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III : Daddy dearest


It’s been one week since my encounter with the uptight green eyed bookworm the world calls Reign Moonbreker. I haven’t seen her in over a year, she always loved to flip me off. Granted, we’ve only met three times, granted, all those times I tried to lure her in with my charms she said no. Her words were so fast, as if she didn’t even have to think about it. She said no, nobody says no to me, not really.

I flip the knife over in my hand contemplating, the voices get louder but I block them out. If only for a minute, at least I’ll have some peace and quiet.

My bedroom door slams open and I jolt, keeping the knife hard in my hand. Dicarius broods in the door frame and I smile manically at him. “DD, why the fuck are you here?”

Dicarius glares at me, his eyes slit down to the knife in my hand and then back up at me. “Did you have another episode?”

“Don’t ask questions you know the answers too, DD.” I laugh, trying not to feel the crushing weight on my chest.

“First of all, stop calling me that.” Dicarius raises a finger but I only lean back into my pillow and wiggle my brows, “Second of all, Vienna needs your car so hand over the keys.”

“Why can’t she use yours?” I slice the knife over my finger, crimson dew drips down on my bare stomach.

I look up at him bored, he knows better not to interfere. Dicarius knows his place, he may be the leader but he knows when to stop. “I’m going out, there’s still some loose ends that need to be tied.”

The rival gang the Blood Bones, that not only put Dicarius in a coma, but set Khol free from jail, is still free. Rogue remembers crawling around parts of the town, waiting to kill.

To kill us.

His eyes still on the knife, knuckles whitening on the door. I chuckle, “I’ll go with Austria, no big deal.”

But Dicarius blocks the door, “Are you stable?”

I give him a look, “I’ve been with her alone more times than you can count. I won’t ever hurt her, Tuono.” I snarl.

Dicarius knows that—he does, he knows what he’s done to her and what she’s done to him. They both know.

Vienna is his Huntress, his forever, the love of his fucking life. After all they’ve been through, I wouldn’t be surprised if he followed her everywhere. Just the thought of a Huntress makes me want to gag.

I give him a hard look, Vienna was there for me when my nightmares screamed louder than the cheers in the fights. Vienna is like my litter sister, I was there for her therapy after she was kidnapped by Khol. I was in the hospital with her when Dicarius was in a four month coma. When she was shot, silent and lost. I was there when she came out of that cell, when Khol lost the fight. I was there for it all. She knows all about what I can do and why I do it. I trust her and she trusts me, Dicarius can’t change that.

I rise from the bed my dreamless sleep sweat slick on my skin, another episode, another nightmare. Another reason to call me insane.

“Steele,” Dicarius warns as I throw on some clothes and place the knife deep into my waist belt. “If you—”

“Don’t worry Dicarius, I’m not going to hurt her.” I shove him out of the way as walk down stairs.

“It’s not Vienna, I’m worried about.”

I hear him, but I ignore him. Ignoring is what I do best, don’t listen to the voices, don’t listen to the nightmares. But I know if I just keep ignoring everything, soon I will go completely mad.

And no one—no one, can stop me.

“Finally,” Vienna groaned, “I swear you take longer to get ready than a model.”

“Morning to you too.” I grumbled hopping into the car.

We drove in comfortable silence until Vienna screamed so loudly the car swerved. I didn’t ask where we were going and I didn’t care. My mind was still on one thing and I couldn’t get the thought of her out. But the scream ended my green eyed thoughts.

“What the fuck?”

“Stop the car!” Vienna scrambled out, I quickly stopped the car and ran out after her. Dicarius would kill me if anything happened to her, and I value my life.

“What?” I said breathlessly as we ran down the block, my eyes caught a huge wrecking ball smash into a small building.

“That’s Reign’s and Myles’ h-house, and were she worked!” Vienna exclaimed as my eyes widened.

Vienna still stutters, the aftermath of the aphasia. Her mutism ended the night she was abducted, the night the lies spreaded like wildfire.

Vienna turned to the bystanders across the street and walked over quickly. Rolling my eyes as I followed, but the nagging feeling of Reign laughed at me. Vienna stopped my an elderly lady, I was leaning against a pole and watching her carefully.

Reign and Myles, is she in a relationship?

Wait...why do I care?

I tensed, freezing at my actions. I can’t possibly be jealous, but then I realized I was. Gritting my teeth annoyed, Vienna walked back up to me with anger.

“We need to go now.” She pulled my arm but it did nothing.

“Why?” I asked, I couldn’t help but grow curious about Reign’s life.

“Reign was fired and evicted last week,” Vienna growled, “and what did I do? I left alone at the ring while I—”

Vienna ran a hand through her hair, “You left her alone?” I said deathly calm.

“Stel, calm down.” Vienna gripped my arm, bringing me back into reality.

Reign being alone in an illegal club, Reign being hit on by a criminal—or worse. Reign being intoxicated, Reign walking home alone. Reign being attacked—no, don’t think about it. Don’t let the anger rise.

“But-but,” Vienna gripped my wrist, “Reign’s in danger. Please Steele, I need your help.”

“Where did she go?” I said almost instantly and I hated it. I hated that I reacted that fast, I let the playful facade fall.

I hate that Reign just brought a newfound feeling in me. I hate that she doesn’t want me. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that it doesn’t bother me. I lie, I lie like I breathe and I don’t think I’ll ever stop.

Vienna looked down the street with a grimace, for a second I swore my friend shuddered. Vienna looked back up at me with emotionless eyes. Eyes that I haven’t seen since the ending of the Blood Bones.

“Back home.”


I can’t believe I’m doing this—no, I believe I’m doing this. I just can’t believe she opened the door for me.


The wicked witch of the west, also known as my step mother opened the door for me. Not a maid or a butler, but her. Caroline Graham never did anything for anyone, no matter how small the gesture.

Something is wrong.

“Reign,” Her brown eyes, the brown eyes he has looked at me with anything but warmth. As expected, she is the mother of a psychopath stalker after all. “What a suprise.”

Yeah, to me too.

I smiled with disdain clearly on my face but walked in, my Aunt Madison, my fathers older sister took Myles from my hands. It was heartbreaking to tell him that he couldn’t see his parents, it was heartbreaking that he didn’t have parents.

But this is for him, only for him.

“Mother.” I gave her a small nod, my insides squirming.

“To what do we owe the pleasure?” Her brown eyes slit down, tan skin and bleached blonde hair. She wasn’t my mother, my mother left us—left me. Still to this day I don’t know why. Still to this day I hope she’ll come back.

Madison’s flat can only fit her and Myles, I hate this, oh how I hate this. The begging, the groveling, the thought of giving them the upper hand.

Caroline is your grade-A gold digging whore, she weaved her way into my rich drunken fathers mind and clawed until there was nothing left. Oh how I hate her.

I opened my mouth to speak but another voice echoed down the stairs, “Who’s that, love?”

I cringed at the term of endearment, he called my mother that, he said he would only call her that. He lied.

Jonathan came down the stairs, I look nothing like him with his disheveled brown hair that is graying or his brown eyes. My fathers features don’t match mine, not at all. The dark beard under his chin or the evil glint in his eyes as he saw me.

We haven’t spoke till I took custody of my brother, three months ago when I finally turned twenty, I had enough money to support both of us. I guess valedictorian of Pineridge and aspiring author won over drunken father and whore. I guess that’s why the government let me have custody and not them. I would rather become their slave then let Myles stay there—there, with those monsters I have as parents.

I look like her, my mother. Except her eyes, her eyes were blue. The vivid light emerald, sea foam green color of my eyes was from my grandmother she said. But both my grandma’s had brown eyes, she lied. Then again, she lied about a lot of things too.

Her love for my father.

Her love for me and Myles.

Her affair.

Her job.

I shook the thoughts from my head and stared into my fathers eyes. Carefully lining up the lies in my head, so carefully so that they can’t hurt me. I remember what I’ve been through and what I’ve done.

The evil in his eyes does not fade, but flares. I know what has to be done and I know what I will go through. I know everything about him, and I know that I am one of his mistakes. I know he’s angry and I know—I know, he takes his anger out on whatever is closest.

And that is me.

“Hi, dad.” I said, right before his fist connected with my jaw. I expected this. I anticipated this.

But it still hurts all the same.
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