Wicked Secrets #2 | Set In Steele

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XII : Old habits


After explaining everything to everyone, I felt as if I was suffocating—no, I was.

Bringing air into my lungs got harder and harder with each second. Listening to Myles cries broke me completely. Looking at Aunt Madison’s glassy eyes shattered me. But hearing Myles ask about Khol completely destroyed me.

I slouch into Atlas, we’re watching The Birdcage and even during the hilarious parts that would usually make me piss my pants, I’m barely reacting.

I hate Jonathan. I despise him. Doesn’t mean I wanted the bastard dead.

Atlas laughs loudly, his arm around my shoulder but nothing is amusing. The movie plays blandly in my eyes and the weight of Atlas’ friendly comfort does nothing but make my shoulder numb. I knit my hands together and stare lifeless at the television, every second of yesterday colliding into my brain.

Dad died.

Someone killed him for me.

Steele held me while I cried.

Steele. The name only brings a small frown to my face, I want to thank him but I don’t want to confront him. I don’t want to see pity or hear his meaningless flirting.

Sighing, I lean deeper into Atlas and close my eyes. Can’t I just sleep my troubles away? Probably not.

I hear distant noises but think nothing of it until an angry grumble makes me open my eyes, “Get your arm, off of her.” Steele glares at Atlas with an emotion I can’t read.

I look away, refraining from rolling my eyes at his behavior. Wasn’t it just yesterday he was touching my face and calling my name out while I slept? Well—fake slept. Now he’s acting like a child deprived of his favorite toy.

“She’s not yours, Winters.”

Atlas sings out, I know he doesn’t have feelings for me and quite frankly, thank god. I love Atlas—as a friend. But looking at him in that sense, makes me want to shove an eggbeater down my throat.

I look back at Steele and then Atlas, amusement shining in the liquid gold of his eyes. Rolling my own, I shrug his arm off of me and look to Steele. His icy eyes soften just a bit for me to notice, but he covers it quickly.

As if it was never there.

Grimacing at the blistering pain in my ankle, I get off the couch. I need to do something, I need to get my mind off of it.

Sighing, I hobble and grab Dicarius’ keys. Who knows what he and Vienna are doing right now. I grab my sweatshirt and pull it over my body, shying away from Steele as I go to the front door.

“Where are you going?” I hear Atlas, and I smile.

“Just to go out.” I shrug, “I’ll see you later,”

Atlas smiles as me, anxiety passes through me as I walk out the door without a word to Steele. This is why I’m the awkward one of the group.

I hear the door shut late behind me and I stop mid step, please be my imagination.


Yep, my imagination.

I continue walking and reach for the car door but a hand slams over mine. He grabs my arm and pins me to the car door, my eyes widen and then narrow to a glare.

“Are you going to see him?” Steele growls.

I quirk a brow, “Him?”

Steele only nods, something brims in his eyes and I chuckle. Is he jealous?

“I’m not seeing Reid,” I say, mentally face palming myself for yelling it out.

A smirk passes on his face, his hand slowly leaving mine. “Good.”

“Excuse me?” I snap, “Why is that good?”

Steele blinks at me, the fake flirtatious smirk widens, “I’m the only man you should see, angel.”

“Gods, stop that!” I whisper, looking back at him. I hate the playful facade, maybe sometimes it isn’t a facade but I still hate the clouding look in his eyes. “Stop pretending to be someone you’re not.”

“I’ll stop when you stop,” Steele whispered back.

I gulped, he had me there. I look away from him quickly and at my leggings. “Do you want to come with me?” I say, not looking up at him.

“To see that boy, fuck no.” Steele snarls, gripping my chin. I whimper at his change of emotions.

“First of all, he’s not a boy.” I grab his wrist that’s close to my face, “Second of all, I’m not going to see him. I don’t even know him.”

“You don’t know me either, angel.”

“I don’t,” I swallow, gently removing his fingers from my jaw, “Doesn’t mean I can’t try to.”

I don’t let him say anything, I hop in the car and shut the door. Basking in my own embarrassment, why did I ask him to come with me.

God, he’s going to think I’m such a weirdo.

The passenger car door opens and I groan loudly and hit my head to the steering wheel.

“Steele.” I say coldly and peak through the falling strands of my hair and glare at him.


“You don’t have to come—” I start with flames for cheeks. Steele buckles his seat belt and then reaches close to me, I hiss as his hand moves over my thighs and buckles my own belt.

“You know what? Fine, come along on the wild adventure.” I mutter and roll my eyes, unparking the car.

Steele just stares at me, he’s wearing blue jeans and a white shirt with his leather Hunter’s jacket. His blonde hair is pulled up into a bun, I stare at him through the mirror. My eyes dart to his high cheekbones, narrow stubbled jaw, thick lips, I stop the car to a halt and look out front. I was just shamelessly checking out Steele through the mirror. Oh my gods, what happened to ‘no’, Rei?

I sigh loudly and stare at the buildings go by, “What adventure are we going on, angel?” Steele quirks a dimpled smile and I chuckle darkly.

“Oh, a really fun one Steele. You’ll definitely love it.”

I pull into the parking lot with a large smile of my own and his face drops. “By the way, I forgot my wallet so you’re paying. Thanks angel.” I mimick his nickname for me and wink at him as get out of the car. I hear Steele groan but it turns into a manical laugh.

“Whatever you want, angel.” I hear him say as the door opens, I smile to myself.

Old responsibility habits die hard that’s for sure. I hear him sigh and Steele comes to my side with a smirk. The metal carts clank together as my hip unintentionally hits his. But I can’t help the growing smile on my face as I look at Steele Winters.

“Even if it’s grocery shopping.”

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