My Heart Chose You

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Viren POV

My plane landed in Delhi around 10 in the morning. Where Raghu chacha(uncle) our driver from way long back was waiting for me.“How are you son? how was your flight? ” he asked me.

“It was fine chacha. How are you and how’s everyone at home? ” I asked.
“everything is fine beta,” he responded while opening the backdoor for me.

I nodded back and sat in the car, Ride to the home was filled with small talks between us.

But mostly I attended my calls throughout the ride .....

Upon reaching home I was welcomed by each member of my family......
My mother was the first one to hug me with glossy eyes then came my aunt, dad, and uncle.

“Viren it’s so good to see you, my son. My eyes were yearning to see you.” mom said emotionally.

″Now I’m here mom and I did came last year for princess’s b’ day party though.” I said once again hugging and kissing her on her temple.“Ya but it was for just two days!” she said while weeping.

After making mum positive that I’m not going anywhere, she with all other elders went inside...Then My brothers attacked me with bro hugs....after so many years it felt like I was home with people who love me, care for me. It made me smile a bit.

After snuggling my sister Riya, I went directly to my room to fresh n up. When I entered my room the feeling of nostalgia hit me ...all those memories with my brothers and sisters made me smile.... because everything was the same as I have left it.

After a shower, I got dressed casually in a white polo t-shirt and black jeans. Entering my room I saw my brothers, Aarhan and Shaurya Sitting on my bed with a massive grin resting on their ugly faces.....
I lifted my brow to ask them what’s the matter?

Aarhan being the jolliest person said ” Yo bro how was NY? Anything fascinating? ” before I could reply, Shaurya interjected “seriously we’re talking about Viren, he and fun are two different things!” and both of them laughed hard.

I flipped them and left my room to go to the lounge room.
Before I could enter the room something slammed into my legs and caused me to lose my balance and collapse.

Before I could react I was assaulted with kisses... “Uncle V I missed you” and there was my princess..... Whom I treasure from the bottom of my heart..... She is the only girl whom I can’t refuse for anything.

“Hi princess, how are you? ” I asked while crouching down in front of her. But what she did next amused me... She stood up and arched her hips and put her hands on them posing like a mother and glared at me... " I’m not talking to you. You left go to Ne...New fork for who? work... I’m angry with you. No talk to me. ” she said as if scolding me in her broken words and ran to her mother.

“It’s New York love !” Di corrected her.....All the whilemy family was grinning at us. I went to my sister and hugged her.
" How are you Di (sister)? ”

Pallavi di answered back with I’m fine... And asked about New York...
Everybody then started communicating among themselves and I was more than happy because now I don’t have to answer them.

I was talking to my brother in law when Pari reached out to him and told him not to talk to me. ”Papa don’t talk to V he is bad”.
My brother in law laughed and said “You are right my love. let’s not talk to him.”

I grabbed Pari from his arms, throwing her in the air and then catching her. She was giggling and laughing. It was so cute.
" Princess I’m really sorry. Please forgive me ” I said in between throwing and catching her. “HAhaha.....O...OKAYYYYY!!!!” she said laughing hysterically.
" I love you too princess ”. I kissed her on her cheek and put her down. She ran back to her mother.

Everyone was still talking and devouring snacks ...I missed this their laughter, jokes, and everything I guess because being all alone in NY made me realize the importance of a family.

I heard my phone pinged and saw an email from the office. I was about to reply to this mail when Aarhan snatched my phone from my hand and said
" bro that’s it your home after such a long time and then also you’re working. ” I raised my hands in the air as if surrendering. Seeing this everybody laughed.

My cousins Maira, Alam, Abhi, Riya, and Sana were also present.
Maira and Alam are children of my aunt Reshma and Sana and Riya are my Aunt Palak’s children.
Abhi is Riya’s fiance.

We were all joking and catching up on each other’s life when we were called for dinner.

At the dinner table, Pallavi Di informed everybody about Pari’s birthday party two days later. She informed us about the event planners that she hired.” I think you should have hired more experienced people to plan your party. Not some low-class event planners. Who use pieces of equipment so cheap that could tarnish our reputation. “I said feeling apprehensive.

“They are good people Viren, don’t talk about somebody like this. And for your information, I have attended one of their events and it was more classy than your high budget event planners. And most importantly we should give an opportunity to them”Di replied angrily.

" Whatever I just wanted princess’s b’ day to be a success“.Everybody noticed the mood change and instantly changed the topic.

After dinner, I went back to my room because I was feeling tired And next thing I know I was in my bed sleeping soundly.


So Viren is back in Delhi and he doesn’t like the idea of some inexperienced people planning an event...........

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