My Heart Chose You

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Gazing at the beautiful garden in front of me, made me think about the wonderful people that have come and gone from my life, and I felt a confusing sadness at those who had left, and it was because I knew my understanding was not right. Each and every person who has come into my life, those who stayed, those who left, are all a flower in my garden.

I was still mulling over my thoughts when I heard a booming laugh from one of the patrons sitting at the table beside me.

Zayka’ the place where I am, is one of my favorite places because here I feel at Serenity.

It is run by Mrs. & Mr. Sharma. They are in their early fifties and are the sweetest couple in the world. We call them our Nana and Nona because they were there for us when we girls were alone in this big city.

People love coming here because here the staff cares for their patrons as their family members.

I was checking my watch for the last 15 minutes, waiting for my two best friends who as always are late. My best friends are the most valuable people in my life. In short, they are the charming gardeners who make my soul blossom.

Is it too cheezy?

Yet what can I say I’m craving for some cheese fries.

So as I was saying I have been waiting for the last 15 min for my friends who are still not here and I’m hungry and I was just trying to be civil for once waiting for them before I order but as you know friends are never on time. So why should I endure? I stood up and went to the counter to order myself not waiting for the waitress to ask. As I approached the counter I saw Abhay the head chef arranging cutlery.

“Hi,” I said, he immediately looked at me “Hello Paakhi dear, How are you? ”he asked in his fatherly tone. Abhay is in his early forties and a father figure in our life.

He and his wife both work as head culinarians at Zayka. “I’m fine uncle Abby,” I said with a smile. Girls and I decided to call him Abby because he calls us by our nickname and we wanted to give him one too.

“So where are the devils? ” he asked.

“Late as usual” I acknowledged with a shrug.

He chuckled and shook his head. I ordered myself a burger, cheese fries, and coke.

I was just scanning the place when he implored “How was the event yesterday?” immediately I got enthusiastic and told him everything about the event that we planned yesterday.

As you guys might have guessed me and girls are the event planners. We are not that established in the market but we still are known in our area.

Abhay and Sharma’s are our caterers. We all work together. I don’t know what we would have done without them. Whatever we are today is because of them.

As I was dwelling on my thoughts, The door to the cafe opened, and in came my two best friends. Dressed to impress.

All of us are diverse from each other but we still make a small loving family of our own, Aditi is the total description of a fashionista, wild, beautiful, charismatic, with her looks she can have any guy and she does have them. ;) she doesn’t give a thought about anybody except the people she loves.

Whereas Maanya is silent, loving, artistic, and beautiful. She has a heart of gold. She trusts people easily and that always hurts her in the end.

And then there is me (Paakhi Kapoor), Plain Jane, I don’t judge people by looks but the world does. You are never perfect in their eyes. So I just gave up trying to be perfect because being perfect doesn’t mean being good in everything but being perfect means to be good in what makes you happy.

As they approached me they started talking about the traffic and other excuses for them being late. As usual, I ignored them and took my order from the counter and returned to my seat. As I was munching on my fries girls took their seat at the table and started munching on my food“Hey! these are mine.” I said covering them with my hands.

“P baby, do you remember I acquainted u that sharing is a very generous thing, and you are a good girl right?”Aditi said as if talking to a 4-year-old to which Maanu snickered and I just rolled my eyes but As u know I’m such a generous and sharing person I let them eat from my plate. As I started on my burger, girl’s orders were there too. Like me, they have ordered burgers too. As I had ordered first so my food was finished before them so I started eating fries from their plate and said the same thing to Aditi when she told me to cease.

When I finished the fries in Adi’s plate I shifted to Maanu’s plate but before I could, she had eaten all her fries and delivered me a smirk. I just pouted but nonetheless, I was full, So I didn’t mind.

“So I got the payment from yesterday’s event and after paying all the bills we have Rs.8,500 left.” I said waiting for their reactions and I wasn’t astounded when Aditi shouted “Holy Shit!!!” to which a reply came from the counter “Language lady!!” ...

“Sorry Abby,” Aditi said all the while glaring at me and Maanu because we were laughing like juveniles.

“So let’s go watch a movie,” Maanu said catching the tissue that Aditi threw at her.
“Ya and then we can go shopping in the mall,” Aditi said excitedly.
“Of course only you can add shopping in anything and everything,” I said rolling my eyes to which she just shrugged.

This girl is crazy about shopping .....

So we booked a cab and spent our day having fun in the mall.


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