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XIII : One angel, please


I smile wider as I see Reign scold herself as she looks at a bag of honey mustard pretzels bits. “To buy or not to buy, that is the question.” I hear her mutter to herself and I snort at her cuteness, so fucking adorable.

Reign snaps up from her trance and glares at me, one day she’ll stop denying me of what I want. I lean against the shelf full of chips, our small cart is only filled with a couple of items. Mint chocolate chip ice cream, ramen, cheese, and now honey mustard pretzels. My girl loves food and I couldn’t find it more cute.

“What? I can feel your judgy eyes from here, Steele.” She snaps at me with a small frown, as I said, adorable. The sound of my name escaping her lips is the best damn sound in the world.

“I’m not judging you, angel.”

I walk towards her and she defensively steps back and I frown. Reign’s guarded, jaded and protects her heart from others—from me. I know I can’t change the past, all those girls I slept with—all the hearts I’ve broken with out a care. I made a reputation in highschool, and so many girls had fallen for the facade. But not her—not my angel.

She can only resist the one and only Steele Winters, for so long.

I grab a bag of buffalo pretzels behind her with a smirk, my fingers skim her small ear and Reign inhales sharply. I throw the bag down into the cart with a clatter and reach for her neck. I pull Reign forward and she gasps, the shopping cart bumps away into the isle as it hits her hip. Reign glares at me as I place my arm around her waist and another one tilting her chin up, her sea foam green eyes meet my own.

“I’d never judge you angel.” Like you judge me. Her eyes swim with confusion, my grip on her jaw tightens slowly. She’s at war with herself, she’s looking for a lie, something to push me away by.

“You don’t know me either, Steele.” She attempts to pry my fingers away—no.

“Don’t let anyone make you feel like your less, angel. Your fucking perfect to me, okay?” I say harsher. I don’t know you and you’re already perfect, I want to scream.

Reign looks at me eyes wide and lips parted open in shock. I look into her eyes and for a second I think I see sadness but Reing covers it up.

“Okay, angel?”

I tighten my grip on her waist, Reign’s hands brace on my chest and she grabs my leather jacket. Pulling her head away trying to make space between us, why is she so hellbent on rejecting me?


Reign whispers and lets go of my jacket, I look at her lips and I lick my own. Reign makes a breathless noise that has me hard in seconds, I tilt her lips to mine, god I want those lips for myself. Reign’s eyes meet mine and it’s uncertainty that I see. As my lips are about to brush hers a large crash echoes through the building as Reign gasps. Her small hands push on my chest and she stumbles back wide eyed.

Reign is delicate, even as she acts strong—she’s delicate. I know my monsters might get to her and I know I’m selfish. I’m selfish because I want her, and not just once. The nightmares and the monsters disappear every time I’m with Reign. She doesn’t even know it, but Reign keeps the darkness away.

“Should we get more snacks or do you think we have enough?” Reign murmurs slightly and I smirk at her. Taking in her flushed cheeks and angry eyes, she can only put up the feisty front for so long. I hated that she ignored me, I hated how she felt disgusted at the fact we slept in the same bed, I hated the nerdy fucker at the door talking to her. I hated that she wasn’t with me.

“Definitely more, angel.” I place my hands on the cart and push off with my feet. The cart flies as I place my feet on the bottom bars and ride down the isle.

“STEELE!” I hear my angel yell at me and I look back and laugh, Reign glares at me from the other end and I smile. I stop shortly, my feet skidding to a halt as I release a sigh, she doesn’t even know what she’s doing to me.

“Claim her.”

“Make her ours.”

“Reign. Reign. Reign. Reign.”

I shake the thoughts—voices, as I feel small hands shove me from the side and off the cart, I fall on my side with a groan and hear a sweet angelic laugh. I roll on my side on the floor and flash a smile, my process for girls doesn’t work with Reign. I like that, maybe more than I should.

“Like what you see, angel?” I smirk and Reign rolls her eyes with a click of her tongue.

“I’m going to leave you here, you look better on the floor.” Reign taunts me.

She walks off with the cart and those damn legs make me groan. Her small tight ass slightly jiggles as she walks down the isle confidently. I can’t believe I’m turned on by leggings in a grocery store. Wait, did she say she was going to ditch me?

“ANGEL, GET BACK HERE!” I shout loudly down the isle and an oldee man looks at me on the floor and murmurs.

“Youngins’.” He tsks as I stand.

Laughing maniacally I run down the isle and around another and walk up to Reign who reaches for a jar of salsa. I go behind her and lean closer, my head dips to her neck and Reign yelps.

Her skin is calling out to be kissed, my mind flashes to the alleyway and I suddenly get even harder, if it’s possible. Her breathy moan, the digging of her fingernail in my arms. The way she pushed me away—

“Gotcha,” I look at her as she turns with an annoyed angry face. “What’s my prize?”

“Pushing the cart.” She spins the metal cart into my stomach, I grunt as she walks to the cashier line with wondering eyes, and I smile.

My angel is one tough cookie, but she can only resist me for so long.



My face is brighter than the salsa that is being scanned by the cashier. He almost kissed me—I almost kissed him.

I fumble with my fingers, rattling curses in my head as each item gets scanned. I look up and jolt uncomfortably, the teenage cashier stares at me strangely. He think sends me a dashingly disgusting, smile. Oh gods, I’m that unattractive that a prepubescent teen is silently hitting on me.

I feel Steele shift closer to me, heat radiating off of him, or maybe me, in waves. His arm snakes around my front, I almost scream out as my back collided with his chest. Eyes larger than saucers when I feel a very large thing on my back.

“You’ll total will be 50.78, sugar.” The teenager says to me, completely ignoring Steele in the process, I gulp as Steele hums a growl.

“Look at her—talk to her, like that again kid, and I’ll break every goddamn bone in your body.” Steele snarls, he hands him his credit card.


I turn away from the cashier and place both my hands on Steele’s broad shoulders. “Hey,” I whisper, his glare drops as he looks to me, “Let it go, it doesn’t matter.”

Steele’s hand tightens on my waist, “It does matter if they all look at you like a piece of meat.”

I hold in my snort, noticing the look in his eyes. “Steele is a manic, Reign. He’s not right in the head.” Dicarius’ words echo in my brain but in reality—they don’t matter.

“I’m not an object—a piece of meat, to be sold in a store Steele. Besides,” I smile up at him as he rips the creditcard away from the teenager, “I can fight my own battles. You know that, but I appreciate it all the same, Steele.”

An urge rushes through me and I can’t ignore it, I pull Steele’s leather color down. Light blue eyes widen as I pull his cheek to my lips. Quickly kissing the hot golden skin. My own cheeks are aflame, and the kiss disappeared as quickly as it came.

I grab the cart and hightail out of there, swearing to myself as the automatic doors open and I don’t want for the illegal fighter. I sworn I almost felt his anger at that kid, I could of sworn I felt like I had to calm him down—I wanted to. I wanted to touch him, kiss him, fuck.

I can only resist the one and only Steele Winters for so long.

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