Guilty love

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After the finale years of high schooling Arshy has seen the girl of his dreams on a regular basis during school morning..yet he couldn’t build the confidence to approach nor say something to show interest...Arshy being the shy kid during the school years held onto his pride and didn’t bother trying to talk to yammy as he’s fear of rejection was mounting over him and the anxiety started to kick in every time he had attempts or thoughts of doing on September 21st, 2017 Arshy has finally graduated the long-awaited moment to make himself and parents proud, he was excited to venture into the unknown world that is! Explore and see what shall be blessed towards and for him. Arshy always had an admiration for the Navy force, ever since he was in year 9 the joy of knowing that what a career and excitement that holds for Arshy made him want to pursue it more. He had passed both intellectual and physical tests that were given prior to the final selection. After all, stages were passed the mother of Arshy was hesitant and uncomfortable with his son joining the navy. So what Arshy did was agree to disagree with he’s the beloved mother so that she can not fathom nor stress about losing her son..he might pursue the career in 3 years time, though during this time Arshy wanted to work and have a break from books and society itself, for the next 250 days Arshy worked and worked endlessly because he wanted to take his mother and grandparent to Karbala a holy place where hearts a fills and relinquished with solidarity and peace...

During this period of Arshy working night and day, to gather up enough money to support he’s grandparents and mother during the trip to the holy shrine. Arshy once again felt like the sense of emptiness thriving on-he's heart drowning him with sorrow and regret of something he is yet to know.

The thoughts of Arshy’s long lost mind ponders as such “You were no longer there. And yet you chose to frequently appear forcing me to feel you’re presence when I was certain I had forgotten you..” deep down Arshy knew that this girl was special...the feelings for her was unimaginable yet impossible to describe what the feeling is, the confusion in the young man's mind and heart was beyond the skies limit and deeper than the oceans across the globe

After many months of confusion and thoughts day night...the day had come where Arshy would finally find the peace he so long has wanted, the peace within him! The journey of blessing has occurred and Arshy with he’s mother traveled to he’s grandparents' native land to bring glad tidings, Arshy had called this wonderful lustrous adventure “the journey of peace” where only 1 place could finally bring contentment within him. The days Arshy and he’s family have traveled was roughly an estimate of 2 months during this holy journey that was long-awaited for him. After the spiritual journey of such a place...he felt at peace! Where all to know was right in front of his eyes.

This journey of finding himself within himself was complex yet meaningful to Arshy as this void of emptiness within the heart was lingering for many years and this journey had brought peace to Arshy and he’s difficult mind to understand...

”Some days life is all about you’re dreams, hopes, and visions for the future, but there are some days where life is just about putting one foot in front of the other.....And that’s okay

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