Fallen Legacy-ON HOLD

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Now that Elena has her life in the Aztech pack in order, she finally has to look out at the ruin of the country that she was once destined to rule. With the help of her mate and friends, she will have to take back the crown. But the kingdom was not how it once was, and not everyone is to be trusted. Tensions will rise and friendships will fail. Will Elena ever be able to restore Hona and claim her destiny, or will the kingdom fall? ON HOLD

Romance / Adventure
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A/N-First thoughts

Omg guys, thank you for even looking at this story. Now if your a new reader, this book is the second in the Fallen series. I highly recommend you read the first book, Fallen crown, if you want to understand this book.

For the old readers, thank you so much for continuing on with this series!

Unfortunately, I will not have as much time writing this story, so try not to expect an update everyday. With school coming up and sports already starting, I will have my hands full, but I can probably update at least once a week.

Now as you guys already know, this story is mine and my ideas alone. Please do not copy off as I know it is not very good but I worked really hard on it. Now you can ask to use my characters, or setting, etc., and I will probably say yes, then can you only use the thing you asked for from my story.

Once again thanks for reading and enjoy!

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