Guilty love

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9 years later...

2016...9 years later, after nearly a decade has passed since Arshy has last seen this mysterious girl that gave him goosebumps. He has finally made it to the final year of schooling “senior year” this time Arshy was a tremendous milestone that he has achieved, throughout the duration of he’s school career, Arshy has had many ups and downs and many more controversy with social judgment and family matter’s that has affected him majorly... self-esteem and self-confidence have reduced throughout he’s high school years. One day on an early Monday morning Arshy left he’s a house with his sisters to catch the subway to head towards Arshy was walking downstairs he saw a girl cute petite framed girl walk upstairs while he walks downstairs, they both look up at each other for a few seconds...time all of a sudden slowed down for Arshy as he found the girl that filled this emptiness within him. As both Arshy and yammy walk past each other for the first time within 9 years both eyes of each other lit up in a surprised manner, he continued to walk past her but lost his balance in the process due to the shook state Arshy was in... tried to keep his cool during the moment but within that 5 seconds both of them had Arshy threw in a cheeky smile out of nowhere, the smile surprised him because it just jumped out towards her. As that special moment went by Arshy was in disbelief that he encountered the girl that he met 9 years ago...

Arshy tried to tell his sisters that the girl he has had a crush for secretly just walked past me... but he’s stomach fell beneath the universe as he was just about to say “I saw her the girl that I like so much” these words couldn’t come out of his mouth as if it were drilled into the back of he’s throat...he’s sisters looked at him plainly confused to why Arshy’s mouth is wide open yet no sentence was to utter out of it. He looked back to the sisters with a confused face and apologize.... during the train ride to school Arshy was thinking about many things, thoughts were flying through his head in full speed “she might be in a happy relationship” she might like somebody else” I’m probably not her type” ...all these thoughts of confusion were clouding his mind, yet the will to overcome all these thoughts and push through and have faith and belief that she might still have remembered you..

Every day for the next 2 years of Arshy’s finals high schooling life he devoted his time and sacrificed he’s sleep just to wake up earlier and see her at the train stations during the peak hour mornings that’ll flood the train stations. For the next 500 days 2 years of school left every moving he would try to look good and nice just for yammy to see, Arshy would oddly here and there try not to be caught looking at her but the temptations of not looking at the girls of his dreams were far too difficult... once a while both would have the same eye contact and would smile and look swiftly look away without trying to make the obvious look obvious.

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