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XIX : Damn you to heaven


I’m happy and it’s disturbing.

A smile on my face as I tighten the tape around my fingers and wrist. I’m smiling—a real smile.

I stare at myself in the mirror, gray sweatpants hang low on my waist. I always sleep without clothes on because the nightmares make my skin burn to oblivion. But I can’t anymore or Reign will run away again.

My finger runs over the Hunter tattoo on my lower side. Just below my sweatpants band the long jagged scar runs deep along my waist. It doesn’t matter, he’s gone.

“Steele,” A knock comes through the door, Kylie pokes her head in with a smile. But the smile soon vanishes and her eyebrows furrow, “Where’s Reign?”

“I thought she was with you?” I say, tying up my hair.

“Shit, I thought she was with you!” Kylie snaps, and just as quickly as they vanished the loud echoes of his voice came back into my brain again.




Cursing loudly, I push myself out of the dressing room and out into the club. Reign isn’t one to talk to others, underneath all of that red hot anger she is shy.

She wouldn’t put herself in danger, she wouldn’t have gone somewhere else alone without telling anyone.

I walk slowly around the people, most of them flinching away from me. I’m not undefeated like Kylie, but I’m the only one who kills for fun.


Get Reign.

My Reign.

Passing through the Archway and the second ring, pass the bar and the gambling tables, pass all of the chairs and the third ring—she is nowhere to be found.


I go back to the Archway with dread on my tongue, did she leave? No—no, she wouldn’t.

It’s then do I hear a scream and the voices roar because I know that scream. I know it.

Throwing myself down the hall to the restricted area for patrons I climb up the stairs to the roof. Throwing open the hatch and then I see it.


Anger. So much anger rages through me, the need for blood on my hands—the craving for it.

A man has Reign pinned under him, his fingers on her skin. Skin that only I will touch. Tears that are on her face—the pain that is on her face.

He is going to die.

“S-Steele,” Reign cries out but I’m way ahead of her. The voices that stab my brain scream louder than they ever have before.

I grab the man by the back of his neck, slamming him into the edge of the roof on the floor. My fists fly faster, harder, painfully.

You can’t protect her.

She hates you.

Reign thinks you’re crazy—

“Steele.” Reign grabs my clenched hand, I look at her with a maddening rage. I grab his neck, laughing out as he chokes on the air above him. Life leaving his eyes, oh I hope he goes to hell.

Harder my fingers draw blood on this disgusting creatures skin. A smile drawn on my face as he pleads, “She’s my angel—mine.”

He cries out as I crush his windpipe harder and harder, his face turning to a deadly purple. “You’ll never touch her again. She’s mine.”

I need to kill him.

“Steele—stop,” Reign mumbles quietly, my fingers squeeze around the rapists neck. I have to kill him—I need to—we need to.

And suddenly, I’m pushed off of the disgusting molester. Reign collapses on top of me, grabbing the back of my head in her hand and crushing me into her.

“He’s unconscious,” Reign holds my face in her hands, her tear streaked face manages a soft smile. “Y-You saved me, and it’s okay now.”

No—no, you didn’t.

You weren’t fast enough.


“Steele,” The voices fade quietly, “Steele,” She says again. But my fists are still clenched and my eyes still hold malicious intentions.

End them all—

Reign pulls my face closer, her hands pressing against my cheeks and I no longer hear his rage inside of my head.

I didn’t realize my angel was sitting on my lap until now, I didn’t realize how close she was. But I notice a small bruise on her chin, that fucking son of a bitch.

“Did he hurt you?” I say deathly quiet, I can’t scare her away.

“He slapped me once—” An angry growl comes through me, Reign touches my lips with her finger. “He didn’t get that far to do anything, I’m okay now.”

No—she isn’t, she can’t be. “N-no.” I mumble through her finger pressing against my lips.

“Yes I am,” Reign smiles through her leftover tears, “You’re here, if you’re here then I’m safe.”

No she isn’t.

“I’m safest with you, Steele.”

Reign whispered, September starlight reflect in her eyes and I find myself hotter—I find my heart thumping loudly against my chest.


It can’t be true, it couldn’t be. Reign has to despise me—she has to hate everything that I am. I have to hurt her, break her, corrupt her.

I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.

“You—only you,” She says.

Reign doesn’t know what it feels like. She doesn’t know how it feels to be a danger to everyone and know that you could hurt everyone if you just will it to be. But she’s not scared of me. She’s not disgusted at the fact that I almost killed a man. Reign doesn’t hate me for who I am.


For the first time someone was able to break me. Break the flirtatious facade, the crazy happy front that I play. For the first time someone was able to see past the maddening smile.

“You hate me.” I whisper.

The moon was screaming at the stars, the man still lifeless a mere ten feet away. The roars of the club is silent, and the calmness of the night soaring above the clouds. Peaceful Pineridge Main Street is anything but calm in my mind.

Reign grabs my attention again, wrapping her hands around my neck, locking herself close to me and I love this.

I love being close to her.

She was the one I could never have—the one I could never get. Reign was untouchable, unbreakable.

She was a fantasy that I could never dream of.

“I don’t hate you—I couldn’t hate you.” She looks away and tightens her grip on me. “Damn you!” She huffs and I flash a small smile.

“Damn you and your smiles, and your urge to carry me everywhere, and-and your nighttime hugs and whispers. With your freaking light blue eyes and dimples, and-and—why are you looking at me like that?”

Reign bites her lower lip, those rosy full lips have me—all of me. “Damn you, Steele.” She whisper out, and starts to unwrap her arms as if she’s running away again.

No. I won’t let her. Never.

I grab both of her wrists in the space between us—the inches that are separating my lips from hers. “I told you before didn’t I, angel?”

Reign’s pale green eyes flash away from my eyes, I let go of one wrist and grab her waist. She squeals as I pull her up and back down again, she lays down—dangling of the roof. But I’ll never let her fall.

“If there is any man in your life who is going to hold you, take care of you, protect you, kiss you, fall with you, it’s going to be me.”

And that’s when I did it—when I let the voices fall away. When I let everything fall before me, that’s when I did it.

That’s when I kissed my angel.

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