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XVII : The night and him


“He was worried about you.” Dicarius says simply, my eyes widen at his statement. I know who, I pretend I heard nothing. I see a sliver of a smirk on his tan face and I know, Dicarius is amused by the fact that I slept in Steele’s room a couple of nights before. It won’t ever happen again.

“Thank you,” I smile.

“We care—I care.” He says with a lazy smirk, “I know I don’t show it, but I do.” I look up at him, Dicarius never gets vulnerable or emotional with anyone other than Vienna. It’s different to see this side of him, I like it quite a lot.

“I-I know you do.” I whisper, retreating from him and to the door. I notice it’s across from Steele’s and an unexpected feeling sloshes in my stomach. Dicarius grabs my arm tightly but not harshly, his gray eyes storm over mine seriously.

The Hunters hid Reid’s body this afternoon like it was nothing, my eyes still burn from when I read Reid’s note over and over again. I don’t know who to ask—no, I don’t know how to ask for help.

I look at Dicarius as he sighs, “But you don’t know how much, Rei.” Dicarius whispers back, and for the first time...

I have nothing to say to the brooding dumbass—to Dicarius.


I feel myself being lifted, soaring through the clouds with wind through my hair. The flight is short—so short I think nothing of it because I know I’m safe.

I feel safe.

Then I’m falling, plummeting through the air. Falling gracefully into a soft landscape, a pillow hits my head like a caress. A long sigh is drawn out from afar but I don’t think about it until a hand drags over my body. My eyes open slowly, adjusting to the darkness as I look around.

This isn’t my room.

A large weight is pressed against my right side, I look around the room. It has no personality, gray walls that are cracked and chipped from punches, kicks and screams. The white curtains cover the large windows, dressers that are nicely cleaned. Objects, personal items that are too organized, as if they were never organized before.

This isn’t my room, but his.

The weight shifts on my right side and I turn my head slowly, not daring to move. He wouldn’t, he wouldn’t of dared to do that again. I rapidly blink to fade the darkness out of the corner of my eyes. I stare angrily at my right, the audacity.

Steele’s arms cage me into him, half of his body sleeping peacefully on top of mine. His left leg thrown over my two, and his head nuzzled deep into where the pillow slides next to my neck.

He moved me, he fucking did it again. How dare he.

I’m tempted to pull his long blonde hair out of his skull. I’m tempted to kick him in his family jewels and tell him not to touch me. I’m tempted to curl up into a ball and go to sleep next to him—I’m tempted to stay.

No, my subconscious screams at me. No, no, no. Absolutely n-o-t!

Kicking off the covers and sitting up, my stomach grows heavier as Steele makes a whine of a whimper. His hand stretches out for me as his head is stuck deep into the pillows. I cringe a little when his fingers skim my arm. Turning my back, my toes press against the cold hard wood floors.

“Angel,” Steele speaks out softly, I turn my head to see his eyes still closed and a small smile on his lips. “Come back to bed.”

My fingers curl over the sheets angrily. He thinks I’m going to act like one of his many conquests and eagerly obey. He thinks I’m going to sleep with him until something more happens. He’s going to keep trying everytime I say no.

“Good night, Steele.” I say coldly, ignoring the aching pain deep inside of me.

Lifting myself off of the bed, I run a hand through my tangled hair and walk to the door. Sometimes I wish that Steele didn’t play with hearts.

I wish that he wasn’t playing with mine.

He’s too complicated for me to figure out, he gets so cold and then flirty in a span of one minute. His words don’t match his expressions. He doesn’t really mean what he says to me. Steele doesn’t like me, and I won’t fall for him. I won’t be another one of the Steele Winters Trap members.

“Reign.” Steele says louder, a demand—a plea, almost. I almost want to fall for it, “Don’t leave me alone, angel. P-please.”

Turning around to meet his sad cornflower blue eyes, a shaky breath escapes my lips. Steele is begging. He’s begging for me to stay and all I want to do is run out the door. But I hope that Steele doesn’t beg other girls to stay with him. I pray that I’m the only one, and I can’t seem to figure out why I just want it to be me and him.

No other one night stands, no other girls, no lies.

Just me and him.

My hand falls from the doorknob with an angry glare, just leave! But I don’t, I stay. My legs move on their own accord and my eyes don’t leave his. I sit on the edge of the bed with both hands pressing on the sheets.

“Did you have a-another nightmare?” I mentally face palm myself. Of course he did.

Steele only flashes a manical smile that makes my insides curdle. I tuck my knees into my chest like a broken child and sigh with a smile back at him.

“When I had nightmares as a kid after my-my mother left, I-I used to talk to myself.” I shrug, Steele props his head on his hand, giving me a full view of his six pack. Looking away I swallow, I can’t believe I’m telling him this. But maybe a part of me wants to tell him.

“It made sense at the time,” I add with a dry chuckle, my eyes not leaving the floor. “But I guess we’re all a little crazy, Steele.”

I look back into his eyes, a dark curtain of shadowy emotions cast over his face. I send him a quirk of a smile, I want to see his reaction, I want to know what he’s feeling.

“They may see you as insane, crazy, manical, evil even. But they don’t see you like I see you.” I whisper, my mind screaming at me to keep the feelings locked up. To lie again, but I don’t want to lie to him.

“How do you see me, angel?”

Steele’s finger traces over the small of my back, making me shiver. I turn to face him, pushing his fingers away and holding them with my own.


I hold his fingers and lace them with mine, “The flirting and the promises don’t mean anything if you don’t mean it, Steele. You can put up the facade and it will wear you down, trust me I know.”

Another chuckle escapes me, but there is nothing funny about it. I know how much it hurts to pretend you’re fine when you’re not. To pretend that everything is going to be okay but it won’t. To pretend to not feel.

“You don’t have to hide anything that you’re feeling from me, okay? And-and I’ll try to do the same.” I whisper, I always feel as if his eyes change according to what he’s thinking.

When his eyes widen slightly he’s shocked by the fact that I care for him. When his eyes narrow he brings up the flirty facade, and when his eyes stay neutral he pretends he doesn’t feel.

“If I do it,” Steele says, his hold tightening on my hand as I rest my chin on my knees. “W-when I do it, you have to do something for me too.”

“Which is?” I cock my head with uncertainty laced in my tone.

“I want you to see my fight tomorrow.” Steele tugs me forward, I jerk forward slightly. My other hand pressing against the bed, Steele leans upwards with a smile—a true smile.

“Okay,” I agree, my eyes not wavering from his, not daring to look down. “I’ll go.”

Steele blinks back at me, his eyes swarming with surprise and happiness. He’s amused, happy, excited. His smile increases—so wide that is dimples create canyons in his face. I can’t help but smile back at the childish glee on Steele’s magnificent face.

“Then we have ourselves a deal, angel.”
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