Seeking happiness

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They have been back a few days, but Jolena keeps thinking about the short trip to the Gray Mountains. Today especially she thinks about the trip more than usual because it’s her day off and she doesn’t have plans for today. She really enjoyed the trip. She is even a bit disappointed that she is back so soon, time went amazingly fast. She loved the woods; she loved the people that lived there. She envies her friend Ava, she gets to live there, has a job there, has the love of her life there. Ava will be going to Miller Creek next Wednesday, in two days, way too soon. Now that she thinks of her friend, she hasn’t heard from her for a couple of days. She wonders if Ava is alright, with the wolf and mate-thing and all. For herself it was much to process, let alone how it should be for Ava. She decides to give her a call later, maybe she could give Ava a hand packing all the things she wants to take with her.

“Jolena, look, could this be something you’re interested in?” Joe calls over from his bedroom. When she walks over and looks at the screen of his laptop, she sees that he is pointing at an advertisement for some PA job.

“Could be,” she says, “can you send me the link, so I can look it up on my own laptop?”

“Sure, done,” Joe responds and turns to look at her, “do you want some lunch? I feel like eating grilled cheese sandwiches today. Then you can tell me some more about your trip to the Grey Mountains, you haven’t told me a thing about it.”

“Well, sure, can you start ahead already, I am going to look at that advertisement first.” She walks into her own bedroom, to start her laptop up and take a better look at the job offer. When she sits down on her bed with her laptop on her lap, she sees that the advertisement is from the Anderson Corporation. A job at that company is what everyone in this city dreams of. They will get a lot of reaction on this ad, that is for sure. She won’t even stand a chance. When she reads further, she sees it’s a PA-job for the big boss. She wonders if the PA would be working for Christopher Anderson himself, or for his representative.

Joe shows his head through the opening of the door. “Lunch is ready. What do you think about the advertisement? You should apply, don’t you think?”

She turns to look at him as he walks further into the room. “You really think so?” She asks, “do you think I even stand a chance, everyone in this city will be applying. What makes you think I will have a chance?”

“Because you deserve it,” Joe says, and he shrugs. “You are smart, smarter than you think, you are good with people, you are polite, you always have everything in order. You have the right qualifications; you are simply perfect for the job. I just know. If you don’t respond to this ad, I will do it for you.” He raises his finger and frowns at her teasingly. His eyes shine mischievously.

She sighs, “I wish I had some of your confidence.”

“Just do it, you have nothing to lose. Now come on, the sandwiches are getting cold.” Joe says as he turns and walks out of her room. She closes her laptop and walks after him. Joe is right, she thinks by herself. She really has nothing to lose and she decides to fill in the online application form when they’ve finished their lunch.

Later in the afternoon Jolena’s phone rings. It’s an unknown number. “Jolena speaking.”

“Good afternoon, Anderson Corporation, this is Denise Lewis speaking. Am I talking to Jolena Morrison?”

“Yes, you are.”

“I am calling about your application for the position of PA. We would like to meet you and see if you are the right person for the job. Could you come by tomorrow to have a little interview?”

“Well, that is quick,” Jolena says surprised, “Tomorrow morning I am free, but I have to work at my current job in the afternoon.”

“What do you think about nine in the morning, will that be alright with you?” “Yes, that is fine, thanks for calling.”

“We will see you tomorrow morning then, have a nice day, miss.” When she puts down her phone, she sits down a moment to let the news sink in. She smiles, then she runs to Joe’s bedroom. “Joe! Joe!” She bursts through his door.

He gets up quickly when he sees her breathing heavily. “What is it, are you alright?” He puts his hands on her shoulders and looks at her worriedly.

“I am fine, I just got a call from the Anderson Corporation. They want to see me. Tomorrow I have an interview!”

“That is quick. But it’s great news.” He gives her a hug. “We have to celebrate, how about we order some pizza, and we invite Ava over?”

“I don’t have the job yet, isn’t it a little bit too early to celebrate?” She looks at him with a raised eyebrow.

He smiles, “Of course not! We are celebrating that you got yourself an interview, that itself is reason enough.”

“Well, call her then, if you really insist. She will be gone in a week, so it’s good to come together one more time. I’ll miss her.”

Joe takes Jolena back into his arms and places a kiss on her hair. “I’ll miss her too, but she’ll be fine there. And we can always visit her,” he says, “I’ll call her and then order in, okay?”


After a while, the doorbell rings and Jolena opens the door. “Ava!” Jolena shouts when she opens the door. She gives her friend a tight hug, but when she does, she notices a dark, tall shadow behind her friend.

“Did we invite someone else?” She asks. When she steps back, she looks up into a set of deep blue eyes. “Danny!” She gives him a hug as well. “I didn’t know you were in town, it’s good to see you. How have you been?”

She takes a step back to let them through and shuts the door. “I’ve been well, thank you,” Danny smiles and walks into the living room, “I thought Ava could use some extra muscle to help out with the move, so I got here this afternoon.”

Ava and Danny greet Joe who’s in the living room and they all get comfortable. They all enjoy each other’s company and Danny just fits right in, like it has never been different. After a while, the pizzas arrive, they put on a movie and watch it while they eat. Halfway through the movie they decide to take a break to clean up the leftovers and to pour another drink.

“Ava said there was a reason to celebrate tonight,” Danny says, “what are we celebrating?”

“We are actually celebrating that Jolena got herself an interview as PA at the Anderson Corporation,” Joe says proudly, while he hugs her from behind.

“Really, that’s great!” Ava says happily, also giving Jolena a hug, “when do you have your interview?”

“Tomorrow morning.”

“I didn’t know Chris needed a new assistant?” Danny remarks and they all look at him surprised.

“What do you mean?” Jolena asks.

“Well, I drove here with Chris. He needed to attend to some business things, so he offered me to stay at his place. I didn’t know that those business things involved a new PA.”

“You know Christopher Anderson?” Jolena looks at him with big eyes of surprise.

“Well, yes,” he looks at Ava, “Ava you’ve met him already. He lives with us back home. I thought you would know that.” Danny shrugs. “I grew up with the guy, he is like a brother to me.”

“I didn’t realise he was there when we visited, I didn’t see him,” Jolena says. “Well, then maybe you will tomorrow,” Danny smiles, “If you see him, I hope he won’t be too hard on you. When you meet him at home, he is very laid back, but here in Litchley he can be very tense, he is a hardcore businessman.”

“Who will I work for,” Jolena asks, “will I work for Christopher only, or for someone else, if I get the job, that is.”

“You will probably work mainly for his representative, Mr. Simmons, but you will probably be assisting Chris as well when he is in town. Arrange his appointments, make reservations for business dinners, type out his notes, that kind of stuff.”

They chat for a while about the job and about Christopher, but then proceed to watch the movie. It’s very late when Danny and Ava finally leave. Jolena is nervous for what the next day will bring.

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