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II : Winter wonderland


“Do I know you?”

His smile and dimples taunt me. Everything about him makes me want to run. His long blond hair is half pull up and half let loose to the start of his shoulders. His skin slightly golden but barely, his icy light blue eyes stare at me.

I never knew him, but I remember him well. Those two times we met under the horrible circumstances of Vienna’s kidnapping, he flirted with me. I instantly disliked him. Not to mention Dicarius’ birthday party when he thought my name was Rachel, and he had the audacity to compliment me. How dare he.

“Actually, you don’t!” I blurt, time to run!

He reached a hand to help me up but I stand on my own. He chuckles as I wipe the dirt off of Vienna’a clothes. Shit, of course I have to look like a stripper today!

“Bye bye now!”

I do a little wave and attempt to walk past him, but his hand catches mine. He tugs me forward and I squeak at his closeness. His eyes look into my sea foam green ones, my pale skin flushing. Darn hormones are betraying me, we run in the face of men, not blush!

“You don’t think I remember you, angel?” An amused, crazed smile on his face. That nickname, oh how I hate it.

“Please, you don’t even know my name. Now let me go.” His skin is ice cold just like his eyes. I don’t know him, but he’s always been in the shadows.

“Reign.” He murmurs quietly and I stiffen at the sound of my name. Steele stares at me with a gaze I can’t decipher. I remember this idiot from senior year, his popularity, his playboy ways. It’s everything that I dislike.

“Well, look at that! Blondie has a brain.” I sneer and yank my arm from his grip. Walking past him, before I can turn the corner, hands snake around my waist and pin my to the cold wall. Goosebumps arise on my skin, the hot August air chilling me. He leans forward and his mouth darts to my neck. A gasp escapes my chapped lips.

“I don’t like to be disrespected, do you Reign?”

He kisses the spot between the my collarbone and neck. I involuntarily moan.


He chuckles in the crook of my neck, his blonde hair tangles around the straps of my dress.

“Go out with me.” His tongue darts on my neck, gliding across collar bone.

As if he knows that my knees are about to give out he snakes his arm around my back to steady me. I grab his big arm, and push forward and dig my dull nails into his leather jacket. Heat pulses around my core and I sink my teeth into my bottom lip, holding a moan as he licks and sucks my neck. I try to shove him off of me but he growls and kisses my neck harder and slower. Okay then, I guess we aren’t moving, Steele kisses my collarbone surely making his mark, my fingers curl over his arms and then it hits me.

It’s then I realize what I’m doing, and I come back to planet Earth. Shoving him off of my with all my strength which only makes him step back once.

“Woah there buddy. Back off.” I yell, I run my hand over my wet neck and shudder. What is wrong with you? Wait...WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?” I shout aloud.

Steele only chuckles, bringing me back in his arms. So what do you say, angel? Go out with me?” The words fly faster than I can registered, but in the end I’m glad I did it.


I wiggle free from his steel grip, no pun intended. Okay, maybe pun intended but that’s not the point!

He looks at me confused, “Why? Am I not to your liking?” Steele gives me a innocent look as he holds his jaw in his hands. But the crazed glint of mischief in his eyes draw me in.

“That.” I point to his handsome face and step back. “Is certainly not the problem.”

“Yeah, I didn’t think so.” He mutters aloud, I gape at his enormous ego. Steele looks back at me and erases the crazy expression of his face with a stellar smile. Smiles like that make girls fall, they make hearts break and that won’t be me. I won’t fall for The Steele Winter’s Trap.

The Steele Winter’s Trap was a thing at Pineridge High. He’d give all his attention to one girl until he got what he wanted, then he’d drop them like flies and move on to the next.


“Answer’s still no, Steele. It doesn’t matter what you look like...” My voice trails off as his face contorts into something new. I stammer still trying to ask myself why I’m explaining this to him? “It’s personality that makes me drawn to people. So...” I cough awkwardly and look at the stary sky.

“Interesting.” Steele chuckles, I can still feel his tongue on my neck. Shuddering, I shoo the thoughts away before I get too heated.

His eyes narrow and his smile widens, okay this is hopeless. Abort mission, abort mission! “Yeah, this is awkward. Bye.” I squeak, but I hear him chuckle in amusement.

I zip around the corner, not wanting to be chased. Why did I explain to him what I want? Steele Winters doesn’t want me. He wants one thing, and I won’t give it to him.



That motherfucker.

I look at the large hickey on my neck and curse my drunken self. What is wrong with me? I let The Steele Winters, the thing I hate most in a man, touch me, kiss my neck, I fucking let him.

I throw a towel at the mirror and flip myself off, my green eyes staring straight at me with fury. “Shit.” I whine.

“Rei?” Myles knocks and I open the bathroom door with a smile, covering my neck with my hand.

“Hey, buddy. Did you have fun yesterday with Ms. Jenson?” I ask my little brother, he looks nothing like me at all. He’s a younger version of my father, with brown hair and hazel eyes.

“Yep! She let me eat all her cookies.”

He giggles, our neighbor across the street was kind enough to watch the seven year old when I couldn’t. I poke his cheek with a smile and ruffle my hair over the spot on my neck as I walk into the small kitchen. I start cooking eggs and bacon, setting the plate down with a sigh. “Can we see Khol today?”

I freeze, almost dropping the glass of water in my hand. “I’m sorry buddy, but he’s still on vacation.”

I couldn’t tell him.

I couldn’t tell him his older brother—step brother was in jail. I couldn’t tell him he was a stalker, murderer. I couldn’t tell him that Khol has gone mad, that he’s more evil than Satan himself.

Myles pouts but nods in understanding, a knock echoes throughout the small white walled loft. I open the door still in my cotton candy shorts and black t-shirt with a frown. Who visits this early in the morning?

I blink back as a man who I’ve never seen stands before me, I close the door slightly for safety. “Can I help you, Sir?”

The nicely dressed elder man blinks back and snarls, “Oh this won’t do.”

“Excuse me?” I snarl back.

“I’m the new owner of this building, you’ll need to move out soon.” He flashes me a sad look but I slam the door behind me and charge at him.

“What?” I yell at him, “Listen pal, you can’t come out of fucking nowhere and tell me to fuck off.” The temper is coming out again. So this is what Dicarius met about me and my short angry self.

“You have one week.” He glares at me.

“You pea sized bastard from hell, listen here, I am not moving until I find a place to live. Deal with it.” I yell at him but he only yells back.

“One week, bitch. Or else you’ll be met with a wrecking ball to the face.” The posh man sneers and turns his back on me. I stand gaping as he walks down the hall.

“Fuck you, old man.” I scream, slamming myself back into the loft.

I sigh and drop down to the floor, with the door against my back I feel the tears threatening to come out. There’s only one thing to do and I can’t do it, I can’t.

A poke to my cheek and a weight in my lap makes me look up, “Don’t be sad, Rei.” Myles squeezes my cheeks and I smile.

“Me, sad?” I ruffle his hair, leaning into his little hug, Myles is the reason why I keep trying. Shift after shift, job after job, late nights and skipped meals. Myles is my purpose and I won’t give up.


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