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XI : Colder than winter

Eight years ago...

Myles was sleeping just like always, Reign looked at her baby brother. He was barely one and already had thick locks of curls on the top of his head. She poked her tongue out at the sleeping baby.

Her mother stood next to her and patted her daughter’s head. Reign pushed her hand away with a smile, “Mom, tomorrow can we go to the library?”

“Of course, Rei.” Her mother’s vivid blue eyes sparkled down on her. Reign smiled back, leaving baby Myles alone in his slumber.

The large mansion was full of happiness, family pictures hung on the walls, Reign’s childhood drawings were magnetized to the fridge. The twelve year old sat down on the large couch facing the front door, and she waited.

Her father came quickly after, briefcase in hand and a big smile as his daughter ran up to him. Reign leaped on Jonathan, tackling him into a hug.

“There’s my girl! How was school today?” Jonathan asked her.

Reign shrugged, “It was great, me and Vienna made friendship bracelets. Wanna see?”

“Of course I do,” Jonathan smiled, Reign’s mother came up to her husband. A small smile on her face, Jonathan kissed his wife aiming for the lips. His wife turned her head, Jonathan’s lips planted on her cheek.

“How was work today, love?” Jonathan asked his wife.

She smiled, “It was as fine as working at town hall could be.” Her response was bitter, but nobody noticed.

“I called you but you didn’t answer.” Her dad said, a worried frown creased his face.

Reign’s mother shrugged, “I left it at home by accident.” Jonathan nodded, he was too busy staring at his wife in adoration to notice her intentions.

“Reign, sweetheart. Get ready for bed okay?” Jonathan smiled.

Reign nodded, kissing both parents on the cheek before turning to her mother. “You promise we can go to the library tomorrow morning?” She asked.

“I promise.” Her mother replied instantly.

But her suitcase was packed, her money was stored, her phone and credit cards were destroyed. Snow Moonbreker would be gone the next morning and nobody would know, because sometimes—just sometimes...

Promises were made to be broken.


The voices were screaming. They were screaming for my angle—for Reign.

The way she looks at me when she’s trying to figure me out—the way she glares at me when I flirt with her. The way she sees past the playful facade—the way she sees past the insanity in my eyes. The way Reign rejects me.

Everything she does, and everything she will do makes the voices stop and makes my heart beat faster. She sees past me, she doesn’t flirt with me. She doesn’t want me in that way.

But I can’t help but want her—all of her.

Nobody has coaxed me through my nightmares, nobody has ever stayed with me. Nobody has ever made the voices stop like she has.

I know I’m a manwhore, playboy, the one who breaks hearts. I use women. I’m horrible, selfish, evil, malicious, insane, I’m everything that people should run from.

I’m too horrible, selfish, evil, malicious and insane to let her get away from me.

I’m a broken man, I’m a heart breaker, I’m insane, and now I’m a man who’s going to make Reign my Huntress.

Nobody makes me feel the way she does—safe. She makes me feel as if I’m not insane. As if I’m ordinary. Reign puts me in my place and has said ‘no’ to me too many times to count.

It’s reckless, she’ll reject me. But she can’t resist me forever.

Reign isn’t a whore, a one night stand, a flirt. She’s smart, kind, fucking sarcastic, fiesty, and she’s going to be mine.

I want something from her...I want her, and I’ve decided that the voices—nobody, is going to take her away from me.

Reign is tucked under my arm, peacefully sleeping. Her pale skin blotched red streaking down from her tears. She snuggles closer and a smile quirks on my face, Reign shakily sighs as I slip my arm out from under her. She whimpers, her small hand latches on to my wrist, as if she was never asleep to begin with.

As I leave Reign alone on her bed, my conscious screams at me not to leave her. Mental claws that drag down my brain and scratch at my heart.

I close the door quietly, the eerie silence fills with tension as I make my way down to the ring. I find my brothers in the Archway with scowls upon their faces.

“I just saw the news,” Dicarius elaborates, “Jonathan’s dead.”

“I know,” I say, sitting down across from Atlas. “Reign told me.”

“Well,” Atlas sighs, running a hand through his curls, “I guarantee she didn’t tell you about the note.”

“What note?” Anger beats faster within me.

“Rei dropped this went fleeing to her room,” Dicarius throws the print out on the table with letters pasted into it.

It’s getting cold my moon, stay warm.

“Steele?” Dicarius grabs the note out of my hands. “This person killed her father for her.”

Uncontrollable anger washes through me, the voices sob against my temple. I hiss, closing my eyes to silence the pain away.

“This motherfucker doesn’t know who they’re messing with,” I stand, my chair falling down with a harsh slam. I rake a hand through my hair, “Reign is in danger and we don’t know who it is.”

“Circulus can’t be Khol,” Dicarius shakes his head, “He never used a name when he anonymously texted Vienna. This,” Dicarius pointed to the note, a grim look plastered on his face. The Three Ringed King looked at me, the voices started to scream.

Reign will be mine—ours, she’ll save me. I’ll stop my playboy ways, for her.

This is someone different.”

For her I will try.


Steele wasn’t there when I woke up and I was grateful. Mortification heated up my face like a hot summer day, I laid back down and froze. Steele was just here moments ago, the bed is still warm. Cursing silently, I rest my hands over my face. I hate Jonathan, but he was still my father. For twelve years he was my father. That bitter memory stung deep in my heart, she promised to take me to the library. It was going to be the first time I went on my own accord—the first time I actually wanted to read.

I flip the covers over my head and hold back all the flooding memories of my mother. She left, she’s not important, she’s a nobody.

She means nothing.

I wonder if Caroline ever visited Khol in jail, I wonder who his father is? If he ever saw his son on the news for being a kidnapper.

I shake the thoughts away as the door opens. Still fully under the sheets with my face pressed against the mattress, I hold my breath. A large body makes the bed dip, I shift my body and calm my breathing. I am asleep. Please believe I’m sleeping.

A hand pulls back the covers over my head, with my eyes still shut I hear an inhale. Warm fingers flex over my face, someone’s thumb drags down my cheek and I know who it is.

“Angel,” He says like a broken promise, a plead.

He just sits there, tracing my face. His fingers leave hot trails over my skin. I try not to think about all the sinful things he could do with his touch.

Minutes later, Steele rises from the bed and leaves the room, shutting the door in his wake.

I’m scared. I’m scared that this is a problem I can’t fix. I’ve handled myself for years, I’ve played my cards well, I know this shit only happens in movies. The note, the killer—everything that is going on, it scares me.

But it doesn’t scare me more than my changing feelings for the playboy.



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