Guilty love

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Adolescent days

February 13th, 2009...the last time Arshy saw he’s to be a beloved soulmate, during this period of the young boys life he was just aged 9, growing up in an uncertainty society with barriers and speculation floating around the boy’s ears...during this time Arshy was only focused on family and enjoying each day that he face’s, during this period Arshy and he’s father had a tremendous father and son bond! They would travel miles across the country with one another, just to spectate the beauty of Mother Nature, on this one occasion the boy’s father wanted to bring arshy along to one of he’s close friend’s house for community reasons that he’s father had to attend.

Arshy insisted not to come due to the boy being extremely nervous and anxious around people..due to past experiences he has faced, but he’s father wanted him to come along so he did. As both father and son arrived at the location and entered the house, he was greeted by this kind and a remarkably nice family, Arshy was always quiet around the house while visiting due to his shy nature around people. But surprisingly enough on the 3rd visit he had met 2 younger girls by the name of yammy and somsom they wanted to go park but me being the elder one out of both my father asked me to go with them so I could “have fun” but Arshy knew he was going to look after these two girls...

The girls and Arshy had gone down to the park and played around with the equipment and swings, oddly enough Arshy had a mini spark with yammy and got along very well with her. So both kids played for hours and hours. Arshy would always ask and insist to go to yammy’s house just to play with her at the park...after a few visits, arshy’s family had just separated! Little did Arshy know that this was the last time he would see this special girl that made him smile with joy and have blissful moments with her...

Arshy never questioned nor wondered why we stopped visiting her..but being at such a young age he’s adolescent thoughts took over as kids would at age 9...but arshy did have a sense of emptiness within him but always avoided the truth of what he felt. Arshy tried to fill in the emptiness with Materialistic things that the world had to offer to a boy at such a young age which temporarily filled the heart of an empty confused boy.

"Thought of Arshy"

Last night I had a dream,
We were walking hand in hand, On a deserted island, Over endless miles of sand, The moon was shining bright, You looked over at me and smiled, Your eyes so full of passion, Our thoughts both running wild, We laid down and held each other, So close but never enough, The tides came in and nearly covered us, As cuddled endlessly, I had never known so much beauty, On this warm, dark, and blissful night. But as the sun rose the next morning, You disappeared and left me alone, I’m still on that deserted island, Come back and bring me home......

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