My Heart Chose You

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Meeting an Angel!!


The next day, Maanu and I drove to the Shekhawat villa. While riding in the taxi we discussed a few ideas but did not finalize anything without seeing the venue.

When we neared the black gates of the mansion, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It was beautiful, the house was beige in color, double entry doors and a fountain at side, iron railings, palm trees... It was breathtakingly beautiful.

Maanu and I exited the cab and paid the driver. Even though the cab went away, we were still gawking at the house.

The double front doors opened and Mrs.Shekhawat appeared dressed elegantly. When she approached us she smiled and welcomed us in. “You have a beautiful house, Mrs. Shekhawat,” I said.

“Oh please, call me Pallavi, and thank you. This place is very special to me and Lakshay. Because here we became a family. ” she said with a smile and love in her eyes.

When we entered the house it was as beautiful as outside.

She took us to the patio in the house which was the best part of the house. (as much as I have seen) .She asked us for coffee or tea. And then after having a cup of tea we started discussing the theme.

As we were discussing, There entered a very cute and adorable 3-year-old. She was so shy that she came and stood behind her mother’s bench.

“Hi,” I said to her. She flushed crimson red.. It was so cute. Her mother then said “Pari come here and say hello to our guests” she didn’t move from her place but was examining everything on the table in front of us.
“Pari, is there anything you want to add for your birthday party?” Maanu asked her.

“Pink Balloons, ”she said excitedly. I smiled and noted it down. “And chocolates ” she added with a big smile.

Maanu and I chuckled because we know there’s no birthday party without chocolates.

As we were discussing the details... Pallavi was called to attend a phone call, she excused herself and left to attend the call. When I approached the little fairy, who was standing quietly.

“Hi! ” I said. ” Hello” she replied with a blush .”My name is Paakhi and she’s Maanya” I pointed to Maanu’s direction, “I’m Parinita Shekhawat” she replied.
“I got you something.“, she looked up expectantly as I reached in my bag and gave 2 chocolates to her. She smiled and said “Thank you” in her baby voice.
Then she asked ” will you come to my birthday party? ”

“But we are not invited” I made a sad face.

“No” she shouted abruptly with a look as if somebody just offended her.

" I’m inviting you, you are my new friends and Mama told me to invite all my friends to my b’ day party,” she told me. I smiled warmly at her.

Then Mrs. Shekhawat re-entered and we decided to continue our discussion. When I looked up to see what the little angel was doing I saw her eating the chocolate I gave her. I smiled and got back to work.

After some time we took our leave and went back to our cafe.
When we entered the cafe Maanu and I was attacked with a hug by Adi who was squealing “What’s up bro?”Maanu asked. ”I got the job but still I’m waiting for an interview from an upscale boutique " Adi declared. We were still hugging when another pair of hands came around us. We backed away a little to see who was the owner of these hands and then we saw our beautiful Savita aunty (uncle Abby’s wife) smiling at us.

“What’s up girls?” she asked then Adi started telling her about her job hunt. Maanu went to the counter and ordered us a coffee and sandwiches to eat. After talking to Aunty Savy. Adi returned to our table and we discussed Pari’s birthday after the rush in cafe decreased, Uncle Abby joined us and we discussed the cake and food.


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