Guilty love

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Glimpse of love for the first time...

The day has finally arrived... the thrill and excitement rushing through Arshy’s veins have been unbearable at most. Just the urge to finally be able to see the girl he has long awaited for, the girl that gives Arshy butterflies within him! Hours creep up quickly they become minutes, then seconds....Arshy didn’t know what to wear, as this was their first impression of each other after 9 years apart, it meant a lot to Arshy as this very moment he has dreamt and waited for..moments like this to Arshy was so valuable as this could be a new chapter to his life. He felt something within him that he has never experienced before. Sleepless days and nights thinking about her for the past 9 years were dreadful yet exciting, Arshy didn’t know anything about this girl that had possessed him with the feeling of mutual happiness. As the hours came closer he finally after asking all he’s siblings what was appropriate to wear as this was his final and last chance to make himself shown and known to her...

The night has come where Arshy and he’s family were to make their way to the function! As they park the car...the thoughts of Arshy and what, how, and why he is nervous about someone he has not seen in 9 years was making him doubt himself about how she’d react or if she’d even care to look he’s way. As he walks up the everlasting stairs and makes his way to the door, he stood there looked back at his brother and sister with a smile of nervousness..Arshy then waited for his father and mother I enter first as he couldn’t find the will nor strength within him to walk in but was pushed Arshy into the way of the Door by he’s sister, she smiled and said “go in, it’s your time to see her”...he walked in and everything was a blur to him and bright, for a few seconds he was daydreaming and then walked face-first into the reality he was hiding from for years, he could sense the eyes of the sisters and her piercing him. He quickly got nervous and started to greet the father and brother of the family...he then looked towards the ladies and smiled and walked off, he for that second didn’t see yammy probably because she has changed so much or the sisters looked all the same which confused Arshy... but a smile glanced across his face knowing that she was in the same building with Arshy!

The night spectacles carried on, with everyone talking and laughing. Arshy was throughout the night trying to find the whereabouts of Yammy! And eventually, a quick glance on the edge of he's eye Arshy saw her...wearing a pink dress, with a floral scarf walking around looking beautiful and stunning as ever! Taking photos of desserts and sweets... throughout the night yammy didn’t realize nor could tell how much Arshy was admiring her and constantly looking at the Gem she is. After a few hours once we ate me and my brother decided to was time to leave, at first Arshy didn’t want to! Because seeing her for the first time in so long meant so much to him the sheer beauty and adorable fragile frame she had was pleasing to stare at.

But he’s brother said “she didn’t even recognize you once throughout the night” let’s go...then the realization hit him, knowing that what he said were to be true. So they both swiftly and quickly left the venue to head home. The car ride home Arshy couldn’t stop describing her to and how stunning and beautiful she looked after 9 years of not seeing her! He’s brother just laughed and said, “she’s nice, not bad” but again said “you’ll be lucky if she looks your way ever” Arshy sat there with a confused face all the way home.

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