Guilty love

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After months of speaking, the affection grew day and night towards this beautiful stunning girl. everything she said was so pure and cute, arshy had never encountered such a wholesome personality in his life. As time went by he realized that the attraction came from her complete oppositeness of Arshy, and the obvious her beauty.

As both Yammy & Arshy spoke he was in a lot of trouble with the law and was scared and afraid to tell her due to him being scared of losing the long-awaited crush of his... but he knew by the time she had to know the truth and eventually arshy couldn't prevent nor hide it as it came between both his and her friend-ship soon to be a relationship, but one morning as he got caught and into more trouble the fear of not knowing the possibilities of what could happen to him, but most importantly what yammy would think, and what would happen to her... as he sat down inside the jail cell over 10 hours the thoughts of yammy kept pondering around his mind and wouldn't give up, a tear shed down his left cheek... he asked for the guard and wanted to make his one and only phone call, he knew that this last and only phone call could be the end of the beginning of something great to be. as the numbers were dialed into the phone, Arshy prayed and hoped that a 6:00 am call would be picked up... knowing that the possibilities were slim. once she picked up all was calm, his heart rate slowed down, just hearing her voice made Arshy feel secure in away. He then began to speak and explain what happened, the pain in his voice was unbearable trying to break such hurtful news knowing that this could be the very last time they speak hurt Arshy "it broke his heart" hearing the disappointment in her voice as she answered back... he was told to not worry or stress nor be scared but yammy didn't know the feeling of being locked up it felt miserable and painful.
Arshy just went for it, he told her out of nowhere how much she meant to him, and how obsessed he was about yammy, even though it might have come off weird to her hearing it, arshy thought it was best telling her "how much she is loved" and off the top of his tongue arshy said, "Yasmin I know its weird timing and all, but I don't know what will happen to myself or with us...if there even will be an us...but I just wanted to let my girl know that I from the bottom of my heart love you so much, I know that we spoken for that long"....Arshy continued by explaining why he loved yammy. But after all that, there wasn't a reply for a solid minute, all he heard was "it's fine don't be nervous eshad"...then the phone had to end as his time was up.
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