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XX : Dance with you to hell


Six hours later....

Blood, broken bones, missing teeth, bruises, this guy is getting all of it.

“I said,” Dicarius grabs the collar of the man who attempted to rape Reign with a snarl. “Who the fuck sent you.”

He doesn’t speak, malicious green eyes stay calm and the voices are raging inside of me. I’m not going to deal with this shit. Grabbing the chains, I yank them hard making the asswipe jerk forward. I take his right pinky and snap it, I smile as I feel the bones crush under my grip. The voices melodically chant as he screams.

“The gentleman asked you a question, I suggest you answer it.” I say. Asswipe says nothing. I grab his ring finger, “Okay then—”

“—WAIT, wait, wait.” He cries, but it isn’t doing any justice for the anger running through me.

I try not to think of it. Of Reign being tortured in that way, physically assaulted, bruised, degraded. Her purity was one of the things that drew me, and I would hate for her to draw away from me again.

“He called himself Circulus,” The man balled, my fists curl up. Whoever this fucker is, he’s going to meet the end of my knife. He’s going to die.

A horrible.



“I-I have a w-wife,” The man sputters blood, “He-he offered me cash—lots of cash.”

He’s after our Reign.

Kill him.

I reach for his neck but I stop, my fingers curling around the centimeters of air between me and Circulus’ newest dummy.


He’s after her.

Kill him.

She wouldn’t want me to kill him.

But he deserves it anyway.

I grab the base of his neck and put him into a chokehold, “Steele don’t—”

Dicarius starts but his voice is stopped by the sound of a cracking neck. Looking straight into his green eyes as he dies, the voices sing in approval.


“He violated the club rules, King.” I say dryly, my fingers curl up and down. Dicarius doesn’t say anything but deep down he wanted his man’s death too.

“What are we going to do about this Circulus guy?” Atlas says as he looms in the corner.

“Torture him. Kill him. Burn him.” Shrugging my shoulders I wipe my hands of the man’s blood.

“You have to find Circulus first, Winters.” Atlas gives me a pointed look.

“I’m working on it.” I snap.

I’m not lying, I am working on it.

“Just go,” His gray eyes narrow, “Go before she gets suspicious.” Dicarius says and I smirk.

“I wonder what angry comment will come out of her mouth this time, brother?” Atlas nudges the body, unaffected by the corpse at his feet.

We’ve grown up with this, I shouldn’t expect any different. But still, every time it gets to me.

“She’s not yours,” I clap Atlas’ shoulder, “You don’t have to worry about it.”


Six hours before...

Holy shit.

What am I doing? What am I about to do?

Steele stares straight at me—no, looking down at me. My head is placed just at the roof edge, Steele cages me from escape.

He saved me. Steele saved me. And in a flash, his lips are on mine. I blinked rapidly, it’s real...

The kiss is fast, urgent—needed. His lips coax upon mine and I’m frozen, until I kiss him back.

I hate Steele—I hate his ways. I hate that I want to be his, and I can’t.

Gasping slightly as I deepen the kiss, Steele smiles into my lips. An angry growl escapes me, he’s gloating.

Reaching up I grip his blonde hair, caressing the strands into my fingers. I shiver slightly as early September air brushes against my arms. Everything about that man—how he was going to hurt me, escaped my mind as I kissed Steele back harder.

Like a competition on who needed the other more. Warm pleasurable tingles coursed through me, Steele’s tongue managed to weave its way to the seam of my lips begging for entrance.

I kissed him harder refusing his advance, but Steele only snickered into my lips and pinched my side. I moaned slightly and his tongue slipped around mine quickly. Explosive heat ruptured through me, a groan vibrated off of Steele as I pulled his hair harder, closing any distance in between us.


I heard him breathe, the last press of my lips against his left me shivering. I wanted more—I needed more.

Steele broke the kiss, my own heart was hammering against my chest. Emotions of anger, confusion, arousal, and fear hammer at me all at once.


Shit, nobody told me what to do in situations like this.

His iced eyes are attempting to drown me, I can’t read him, there’s only a small smile is on his face. Usually the smiles mean something is wrong—he regrets it.

But this can’t happen. Circulus will get to him too, I can’t have that.

“That was a—” I start but his hand clamps over my mouth, smile gone and eyebrows drawn.

Steele tuts, bending his head all the way down, his lips pressing against the small space between my ear and neck. Steele’s nose grazes me skin, I swear I shiver as his lips take their time.

“Don’t,” He whispers, his body presses against mine as we lay on the roof.

My breath gets caught in my throat as he leans back up, still caging me, but the look in his eyes—I can’t read it.

“Don’t what?” My eyes fall on his lips. Stop, you can’t.

“Don’t pretend you didn’t like it, angel. Because if you didn’t I would have a black eye.” Steele smirks.

“Just because I liked it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again.” I counter. It can’t happen again.

Steele cocks a brow, pushing his hands flat next to my head and shooting himself up to stand. I cock my head, still laying down watching him.

“What are you—”

I start but Steele just splits his legs, one on each of my sides. He leans down and his smile becomes wider and wider.

It will happen again, angel. And when it does, we won’t ever stop again because you will be mine.”

And with that he walks away.


Oh boy, Steele’s not going to give up...

Sorry that took so long! I’ll be updating much more often now.

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