My Heart Chose You

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The Alpha Male


I reluctantly got out of bed and entered the bathroom.
I did my business and left the bathroom to get decked for the day.
Checking my Rolex watch my eyes widened at the time.
‘shit’ I have a meeting in 30 minutes and my office is 40 minutes drive from my hotel. And New York traffic is torture.

I hastily grabbed my wallet and phone and exited the room, all the while condemning my PA for not waking me up on time.

As I reached the lobby at my hotel. Everybody ceased what they were doing and greeted me.
I ignored them and went to the car waiting for me in front.

After 40 minutes I reached the office and As always everybody ceased what they were doing and greeted me.
I reached the elevator and pressed my floor.
As I exited the elevator I was greeted by the irksome voice of my secretary at my New York office.
" Good morning sir, you are looking handsome as always”. I frowned at her and joined the meeting.

The meeting was promising, I got the deal.

I entered my office later and started going through the files and emailing my staff.

I’m departing for India today.

That thought itself made me smile.
India is where my family lives. I was here for the last few years working in the NY branch.

As I was going through the files, my secretary enters my office without knocking.

“Hey, baby! Congratulations on the deal”..she said while coming towards me.

“What did you say? ” I growled at her.

She gasped . “simply because we had fun doesn’t mean I like you or we’re in any relationship. Do you get it ?“..she meekly nodded and left my office.

I don’t know what I was thinking about getting involved with her, it was a fucking mistake. But she has been a reliable, cool and sexy assistant. She keeps the work environment interesting by flirting with me and wearing those deep neck blouse with fitted skirts showing her sexy behind. And I know better than to be involved with my staff but she was a drunken mistake.

As I was seething in anger my phone chimed. I checked the caller and smiled.
“Hi Di (sister) “I said...

“Viren how are you? ” my sister asked.

" fine” I replied.

" So when are you returning? ” she asked.

“My flight is today I’ll be there tomorrow ”

" Okay see you soon and listen Pari was asking for you, I hope you remember it’s her birthday this Sunday ” Di said and hanged up.

Oh shit, I literally forgot about her birthday...
My princess, she’s the heart of our family... Everybody adores her.

I finished my work at my office and went directly to the airport, where my personal jet was waiting.

I boarded my plane and got back to work.

After conducting some work I checked the time and it was half-past 12 I wrapped up my work and went to my room on the plane.


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