Guilty love

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A young boy that has been flushed with the beauty of an angel. Trying to follow he’s heart and pursue the girl of he’s dreams.....throughout the boys adventure both him and her have faced many adversity and barriers to prevent true love from becoming reality, all though the traditional and cultural believes have prevent the girl from meeting her true lover! And the challenges that both boy and girl go through together have caused tremendous ups and downs for each other as both boy and girl have major losses and downfalls within there Personal life’ doubts linger around the girls mind to whom or what will happen next...The boys commitment and patience keeps hope within he’s heart...that some day the two love birds will finally be and that the girl of he’s dreams might finally come to reality....

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From the beginning

One morning during the early misty skyline, Arshy the name of the boy who is yet to discover the unknown’s of the world and what is truly yet to happen... This story begins from the very dawn during a time called 2016, a time where arhsy knew very little of the unknown universe and its complexities. A time where the boy didn’t know he’s rights to wrong’s, a time where it was difficult for him and he’s closer families, as arhsy’s late grandfather has passed away a year prior to this journey the boy was yet to endure. And all the other adversities that have run through Arshy’s noble life.

Before the start of Arshy’s journey to finding love, we have to take you back to when this glance, this beautiful girl named yammy has first appeared to arhsy and mesmerized him within and changed he’s perspective and opened his eyes to what could be.... a time where or nor he or she knew anything about love, nor would understand what was to come and endure both the lives of these 2 innocent individuals.

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