Seeking happiness

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It’s almost noon when he arrives at the underground garage of the building of his apartment in Litchley. He takes his suitcase from the trunk of his car and puts it on the ground. He picks up his briefcase and shuts the trunk with a sigh. He just arrived after dropping Danny off at his mates’ place and hates it already. When he steps into the elevator to go to his floor, his neighbour whose name he forgot steps in after him.

“Good morning Mr. Anderson, back so soon? You normally aren’t here so often, what is the occasion?”

When the doors of the elevator close, Chris says, “good morning, mister. Sorry, I don’t remember your name.”


Chris smiles friendly, “well Mr. Olsen, I am here to close some business deals. Nothing exciting, unfortunately.” Meanwhile the elevator arrives at their floor.

“Well, I hope your stay will be pleasant anyway,” Mr. Olson says as he steps out of the elevator.

“Thank you, Mr. Olson, I will see you around.” Chris heads to his door, unlocks it and dumps his stuff in the hallway. He will see to unpacking later. He takes off the jumper he had on while driving and throws it over the couch, he jumps over the backrest of the couch and drops down on it. The last few days have been crazy, with the visit of his brother Nick, the rogue attack, the fact that he can’t seem to find his mate and now the problems with Mr. Verona of Verona and sons. It’s starting to weigh heavily on him. He left the pack with a heavy heart, there is a high probability of an attack coming while he is gone. He really doesn’t want to leave his people on their own, especially because Danny isn’t there either. But he has no other option, the deal with Verona is way too important and Danny’s mate is important for Danny. He can’t forbid Danny to help his mate out. If Danny has to choose between his Alpha or his mate, he might freak out again and then he has a much bigger problem.

His phone starts buzzing, when he picks it up, he sees its Danny. “Danny, what’s up,” he says when he picks up.

“Hey Chris, I just wanted to let you know that I have been invited by some friends of Ava and it could become late tonight. Just so you know.”

“Okay, that’s fine, just be quiet when you come in, alright? You have the key and know your way around. I’ll see you tomorrow morning, then.”

“Sure, you’re fine with it, right?” Danny wants to make sure Chris is fine.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine, don’t worry.”

They break up their conversation and Chris decide to see what is in the fridge. He has a housekeeper who comes every week to keep his apartment clean when he isn’t there. She also cooks for him and does his grocery shopping when he is in town. When he is done making some sandwiches, his phone starts buzzing again.

He sighs, it’s Mr. Simmons. “Joseph.”

“Good day Mr. Anderson, I know you will be in the office this afternoon, but since your schedule is full, I thought it would be better to inform you this way. Miss Daisy has resigned and is doing her last week, so I have some interviews today and tomorrow. Are you interested in attending those interviews?”

“Well, you have to work with the PA for most of the time. I will rely on your judgment to hire someone suitable.”

“Alright Mr. Christopher, then I will see you at the meeting with Mr. Verona this afternoon.”

“I’ll see you then, Joseph.”

After having lunch, Chris changes his clothes. His work attire, meaning one of his suits, has to be put on again. He hates suits, he doesn’t feel comfortable in them. They restrict his movements and they’re making him sweat. When he is done changing, he heads out for the office. His afternoon full of appointments starts. At his office, everyone he comes across greets him with a slight bow of the head. They are all affected by his authoritative aura.

When he enters the meeting room where he has agreed to meet Mr. Verona, he sees Joseph is already there. “Simmons, how is your day going so far?” He asks when he steps over to Joseph, Joseph turns around and shakes his hand.

“Mr. Christopher, my day is like any other day, so I am fine. And how are you, how is it to be back here?” When Josephs talks, Chris notices a foul scent.

“Do you smell that?” Chris asks and he scrunches up his nose, totally ignoring what Joseph said, “did the cleaners forget to empty the trash can here or something?”

Joseph looks at him surprised, then sniffs the air and looks around to see what Chris might smell, but before he can respond, the door bursts open and a tall, muscled man dressed in an expensive suit stands tall in the doorway with a small woman behind him.

“Good day gentlemen. My name is Julius Verona the third. This young lady behind me told me I have to be here for my appointment with a certain Mr. Anderson.” The smell Chris smelled before became a lot stronger with the arrival of Mr. Verona.

Chris holds out his hand to shake Verona’s hand. “Then you are at the right place, I am Christopher Anderson and this,” he points at Joseph, “is my business representative Joseph Simmons. Please take a seat.”

Chris looks at the small woman who came behind Mr. Verona, “Daisy, can you get us some coffee, please, and then make sure no one disturbs this meeting?”

When they all have their coffee and are done getting acquainted, they start talking about the business deal. Chris can’t seem to keep his attention at the meeting. The scent he smelled before is very overwhelming. He recognises the scent, he has smelled it before, but he can’t put his fingers on it. He wonders where it is coming from, it couldn’t be Mr. Verona, could it?

It is late when he opens the sliding door to his balcony. He walks out with a glass of whiskey in his hand and a cigarette in the corner of his mouth. He puts the glass down on a side table and takes a deep puff of his cigarette. Sometimes a cigarette just tastes so good. He really needs some time to relax. It was a stressful day and he had been working late. Especially Mr. Verona made it exceedingly difficult for him. He really needs this deal, but Verona wouldn’t give in. Verona seemed to know how important this deal is for Chris and wanted to take advantage of it. He has to figure out a way to make the deal profitable for him too, one that Verona can’t resist.

He hears someone enter his apartment, and he tenses to listen to the noises that come from inside. When he recognises Danny’s footsteps, he relaxes again. A few seconds later, he hears Danny at the door to the balcony. “You’re still awake,” he says.

“Yeah, had a busy day. I keep thinking about this deal with Verona.”

“What’s wrong with the deal?”

“We need this deal; it would bring us a lot of new contacts and clients. But Verona seems to know how badly we need this deal and tries to take advantage of it. But I don’t want to think about it right now, I am trying to relax.” Chris says while Danny sits down on one on the armchairs on the balcony. Danny looks at him understandingly. Chris takes another glass and pours Danny some whiskey and Danny steals a cigarette from Chris. Together they enjoy the view, the lights from the city. The only thing you hear is the traffic on the street down below.

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