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VII : Handling with care


Psst, angel.”

Steele whispers but I pretend I’m still asleep. The embarrassment of last night hits me like a bucket of ice water.

“Angel,” Steele sings out, keeping my breathing steady and my eyes closed. If I stay like this maybe he’ll just disappear? “Reign, angel.” His finger skims over my jaw and I fight a scream.

I vomited, I whined and I cried, and Steele saw it all.

My toes curl under the sheets just thinking about it, I willingly pulled myself closer to him last night. I slept in the same bed as Steele Winters, something is clearly wrong with me. Steele’s ice cold finger dips under my chin, pulling away I turn slightly. I should get a gold star for my acting! I hear him sigh, hands carefully flip me belly up. What is he doing?

”I’m sorry.” Steele mumbles, my shirt rises off of my back, I shriek and kick my leg back despite the pain. My heel connects with his chest and Steele chuckles, gripping my ankle. I turn my head appalled, gaping like a fish at him. My eyes snap down at his chest, his lightly golden chest is muscled, and that deep V. I snap my eyes back up, I did it didn’t I?

I shamelessly checked out the person I swore to hate. Welp, it’s settled! Call 9-1-1 right now, I am delusional and I need help.

“W-what a-are you doing?” I spit out at him, fighting the blush. Steele smirks at me, clearly I boosted his ego as I roll my eyes. Get a grip, Rei!

“I need to clean your wounds, but you can look I don’t mind.” Steele rolls a hand down his chest but I stare straight in his eyes.

“No thank you, I would rather look at a dead raccoon.” I mutter aloud with a matching smirk as his cocky demeanor fades. “C-can anyone else do it?” I ask, shuddering at last night.

I didn’t puke on him last night, did I?

“No, and no you didn’t.” Steele stalks to my edge of the bed.

I said that out loud didn’t I?

“Yes, yes you did.” Steele says, his fingers coiling under my shirt.


I thrust my arms out in front of me to stop him, Steele looks at me with knit eyebrows. Does he seriously think I’m going to let him touch me?

“C-can you get Kylie or-or Vienna?” I squeak, Steele’s eyes turn darker if that’s even possible. “Or like, Atlas?”

At this, Steele growls. Like an animal, yep, an animal.

“No,” Steele says blandly, sliding the shirt up just enough so he can’t see anything private. I writhe at the touch of his fingers, I want to lie and say his touch doesn’t make me heated. But I don’t want to lie to myself anymore. “It’s going to be me, nobody else.”

Somehow it feels as if he’s saying it with a different meaning in mind.

“O-okay.” I hiss at the contact of the bandages coming off my raw skin. He unwraps the bandages, his cold fingers skim around my raw skin. I moan out and Steele freezes, swallowing I look up at him sheepishly. “Sorry.” I whisper.

Steele only nods, all playfullness escapes his face as he continues cleaning my back. His fingers work wonders, spreading the medical cream around my broken skin and bruises. Steele wraps my bandages around my carefully and so gently it’s as if he isn’t touching me at. I hiss as one of his fingers touch my cracked rib.

I hear Steele growl again, “Why did you do it, angel? Why did you let him hurt you?”

I bite my lip, looking at him from the corner of my eye as he carefully washes the red stains away. “I thought-that-uh-um-”

“Do you know what it does to me, to see you like this?” Steele yells at me and I flinch, what does he mean. Steele doesn’t care about me, not really. Steele just wants my body for a night, he’s a manwhore. He doesn’t care, right?

I start moving myself away from him and pulling my shirt down fully with a glare. “Don’t yell at me, Steele.” I hiss, “You don’t know me, I had it under control.”

“Yeah screaming my name is pain is ‘under control’.” Steele hisses back.

“I didn’t need to be saved, nobody saves me but me.” I look up at him, raising my head up in defiance.

Steele cages me on the bed, his lips inches away from mine. Ashy blonde hair falling around me, “That’s were your wrong, angel. It’s me and it will always be me.”

I am no damsel in distress, nobody has ever helped me and nobody will.

“No.” I reject him.

I’ve said ‘no’ to Steele too many times to count, he wants one thing, he wants to play hero so that I can run into his arms. Steele wants his wicked ways with me and that won’t ever—ever, happen.

I use all my strength and push him off of me, with my new found confidence I limp my way up to him. Steele stands tall at 6’3, his handsome face and his charming smile don’t do shit if he doesn’t mean it.

“I’ve handled myself for years,” I poke his chest and Steele’s eyes widen, a small tint of red on his cheeks, “I don’t need saving, and I do not—do not, need a hero. I am my own god damn hero, it’s me, myself and I.”

I attempt my dramtic exit, but it fails into an angry hobble out of the room. I stop at the door and glare at him, Steele smirks—he’s smirking, oh how I hate that smirk.

“Next time,” I glare, “wear freaking clothes.”


I lean against Dicarius, waiting at the kitchen counter this morning for Reign. I don’t want to think about how she knew she would get hurt. I don’t want to think about my best friend leaving me, I need her. I realized just how much when I saw her beaten to a pulp on the floor.

“Babygirl, she’ll be okay.” Dicarius rubs my arm and I sigh.

I didn’t realize I was losing my best friend, the one person who understood me more than anyone—besides Dicarius of course.

But, I didn’t realize that I lost her.

“You didn’t see it, Dica.” I look up at him and rest my hand on his heart. Dicarius’s tattooed chest looks back at me, I feel his steady heartbeat and it brings me back down to earth. “You didn’t look in her eyes and see—”

I stop my words as I hear loud shouting and then a crash. “Mothertrucker, this hurts like a buttcheek on a stick!” I hear Reign yelp. She comes down the stairs on her butt in Steele’s blue longsleeve and black boxers.

I smile softly as Reign mutters a string of incoherent curses. My best friend is still there, I know it—I know it.

“Nerd.” Dicarius grumbles and I roll my eyes at him. Let’s just say at first in high school they weren’t the best of friends.

“Brooding Dumbass, good morning.” Reign says dryly with an attitude.

Dicarius snorts, “We’re still going to talk, you can’t escape it.” He picks Reign up by the arms carefully, settling her down on the couch.

“As if I could walk three feet.” Reign snaps at him as he comes back to me and plants a kiss on my forehead.

“Let us girls talk, yeah?” I kiss him lightly and Dicarius mumbles an agreement.

“I’ll see how Steele’s doing after whatever shitshow just went down.” My fiancé says.

I laugh dryly already imagining, grabbing a plate of eggs and bacon I walk slowly to my best friend. Reign’s light green eyes look at the picture on the mantle. A small ghost smile graces her lips as I sit down next to her. Passing the plate, she mumbles a thank you and digs in. Yep, my food loving, fandom addict, sassy bookworm best friend is still there and I’m determind to get her back.

I look into her eyes as she chews slowly, I know that she doesn’t want to talk about. I know that we have to, but I’ll go from inches to miles. “So, you and Steele?”

Reign chokes, but what can I say?

Inches to miles.
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