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Adoria Godsmith, a chubby, sweet and daring teen girl who has graduated at eighteen, was living a peaceful life until her girlfriend, Jessica Hazarika, an undercover agent made her part of a sting operation to collect some criminal evidences against the most powerful and dangerous gang of the world, The American Mafia. Adoria's life turned up side down when she caught unwanted attention from no other than the gang leader - Theodore Pheonix Alexander, a very cold-hearted, ruthless and also menacingly sick sadist. But what will happen when Theodore find her as a traitor and her secret mission ?

Romance / Drama
Legacie the real
Age Rating:

Chapter 1.- Surprise.

"And here we have next on the stage is... Ms. Adoria Godsmith..!"

This was it. Finally here comes the biggest day of my life, the graduation ceremony. I don't know how even I am feeling, I mean, I am too much overwhelmed lately.

I walked towards the stage adjusting my convocation robe anxiously. My legs are feeling jelly.

I wish Jessica was here, but it's been awhile since she is out of the country for her missions.

Can't she find some normal work somewhere in Shillong itself ?

I mean being an undercover agent is risky as fuck and I don't want to loose her.

Breathing in and out,

I brushed all my random thoughts and tried to focus at the current situation, calming my veins that were tingling with excitement, yet I was hell nervous."Congratulations.", Lastly, I was greeted by the Chief Guest who was invited to attend the Graduation Ceremony.

"Thank you.", I greeted back with a handshake.

Finally, the ceremony ended after an hour or so and I walked out along with others.

Actually I couldn't make any friends here because they think I am weird.

Weird ?

Is being bisexual seem to be weird ?

Fuck, hell no.

Homophobic shits.

I looked at everyone in envy. Some people had their parents with them, who adored randomly patting on their son's and daughter's back; Some had their friends who gathered around and started discussing about future goals and after parties.

And here I am looking here and there like a lost puppy.

Feeling like an outcast was nothing new to me.

You can say I am practically lonely.

I don't have parents like 'such' other kids here. When I was five, they left me without any reason at an orphanage and years later I started working part-time in a restaurant as a waitress after finishing my board exams.

And in that restaurant, a miracle happened when met her.


She used to visit regularly back then; but later on I got know her sole purpose and that was, only to see me.

Aww, that was cute.

She is such a sweet heart. I never thought that she would turn out to be love of my life. And, there I thought I won't be forsaken anymore.

But how wrong I was !

Soon after a month of our relationship, she confessed to me of being an undercover agent from RAWS so, she has to be out of the state or country, most of the time for some ridiculous and dangerous missions and sting operations.

A part of me always proud of her and salutes her bravery as she is been serving our nation. But also, another part of me was monophobic.

I like drinking tea alone, and reading alone. I like walking home alone and do many things. Alone. But, when I see parents with their children, a girl with her lover, or others laughing in the sun, I realise that even though I like being alone all these years; I don't fancy being lonely.

Humans are social species, and we rely on connections. But, when it comes to me, I don't have 'such relying connections', that I thought like I would have.

It's been two years that we didn't met yet.

Well, I can't be so selfish everytime, can I ?

I chuckled bitterly, wiping a lone tear that rolled over my cheek.

Just then, someone grabbed my arm from behind and turn me around only to be engulfed in a familiar embrace.

"My buttercup."

This voice..

"Jessica ?", I uttered with perplexity and shock at the same time. I couldn't form any other words whilst her arms tightened up more around me. It felt real soothing when her sweet vanilla cologne lingered my nostrils filling me with warmth and contentment.

"Oh my god.. you came back ?!. Am I dreaming ?"

"No you aren't... I missed you, my love.", She whispered while tears of joy brimmed down from my eyes as I nuzzled more into her chest.

She's a foot taller than me.

Emotional connections, like love, are lifelong, or at least they are for me. They are the glue that holds our lives together like an invisible knot. She was part of my life and so, in a way, she always will be even if we were apart at times.

A while went by till we broke our hug.

"I miss you too.", I said back as she kissed my forehead and I blushed down.

There was a deep richness in her tanned skin; a homely vibe that brought to mind. Perhaps she was charming yet sophisticated. Long straight hair, deep - set grey eyes and a pair of hearty kissable lips.

She was slim and tall, perfectly fitted in tailored formal outfit of three piece - a tugged white shirt, striped grey coat that she rolled it's sleeves till the elbow and same patterned trousers.

"Let's get home, now..I have some lovely surprises for you there.", she chirped and I turned my head away shyly.

"What kind of surprises are you are talking about ?, It should've been me surprising you, instead.", I mumbled looking at her orbs.

"Well, I will discuss about that later.", Heat crept through my cheeks and ears as she lifts my chin. She seductively stared at my lips then glanced back at my eyes. "But for now, let's get going, shall we ?", She snakes her hand around my waist and pulls me closer to her giving me a meek tingling sensation.

"Yea- yeah.."

We walked towards her car and I flopped beside the driving seat. "So, when did you arrive ?", I asked breaking the silence."Today morning. I couldn't find you in the house then somehow, I got to know that today is your graduation ceremony. So after preparing something and taking rest, I thought of giving you a visit.", She uttered driving focusing on the road.

"That's sweet.", I said.

"Yeah. But less than you.", I smiled on her compliment.

I moved straight to her place just after some days of being together. But I never knew that, I had to live all alone in that huge apartment. And that also up in a hill. Most of the time I spent just by staring at the beautiful and ethereal view of the whole city I was living in, and often crush upon random boys out here. After twenty minutes of driving, we reached our home.

But, when I was about to open our entrance, Jessica started kissing my neck out of nowhere; inhaling my skin and I moaned due to its sudden contact in my skin.

"I fucking missed you so much.. I can't wait to devour you bad..!", She hissed amorously.

"Aaahhh.. Jessica, hold on."

Both of us went inside and closed the entrance with a thud. She pinned me to the wall with a passionate kiss, exploring each other's mouth hungrily.

I fucking longed so much for her touch.

Her one knee got between my legs and rubbed hard to make me wet, but she didn't had to do that for long because I was already wet.

"Oh.. fuck yeah.", I said throwing off her blazer somewhere in the room as she started unzipping my dress from behind. "You are getting naughtier day by day, huh ?", she whispered near my ear giving me goosebumps.

"Do you wanna see more of it ?", I asked pushing her slightly and she looked at me in awe but gradually, her stunned face turned into a mischevios smirk.

Her eyes darkened while roaming throughout my fleshy and thick body only to stop at my heavy chest. She licked her lower lip making me more horny by her little move.

"Holy fuck, they've gotten so big.. I can't wait longer.", she utter striping herself naked completely meanwhile I giggled at her frustration.

She looked cute.

A perfect slim figure she had.. perky breasts with hard nipples, beautiful curves, and oh, a perfectly trimmed pussy.

I couldn't help but ogle at her sexiness and in no time we dragged ourselves to the bedroom again kissing savagely, grabbing each other's boobs.

She pushed me on the bed and hovered over; licked my boobs while sucking my tiny nipples each from time to time, nonetheless, I moaned like a madgirl.

Then flipping our position I started playing with her breasts after nibbling her neck.

Fuck she smells so good.

"Ahhh.... Kitten yeah.. do it like that..", she hissed in arousal, shaking them reciprocating my rhythm."Fuck, I can cum just by you sucking my tits."

"Oh girl, I won't let you do that so easily.", I said going down to her trimmed cunt.

"My gosh..", she clutched onto the sheets opening her legs further for more access.

"So beautiful.", I gazed deeply into her sweet and juicy arousal and without wasting any time I sucked her clit like insane. I can feel her body squirming as my tongue flickered across her hole. The room was filled with only her desperate moans and squelching sounds that I made more purposely to make her go crazier.

"I cummed...Ahh..!!", She grunted grabbing my hair and started moving her hips to bring herself closer to me.

I licked her all clean as she shook every second while I peered her in lecherous manner. Her mouth made a little 'o' as her face reddened in pleasure.

Surprise, isn't ?

I pulled her towards me and kissed her harder as she tasted her own juices through my mouth.

"You fucking nasty.. wait for your punishment, my buttercup cup.", She whispered near my ear giving me a tingling feel straight down to the core.

"Oh yeah ? Till then, turn your back and get down on your head.", I hissed kissing her cheek and she obeyed showing her perfect round ass and juicy asshole.

"Don't say that you are doing that !", She whispered heavily only to get a wide grin from me. "Fuck.", She grabbed my head smashing my lips right in her butthole.

I flickered and rubbed my tongue there as I thrusted two fingers into her pussy hole.

"Aaahhhh.. holy shit kitten !!.. put another one.", She squealed slightly and I obeyed. I fingered her ferociously hitting the right sweet spot inside her while my tongue and mouth continued rimming and playing her asshole.

"Ahh.. harder.. oh... Myy Godddd !!", Her groans and squeals filled my ears only to get me dripping between my legs.

"Fuck.. that was good.", I sighed heavily falling on my front beside her and panted hard closing my eyes. A while went by as she looked at me with a smirk.

Exhaustion was knocking at my door as I pleasured and made her cum thrice by now.

"What is it ?", I asked curiously and then I remembered her words punishing me.

She flipped me in a split seconds with a jolt and I gasped for not being able to process what to say next. "You know right, I don't get 'that' tired easily ?", She whispered sniffing my neck as I nod in response.

I was feeling hot and sweat glistened my body so did hers. My insides were shuddering with excitement again as my core felt that known- unknown desperation. My mouth hung opened as I saw her nibbling and sucking my tits savagely.

"Ahh... Jessica... !", I called her with pain and pleasure and she eyed me darkly with my left nipple in her jaws. No wonder, I was hell tired but still my desires for wanting her didn't left me. I closed my eyes with great bliss.

She came to my lips and kissed me once more only move down this time to my belly button that jiggled with my heavy pantings; finding whatever skin she could, her lips kissed my pelvic bone as I clasped my mouth eagerly predicting her next move as I spread my legs further apart. I don't even remember when did I ripped my panty off.

She knows very well that I get more crazy and vulnerable whenever she teases my skin gently. That's kind of weird kink I have.

Her touch is like the venoms of Kemodo dragon; intoxicates and spreads slowly only to get lethal with time.

Licking and biting at my inner thigh her slender yet feminine fingers rubs my labia slowly igniting the spark within me.

Ahh.....ummm... ", A moan escaped from me and she giggled. I almost sighed when I finally felt her breath fanning my cunt. She gripped my thighs tightly pulling to her mouth and I gasped holding her dark head that lowered down to taste my clit.

Her face buried in my juicy pussy eating me up including anything and everything. And in no less time I felt a pit urging to get released. "Fuckk.. Jessica.. I- I..", my voice got stuck in exhaustion as I cummed hard right to her mouth.

"Umm.....damn girl you just got yourself into worse, I guess..", I didn't understood what she meant by this, until she pulled me more deeper to her mouth.

"Ahhhhh... Holy fuck..!!", I tried to push her away as my clit felt too sensitive to be provoked again but then she giggled wickedly.

Oh, that's the punishment she was talking about.

The first stroke of her tongue after my first orgasm was enough to sent chills on my whole body. She continued rubbing and rolling on it more abruptly and I felt like my body was dancing on fire; but in good way !

I moaned and grunt like some crazy species shaking my hips off with her rhythm and after some time I cummed once again as she looked up at me enticingly.

"... Ahhhhhh.. uuummmm... Yea.. I get it..", I sighed with satisfaction while she drank me clean; I shook with sensitivity everytime being touched in that spot.

"Do you think, that's the end ?", She asked me with a kiss.

"What ?", I was at awe I mean, goddamn ! this lady kill me good during our indulgence.

She let me rest in the headboard and adjusted herself up only to stretch my legs wider placing my right leg on her waist. One part of me was getting insane asking for more and another part of me was tired and numb enough to resist her touches.

"There you go.", She whispered sniffing my scent as I nodded breathlessly.

With a satisfying look she caressed my hymen, I was little bit reluctant. Indirectly, I am 'virgin' in words even if we both explore each other wildly because her one finger inside me was enough to evoke my insides again with rapture.

"Shh.... This shit with be all mine once we get married. I shall be the only one to break this sacred seal of yours. ", She said darkly with lust making me blushed in beetroot while her point finger was still rolling in the membrane. I got wet again and whined with annoyance just to get a hearty chuckle from her.

"Please.. I want to.."

"Tell me what do you want ?", She questioned kissing my forehead.

"I- I want you.. you inside me.", With that I thrust her middle finger looking her intensely and she looked back with mouth agape.

"Damn, it's so tight,....this tiny pussy of yours", she sighed increasing her pace while I quivered in arousal once again.

Her pounding only got harder and harder with every moment passing by, to an extent that I felt another pit in my bladder this time urging to be out. I moaned and groaned in pleasure gazing straight to her silver orbs that only shone with desired determination and without any warning, my cunt gave out a satisfactory release as I arched back in ecstasy.

"Aaahhhh...mmmhmmm oh my gosh !!", I squealed holding around her neck tightly as she fingered me more aggressively.

"Ohh myy.. I was dying to see that big juicy squirts of your sweet little cunt .. fuck .. !!!", Her uttarence drived me more hysteretic as I kept on squirting on her hand. This was so much to take in, that suddenly white dots danced in my vision along with her satisfying face.

Soon I felt tired enough as darkness started consuming me, before closing my eyes, I saw her orbs glistened with fondness and contentment. "Did you liked my Surprise ?", She whispered.

"I love it.. I love you.."

"There is more to go..", she smiled as I frowned back.

"What...there..is more ....?", I slurred closing my eyelids as they felt heavier than before.





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