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X : Dead in days


I didn’t even have to try to avoid Steele this time—this time, he avoided me.

It’s been four days since Steele mentioned ‘the voices’, he hasn’t been back since. Atlas mentioned him never not having a bed to sleep in. My breakfast that day suddenly looked less appealing.

I wanted to know if Steele had any mental problems, I care. I care about Steele Winters and I want to help him. Not change him, but help him get better.

The nightmares and the voices are hurting him, I hate that he’s hurting.

But aren’t we all hurting a little bit?

I groan, setting my head down on the kitchen table. Should I even get involved? “Who pissed in your cornflakes?”

I give Kylie a bored look, “Can you piss in your own cornflakes?” I ask. Kylie laughs with a shrug, my phone suddenly rings and I grab it from the table.

The cracks and missing pieces of glass look back at me as I press the call button. “Hello?”

“Is this Reign Moonbreker?” The voice asks.

“Um who’s asking?” I say carefully, I’ve had my share of creepy calls.

“This is Officer Kile Harbor from NYPD,” A sigh on the phone makes my fingers shake, what is this about? “There is no easy way to say this, Miss. But your father has been killed—”

The phone falls from my hand, shattering even more. My heart thumps in my ears, Dad is dead.

My father has been murdered.

“Miss Moonbreker?” I blink dumbly at the officer, shaking my head with a soft smile.

“S-sorry, I spaced out. Could you repeat that again?” I clasp my hands together on the cold metal desk. I ignore Caroline’s sobs besides me.

“The killer left a note.” Officer Harbor slides a print out of the note and I gulp.

It’s getting cold my moon, stay warm.

“Do you know who he’s talking about?” I lean forward, tears I blink back come forth anyway.

“Our detectives concluded it-it was y-you Miss Moonbreker. Miss Caroline here is not blood related.” Harbor lips crinkle into a frown, I nod.

“Is that all?” I ask quietly, fingers trembling. I really don’t want to think about, the crime scene. Dad was hanging—swinging from the grapevine chandelier. I swallow hard—no, I won’t cry.

“Yes, and I’m sorry for your loss. We will keep you informed of anything comes up.” Officer Harbor stands, leaving the door open. I turn to Caroline, her brown eyes turn into a menacing glare. I notice she stopped crying.

“I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry for?” She hisses.

“I’m sorry I ever let my father near a pathetic bitch like you.” I sneer, walking out of the room and away from her distant screaming.

Maybe in a way she loved Dad, I hope she did. I hope someone loved him.

I exit the police station, I slowly drop to my knees. Clutching the print out of the note in my hand as my sobs come down hard. I scream into my palms, my eyes sting into my skin. I hate my father. I absolutely hate him. But I would never kill him. I wonder if Khol got the news, I wonder if he even cares? How am I suppose to tell Myles?

I cry harder into my palm, my shoulders shuddering. The end of August blazes down on my skin harshly, I want the pain to stop. Days like these—moments like these, make me wish that I stayed. If I took the beating, if I stayed through it all. Maybe—maybe, I could have one good lingering memory of my father. Maybe just once I could smile again. A real smile.

Just maybe.

I walk inside the lions den with scared eyes and trembling hands. Whoever this Circulus is, they’re after me. They killed my father for me.

I stifle a sob as I close the door and lean against it. I can’t stop shaking, the feeling in the pit of my stomach sloshes painfully.

I can’t be Khol, so who could it be?

I try to make a list of everyone that I’ve pissed off or angered, but nothing comes to mind. I run a hand through my hair, trying to calm myself down but nothing is working.

I storm pass the Hunters, not even glancing at Steele who smiles at me. I whimper pass Vienna and then down the hall. I can’t cry in front of them, I don’t want to.

I don’t want to be broken in front of such strong people.

I close my door softly, locking it quickly. I sit on the floor and break down sobbing. Someone’s after me, someone killed my father. Someone wants me.

“Angel, open the door.” I hear him say, I whimper as I look at the door.

“Please. Just-just leave me alone.” I weave my hands through my hair.

“Angel, please.” I hear Steele but I shout for him to leave me alone. “Reign—angel, I swear if you don’t open the door I’m going to break it down.”

“Fine, god dammit Steele.” I yell, I throw open the door and glare at him. “Can’t you see I’m having a moment here—”

Steele cuts me off with the slam of the door, I growl annoyed at him. How dare he act like he cares after ignoring me for days. That’s my thing!

Steele wipes the tears off my cheeks, “Did someone hurt you?”

“No.” I snarl. Steele blinks at me with unreadable eyes. They irk me, “Stop looking at me like that.”

“Like what?” Steele pretends as if he doesn’t know.

“Like I’m a puzzle, like I’m some pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Whatever you want from me, I’m not going to give it. Stop pretending you care if you don’t.” I snap.

“I don’t want anything from you.” Steele says simply.

“Don’t lie to me,” I poke his chest.

Steele grabs my finger, “I’m not lying.”

“Oh yeah?” I scoff, “Why are you ignoring me? I hate—” I stop my sentence, a smile blooms across Steele’s face that I want to slap off.

“Say it, angel.” Steele wipes another tear off my face, “Finish that sentence.”


I push his hand away from me and my drastically erratic heart. But he has other plans, Steele grabs the back of my neck forcefully. He pulls me into him, my fingers press against his chest to stop him but of course he doesn’t move.

“Say it.” Steele squeezes my neck.

“I hate that I you say one thing but do the other.” I lie and he knows. Steele knows.

“Don’t lie to me, Reign.” I gasp at my name, knees trembling. “Say it.” I whimper as he pushes me chest to chest.

“I-I hate that you ignored me.” I finally whisper. His smile brings a grimace on my face, he thinks this is fucking amusing. “You got what you wanted, now leave.”

Steele keeps staring at me with furrowed brows, something changes in his eyes. Something I’ve never seen before.

It pisses me off. I hate him. I hate his player ways. I hate his flirtatious manner, his fake smile, and his fake playful facade.

I hate him.

“Leave, Steele.” I push him against the door, the anger of my father, of everything that happened I take out on him.

He lets me.

I punch his stomach, “Leave!” I scream, he doesn’t move.

Mom left me.

“Leave me alone!” I hit him again, Steele only stares sadly at me, I fucking hate it.

Dad is dead.

“Steele Winters, I swear to god. Get out.” I yell, punching him again and again.

Khol is gone.

“Leave.” I sob, pushing my trembling hand into his broad chest again. I scream and yell, pushing against him.

Everyone leaves.

I crumble into Steele, crying into his chest. His arms wrap around me instantly. Pain, anger and sadness crash like waves agasint my heart.

“He’s dead, Steele.” I cry agasint him, Steele runs a hand through my hair. I can’t believe I’m crying on Steele Winters, I can’t believe he’s here—for me.

“Who’s dead, angel?” Steele picks me up, I dig my head into his shoulder. Everyone leaves me, it’s only a matter time till he does too.

“Dad.” I gasp for air through hiccups, “H-he was killed.”

Steele stiffness against me, he pushes me into the bed softly. He whispers words I don’t remember, empty promises, empty wishes, I don’t remember anything he said.

All I remember was Steele holding me as I cried.
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