just a towel around his waist.

Her eyes widened as he started taking steps towards her. In her attempt to get away from him, she slipped. She was expecting her fall but she felt strong arms around her instead, arms preventing her from falling.

As she raised her eyes, he caught her gaze and held her there. His mouth was on hers before she could react. She responded by instinct. He ravished her lips that both of them we're breathing heavily. He gently pushed her unto the bed with the towel still around him.

He dropped his kisses to the base of her neck and tongued her there.

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