Wicked Secrets #2 | Set In Steele

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XVIII : Crushed bones


I was working next to Simon and Hickory. Both boys were joking around and pouring drinks without a care in the world. Both couldn’t believe that I called Dicarius—the boss man, a brooding dumbass.

“I can’t believe he didn’t kill you,”

Hickory hisses at me, the poor kid is scared for his life. But I have to admit, Dicarius is a little scary sometimes. If I ever told him that, my ego would be diminished.

“He’s not that scary,” I elaborate, pouring tequila into a shot glass. “He’s like a lost puppy without Vienna.”

“Don’t worry, sweetheart.” Simon winks at me, “If he ever scares you too much my arms are wide open for ya.”

Did I mention Simon was a shameless flirt?

Both boys are seventeen, apparently Dicarius has good judgment, and apparently they fight good too. The new underdogs couldn’t take me down.

Laughing at Simon I shake my head, “No thanks, kid.”

“I’m only seventeen!” He scoffs, “Three years, doll. It’s only three years!”

Hickory rolls his eyes, straightening his beanie. He reminds me of Alex, just as silent and just as brooding.

“Oi, Rei!” Kylie sits down on an open bar stool with a cocky smile.

“Hey lady, what can I get you?” I turn to the alcohol to get her something.

I turn back around only to find her with a viscous smirk, her left eye has a small gash underneath. Kylie is hands down the best fighter in the ring, nobody would even know that if they passed her in town.


I look at her, she cocks a red brow and leans her head in her palm. The blasting cheers and music echo in my ears as she speaks.

“Steele Winters hasn’t stopped talking about you today.” She says simply, like she couldn’t believe that her manwhore brother has his eyes on one girl.

Wait, let’s ignore that.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Ky, want a margarita?” I deflect, fighting the inner feeling in my gut.

“I’m hurt,” Simon flashes me a pearly white smile, “You didn’t tell me your were taken, babe.”

“I didn’t because I’m not.” I snap, turning my attention to another man. Steele’s fight is in an hour.

Simon’s blue eyes squint, as if he was analyzing me for a lie. But it isn’t a lie—it’s not. Me and Steele aren’t a thing, I don’t think we could ever. I don’t want to hurt myself like that, especially with everything going on.

“Do you want something to drink, Huntress?”

Hickory addresses Kylie, I almost laugh aloud as I see him shuffling uncomfortably with a crimson tint on her cheeks.

This poor boy doesn’t have a chance.

“No thank you, Henry.” Kylie smiles.

“It’s Hickory,” I hear him mumble as he shuffles away to another person.

I flash Kylie a look but she shrugs, facing me fully. “So mind telling me why my training partner was fighting like my grandmother?”

“As I said before,” I pinch my arm from under the bar, “I don’t know.”

Kylie only hums in acknowledgment, turning to the ring. “I’m not done with you yet, Moonbreker!” She says, slapping the bar and hopping out of her chair towards the Arch.

I serve more and more drinks to people who make me more and more uncomfortable. I’m safe here, Circulus can’t get me here. Can he?

Shaking the thoughts from my mind, I straighten my blue crop top and pull on my black jeans. Ignoring the fact that my life is in danger, at least I think it is.

“Good evening, kitten.” I hear, who the fuck—

I turn around with a glare, a man green eyes roll down my body with lust. I cringe quickly before plastering a fake smile on my face.

“Pick your poison, sir.” I grit through my teeth. I am safe, I am calm, I can handle myself.

“If it’s on the list,” He leans forward, “I’ll have you.”

“Excuse you?” I raise a brow with a snarl, “Get your head checked out and pick a fucking drink.”

I am safe.

He can’t hurt me.

I’m okay.

The ivy eyed man only tuts, his lips smiling wider. My blood runs colder with each passing cheer from the ring. Stay calm, Rei. You’re safe, it’s okay.


I cut the man off before he can say anything, Simon turns to me with a stellar smile. “Handle this asshole for me, I’m taking a break.”

Simon eyes the green eyed man warily as I shuffle out of the bar. Fixing my bun, but it only sags sloppily against my head. I make my way to the Arch, suddenly needing protection as if someone is going to come in guns blazing at me.

I’m safe, they told me I was safe here. But am I? Am I safe in an underground illegal fighting club, with criminals and god who knows else? Am I safe in the Royal Ring? With them?

A cold hand grabs my wrist, tugging my harshly I yell out. Spinning around, the malicious eyes of the man from the bar glare down at me.

“A whore like you should be grateful that I offered myself for a night.” He leans down, grabbing my chin with such force tears spring in my eyes.

“I am not a whore.” I snarl, pushing his hand off of my face but he doesn’t move.

I’m not safe. Not safe, not safe, not safe.

“Let me go you motherfucker.” I yell but no one hears me as he launches me into a wall.

I’m not safe, not anymore. I never was.

“I am going to have you,” He smiles, revolting alcoholic breath in my face, “And you are going to keep your little whoring mouth shut.”


My blood runs cold, nobody is stopping him, nobody even cares. Nobody ever cares.

I grit my teeth, stomping on his foot so hard I wish I heard the crush of bones. Spinning around, I lock his arm and send my elbow into his face. Yelling out as I twist my body and kicking him in the dick. I plaster myself against the wall, free from his disgusting hands. Not safe, not safe. Shaking in fear as he only grunts, my advances did nothing. His green eyes almost widen in delight, like I’m his prey—his hunt, and it hits me.

I’m going to be raped, and nobody is going to save me.
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