Copper Hearts

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When Paige gets married, she believes her life is ruined. She believes that she may never keep her dreams,her years of suffering and hardwork that's her bakery. Axel isn't exactly the worst husband ever neither is he the best . A quiet man like him makes Paige thinks and wonders what goes through his mind. What kind secrets he hides? What happens to these two? And would they be able to give their marriage a chance ?

Romance / Drama
Zea Lyons
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Chapter One


I found it hard to believe that I was married. I wondered why I listened to my parents. Probably if I ran away things would be better. But the reputation of my husband to be family would blow my cover because I would have been found and ruin my family's reputation.

To worsen things I got married to the worst person in history of mankind. I stared at my so called husband during breakfast typing away on his stupid phone. This is one of the days he considered having breakfast at home.

I wondered if everything I said for the past months made any sense to him. It was getting tiring because he made it seem like I wanted to quarrel with him. But I wasn't going to back down easily or agree to whatever he decided.

"Idiot" I muttered before putting the toast into my mouth.

"What did you say?" he asked raising his head and one of his brows.

"I'm keeping the bakery no matter what" I said in a firm tone looking at him before looking back at my plate .

He sighed and rubbed his head before looking at me . Probably thinking of the next excuse or repeating the same thing again.

"I thought we have gone past this" he said getting annoyed.

" We? " I said sarcastically.

"We never did. I bring this up every morning and this is the last time I'm asking you this and I'm not having this conversation any longer" I said standing up.

" Yes you are"he said raising his voice and he got up too.

" What will people think? he asked angryily.

That's what on his mind. I didn't care what they thought. I was not and will not be able to give up all my years of suffering for what people thought. I took a deep breath and looked at him.

"I do not care about what they think. Seriously is that's what on your mind now?" I asked with a frown and folded my arms.

" I never wanted this and so did you right" I said pointing my finger from me to him

" And I'm not going to be able to give up all my hard work for the thoughts of other people" I said leaving the table with my bag and not waiting to hear what he had to say next.



I left for the bakery at 9am and it was already packed with people as usual. I was glad that we decided to make it a breakfast spot because most people had breakfast here before rushing off to work.

Because of the location,that idea brought lots of customers added to the ones we got before.

"Good morning Paige" Violet greeted with a warm smile.plastered all across her face.

I greeted her with a smile as she attended to a customer before coming to meet me. Paige had been one of my oldest workers here and I loved how much she loved this job.

It saddens me that she wasn't able to get through college because her parents weren't able to afford the tuitions and the jobs she took on weren't doing any good either. I made her know that it's not too late to do that and she should consider it seriously.

I looked around the bakery for the rest. Brair, Daisy and Elora were taking down orders of the customers that walked inn and serving those that already placed an order.

The bakery made me happy. I couldn't imagine giving this up for the thoughts of others. Each time I remember what he said makes me so angry. He thinks of no one other than himself.

It had been on my mind for long. Not like I won't be able to achieve what I wanted but for the fact that my parents didn't want me to make their perfect and good son-in-law angry made me think.

It was like a dream when those people came for dinner and asked my parents and told me to think about it. My parents said I had to agree no matter what. They were a reputable family and it would be bad if I turned down their request.

And if they came to our house to ask me ,that means they saw a lot in me.

Getting out of my thoughts,I looked at the financial records not the previous month.

It was getting better and better because I could see my dreams coming true.


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