Wicked Secrets #2 | Set In Steele

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IV : Painfully yours


Explosions of pain rocked my world, my head, my limbs, my bones, my heart.

My everything.

Blow after blow, I lost count.

“This is for you taking Myles.”

“This is for your whoring mother.”

“This is for you, my disappointment in you.”

“You’re nothing Reign, nothing.”


Bone shattering, my skin suffocating in bruises, my heart slowly slowing down. So slowly, you would have never of guessed.

He’s killing me.

I’m killing me.

Black blurs my vision, blood rising in my throat, through me gashes. Darkness begging to come, pain mocking me. I close my eyes and wait for more, more pain and more lies. All of those wicked sins that I have done. All of the wicked secrets that I spin into my lies.

But I hear shouts and I hear crashing, I hear a voice that is so familiar I want to reach out. I open my eyes, the red rings around my vision as I groan.

“Steele stop, you’ll kill him!” I hear again. Maybe my mind is fuzzy but I know for sure that Steele Winters is not anywhere near me. “Steele!”

I know it’s just the pain.

I roll my head over to the side and whimper as the searing pain in my rib increases tenfold. I see a blur of long brown hair and I hear my name being screamed. I hear his name too, Steele, Steele, Steele, Steele, Steele.

So I croak out his name, it’s the pain, it must be the pain. “Steele,”

As an unfinished sentence, a promise, a plead. I say his name again and again, Steele, Steele, Steele, Steele, Steele.

Another blur of ashy blonde hair wisps in my eyes, large warm arms circle my body. I scream out in pain, unconsciousness motioning me to go under. I hold onto whatever was holding me, it was gentle and it didn’t hurt me.

Finally, something didn’t hurt me.

Darkness slapped me, hit me, shook me, pushed me under but I heard. I heard him, and I saw him too.

Angel, open your eyes. Angel, please.”

Angel, somehow it didn’t seem as bad as before.

I saw him, I swear I did. So I spoke, I spoke one more time until the arms of sleep held me. I said his name, I wanted him to know that I knew it was him. Even if it was my imagination, even if he wasn’t real, I said his name. I said his name and the world went black.




I turned into a monster, and I do not—do not, regret it. Not one bit, I’d do it over and over again.

“I don’t understand.” I said looking to Vienna, but she was already out the door.

The large mansion was encased in marble pillars, beige roofing and a large blue sparking fountain. The richest of the rich lived here, and I was confused even more.

I followed her, somehow Reign was here, somehow this was her home?

But how would I know, I thought her name was Rachel one time. I know nothing about her, and that angers me even more.

Vienna knocked on the door but I heard a crash and then a scream.

Reign’s scream.

I kicked down the door with everything I had, and that’s when I saw it. When I saw her.

Reign lying in a pool of her own blood as a man—her father, was beating her, kicking her, screaming at her.

I saw red.

The voices in my head screamed, cried, wailed. Their craving for blood matched mine, and in that moment I was ready. I was going to kill him, and I did not care if Reign saw me as a monster. I did not care if Vienna begged me.

I was going to kill that motherfucker, and I would laugh at his corpse.

I charged him, the voices clawing at me. “Kill him.” They said, “Hurt them all.”

No. Hurt him. Only him.

Tackling him away from Reign, I punch him square in the nose. A crunch, a crack, and a scream.

A smile.

I punched him, clawed at him, screamed at him.

Why? Why would he hurt such an angel? Why would he hurt my Reign?

My...no—no, not mine. Never mine.

Vienna screamed at me, begging me to stop, she had the audacity to order me to stop but I wouldn’t. I flicked out my knife, ready for the kill.

“Steele.” I heard. “Steele.” She said. Reign saw me.

Reign realized it was me.

I don’t know if I’m scared or happy. I lowered my knife and looked into the bastards brown eyes. They looked at me in fear, leaning closer I smiled.

“Touch my angel again and I swear—I swear, I will kill you.”

The blonde woman screamed, Vienna gripped my arm. Tugging me off of Reign’s father and to Reign herself. She called my name out and the voices stopped.

The voices stopped.

“Steele, Steele, Steele, Steele, Steele.” Reign cried, blood mixed tears steaming down her pale perfect face. Her angelic voice cracked as I reached for her gently.

“You’ll hurt her, you’ll burn her, you’ll end her.” The voices yell at me, scream at me, laugh at me.

“Steele.” Reign says and the voices stopped.

The voices stopped.

I scooped her in my arms, Reign whimpered her sea foam green eyes watering to a close. “Angel, open your eyes. Angel, please.” I say softly as Vienna threatens the blonde woman who I suspect is her mother, even though they look nothing alike.

Angel, open your eyes. Angel, please.” I say again, her eyes droop and I tuck her closer into me.

I stand slowly, Reign’s barely 5’6 and barely weighs 130 pounds. Reign pushes closer into me and I smile, but that maniacal smile soon fades as I look back at Reign’s parents.

“Stay away from Reign and Myles.” Vienna says, ushering me out the door but I don’t move.

“I’ll come back,” I swear, crazed look in my eyes, “and I swear to you, I will watch you bleed.”

I step out of the lavish foyer, my biker boots clicking against the marble. The voices drain out of my mind as I hold Reign, but I hear her, I do.

I hear Reign say my name one more time as her eyes fully close, as her bloody, bruised and broken body shudders in my arms. I hear her angelic voice calling me, she knows it’s me, she knows I saved her. For once, I’m smiling, not a crazed smile, but I real grin, and it’s not fading.


I watch Reign, her small figure laid down on my gray silk sheets. Her chest rising slowly up and down, white bandages wrapped around her body.

I watch her carefully, I’m afraid she’ll disappear if I turn away. I’m afraid Reign will vanish into the voices that corrupt my every thought.

“Oh my god.” Kylie screams, she arrived back from her trip two days ago. She asked for my Reign that day, but no one answered, I feel as if no one knew anyway.

“WHAT THE FUCK, WHAT HAPPENED?” Atlas roars and the overwhelming urge to shield my Reign in my arms washes over me.

I growl at them, cradling her tight into my arms. Dicarius walks into the Hunter’s apartment estate without a clue. His eyebrows furrow, but his gray storms snap to my Reign.

“Hells bell,” He says, Vienna gives him a deadpanned expression.

“That’s my saying and you know it—” She starts but I hiss at her.

“Call the club doctor.” I order Dicarius.

I know he’s the leader of the club ever since Kylie handed down the title to whoever found their Huntress first. I know I shouldn’t let the voices persuade me, I know. But I don’t listen I never do, but my Reign is hurt, and that matters more.

I stalk up the winding stairs up to my room, the door is broken in too many places to count as I kick it open softly. My room’s gray cracked walls and clothing filled floors glance back at me. I lay Reign down carefully and start to clean. What would she think if she saw this, and more importantly, why do I care?

The crew’s doc Dr. Marin walks in, her light brown hair tight in a bun and blue eyes find Reign’s unconscious body.

“Fix her.” I order.

I never patched myself up after fights, I always welcomed the pain like an old friend. Still to this day I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. Still to this day I ask why I am like I am.

Still to this day I don’t know.

I watch as Dr. Marin examine Reign’s state, I look away as she undressed and wrapped her up. I use women and I’m rude to them, but I respect their bodies, well—for the most part.

“Sir,” She coughs nervously and I turn around, the fear in her eyes is as clear as day. I love it. I love that they fear me, I love it. “She looks worse than she is. There’s major bruising on her back, she has one cracked rib and a fracture in her right ankle. Her lip is busted and she has a black eye, but other than that there is nothing broken or severely damaged.”

I nod, my eyes solely on my Reign. She wouldn’t get hurt on my watch, not again.

I keep replaying her beating, did that always happen? How come I never noticed inguries when I saw her at school. I should’ve talked to her, did something—something besides flirting those three times. I should’ve just said ‘hello’. Just a simple smile, why couldn’t I just smile at her?

“How long till she’s fully recovered?” I hear Dicarius’ voice from outside my room. I meet his eyes, my deadly ice blues glaring at him.

“I’d say two to three months with proper healing.” Dr. Marin says, Dicarius avoids my gaze and glares at Reign.

“Thank you, you may leave. Atlas will show you the way out.” Dicarius nods to her and I roll my eyes.

“I-is she going t-to be al-alright?” Vienna whispers from the corner of the room, for a minute I forgot she was there with her Hunter.

“Reign’s a tough cookie, babygirl. She’ll be just fine.” Dicarius encourages her, he’s probably beating himself up about the whole thing.

“Y-you didn’t see h-her, Dica.” Vienna stutters and I turn to them, Vienna’s eyes look into mine. “The Reign we know would’ve fought back, she-she would’ve cursed Jonathan and Caroline out.”

“What are you saying?” Dicarius growled, “That she let them hurt her?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” Vienna snaps.

“Why?” I say deadly quiet. Why would angel let them nearly kill her? “WHY?”

Vienna chews on her lip, dark blue eyes widening as she looked at her best friend. “Isn’t it obvious?” Vienna chuckled bitterly.

“Myles.” Dicarius caught on when I didn’t.

“Who?” I ask, the voices shouting as I create distance from me and my Reign.

“Her younger brother.” Vienna elaborates.

“I-I thought she only had Khol?” I say. That manic was bad enough, but my Reign had an abusive family too?

“Myles is her biological mothers son, Khol is her step-brother. I didn’t think—she did it for him, her job—gone. Her home—destroyed, Myles is the reason she always did what she had to do back then.” Vienna sobs, looking back at Dicarius.

“That’s why she—” Vienna stops herself and glances at me before shaking her head.

“What?” I snap bitterly.

“It’s not my place to say.” Vienna whispers and I growl, stepping closer to them but Dicarius steps closer.

“Enough Steele,” Dicarius glares at me, I know he sees Reign as his little sister, I know. “why act like this now?”

I was there for Vienna, my Reign was there for Dicarius. My Reign was there when Vienna was kidnapped by Khol. My Reign figured out that Khol was the stalker, my Reign helped my brother stay on track. My Reign helped us get Vienna back.

“Because I care.” I snarl at Dicarius. I’m foolish, I’m a player, I am never serious. But I snapped—I snapped, when I saw her. In the alley, when she was covered in blood. I saw her.

“Austria,” I say her nickname, “she stays with me.”

It was an order, not a question. I wasn’t asking, I never do. Vienna only gives Reign a parting glance before she walks out the door. I raise my chin to Dicarius, he may be an inch taller at 6’4 but he does not scare me. I’ve caved into worse, I’ve corrupted worse.

Dicarius looks at me harshly before nodding, he closes the broken door quietly. I creep closer to the bed and settle down next to her. Tucking her body close to mine, I carefully wrap my arms around her small body. Reign sighs softly before turning closer to me, and I smile. I look at her, fully look at her. Ebony hair to up to her shoulders, pale skin, small nose and full light pink lips. She’s deathly beautiful, she’s angelic.

She’s mine.

I realized before it was too late, that I called her mine. But she can’t be mine, my demons corrupted me and they’ll corrupt her too. Reign won’t be mine, but I’ll be damned if anyone claims her for themselves.

I’ll be damned if anyone takes her away from me.
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