Guilty love

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The first Message.

June 20th, 2019 was the day Arshy decided to grow into his “big boy” pants and send a message to he's long-awaited crush...

But before we get into that we must recap the following months up to this date. Ever since the first reconnections of each other, it had become very often that both “yammy” and “Arshy” would come across each other...the more he’d see her at events and gatherings the more he’s attraction and admiration grew for her! There is this one specific encounter which they both had come leading up to the crucial moment which was the very moment which changed all intentions and thoughts, a Sunday morning at a park gathering with family and friends Arshy was at work, very early start he had that day! He was exhausted but sleepy, then he got a call from his mother and said “could you take your sisters to the event that is held at the park” he hesitated for a split second then said yes! Arshy didn’t know that “yammy” was going to be there, as he picked up the sisters from home, he drove calmly and swiftly to the park only have intentions to take his siblings to the park and stay for a few minutes....then leave! But as he goes to the park, they were all walking up towards the gathering! And as Arshy edge up towards the end of the hill, he then saw the family of “yammy” he stopped and looked confused yet had a smile across the face oddly looking. Arshy walked back into her sisters and mentioned that she was there the girl that he so long liked and admired...once again he’s body stiffed up and heart was racing with a speed never seen before! As Arshy slowly makes his way across into the men’s section, yammy didn’t realize that he “Arshy” was there. He swiftly and quietly made his way across without being seen by any of her family nor relatives. He anxiously sat there thinking about her and how stupid he looked with the work clothes on and how bad of an impression that looked towards her...Arshy genuinely wanted to leave a great impression with Yammy, but that demotivated him cause he seemed drained and was wearing work clothes! He still carried on the day and the festivities with the families, eventually Arshy was getting ready to leave! And was waiting for his sister to get the remaining of the food which was given by a relative, then coincidently both came across each other as she was trying to lend over the tray of sweet into the section of the men’s side..Arshy then froze and stare and glared towards the beautiful tremendously stunning girl that gasp Arshys breath away! He then instantly turned around shy and embarrassed because he froze...when Arshy saw the magnificent yammy he froze and looked away with complete utter shyness. He then after left think stupidly as to why he turned around, he kept thinking “that was my best opportunity to have spoken to her or at least said hi” thousands of thoughts pondered he’s wild mind with regret and confusion and doubt...

A few weeks after the awkward encounter both Yammy and Arshy had... the guilt and shear obsession over her was near irresistible for arshy to hold back, he after contemplating weeks and years and months to decide if he should message her, after asking his sister-in-law and being forced by both arshy siblings and the sister in law he eventually grew some courage to send the so-called "Perfect message)... once the message was sent arshy with nervousness and doubts was worried that the message might or would have came off wrongly to her, so as time passed, seconds became hours then eventually she replied.

The sheer relief and joy that tingled Arshy's spine was immaculate, he immediately messaged both his sister in law and sister and broke the great news, that arshy long time crush has replied! as they spoke for weeks the bond between both him and her was tremendous as if they were meant to be for one another... they both continuously spoke day and night bound for each other the joy that she brought to his closed-off heart was unbelievable. her pureness and absolute beauty and bad sense of humor are what attracted arshy more day by day. Both the girl and boy spoke immensely day and night, the young man arshy dropped everything for her every time she'd reply because that's how much she meant to him. worth every single second.

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