Guilty love

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Reconnection of soulmates

“I miss you” these are the words Arshy would mumble to himself about a girl he once met. A girl that would mean more then he could’ve ever known, someone that had no clue that a young man goes by the name of Arshy has like her ever since they last saw each other 3 years ago at the train station!

After a few months from the arrival of Karbala, Arshy felt happy, felt as if the one true thing that was needed to find peace had finally blessed him with the honors fo visiting the shrines of the “imams” during this occasion Arshy wanted to pursue a career he had a passion in which was “personal training” the form of helping others achieve what they assume is impossible to achieve, father like son he really enjoyed the feeling and smiles that he would receive and see while helping others with basic everyday essential, yet transforming people life’s for the better! Arshy then further continued his studies for 1half years at a college that facilitates The needs to become a personal trainer, during this transition he has grown much as a man mentally and physically having a better understanding of how life after high school works and what is needed to achieve greatness. During his time at the college, he was a shy individual mainly kept to himself and only requested help when needed.

Fast forward 6 months....Arshy’s at home one day and gets informed that there is a party “mehmoni” at a hall, he asked the father whom the invitation is this and the reason for the invite! The father of young boy says it’s my good friend the family you use to go to there house when you were younger and play with the daughters at the breeze of the cold morning in the that very moment Arshy looked at his father with a brightly lit up face and answered “what time and where” the joy that was rushing through his veins were uncontrollable, the heart was racing 100km per hour pounding away in rhythmic patterns. The thought of finally being able to see the girl that he once saw 9 years ago was extremely nerve-racking for Arshy! Yet the excitement and thrill of seeing how she looks like, how she is. How much she’s changed and just get the tiny glimpse of “Yasmmy” made everything worth while for Arshy.

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