Seeking happiness

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“Good morning, sunshine!”

“No, where’s my snooze button?” Jolena asks with a sleepy voice, “I need to snooze.” She turns on to her other side in her bed, squeezing her eyes shut.

“It’s time to wake up, darling,” Joe enters her room, pulls the comforter away from her and tries to wake her up. “Wakey, wakey, honey, today is a big day for you!”

“Go away!” She tries to throw one of her pillows to his face, “give me five more minutes. Please!” Half an hour later Jolena is ready to go, she takes a last look in the mirror.

“You look perfect, don’t doubt yourself,” Joe says, he leans against the doorframe looking at his fingers, “you’ll do great.”

The building of Anderson Corporation is in the middle of town. It’s not a skyscraper but is still a tall building made of glass. Jolena parks her car in the underground garage. After taking her handbag and some papers like her resume, she locks the door and heads for the elevator. On the ground floor she asks the receptionist where she has to go. On the right floor, she strides out of the elevator, she is on time, but she really likes it to keep it that way. When she walks over to the desk in front of the elevator to ask where to go from there, she is stopped by a man dressed in a suit. He has his hands in his pockets, his jacket unbuttoned. “Can I help you miss? You seem lost,” he smiles friendly.

“Well, I have an appointment for an interview for the position of PA,” she says, “downstairs they told me that I have to be on this floor, but I don’t know where to go from here.”

“You are in luck then,” his smile widens, “you have that appointment with me.” He reaches out his hand to shake hers. “I am Joseph Simmons. You must be miss Morrison.”

She shakes his hand and smiles a little nervous smile. “That is right, I am Jolena Morrison, nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too, now follow me,” he smiles again, he seems very friendly. He starts to walk over to an open plan workspace with a couple of desks with people behind them. “Would you like to have something to drink while we have a little talk?” He walks into a hallway with a lot of doors to the left and right.

“No, I will be fine, thank you,” she smiles politely. The hallway they walked into ends in another open space with an empty desk with only a computer on it and some cabinets. Behind the desk there are two doors, one on the left, one on the right.

“This will be your workspace if you get the job.” He points at the right door,” that door leads to Mr. Anderson’s office. When he is here, you can find him there.” He walks over to the door on the left and opens it. “This is my office, come in, take a seat.” She walks in and looks around, then she puts her bag down and takes a seat on one of the chairs that are placed behind the desk. Mr. Simmons closes the door, walks around the desk, and takes his seat on the big leather chair. “Now, let me get to know you a little more. Your resume looks promising, but I’d like to know you a little bit more. Tell me about you.” He looks at her expectantly with a smile on his face.

When Jolena walks out of the elevator to head to her car, her arm hits the arm of a man who was waiting to get into the elevator. “Excuse me,” she looks over her shoulder to apologise and sees the back of a tall, broad man in a navy-blue suit. He doesn’t turn around, too occupied in his smartphone so it seems. She shrugs and walks further to her old car. Once behind the wheel she sighs to let the nerves out that she bottled up. The interview went much better than she expected. Mr. Simmons is a truly kind man, he made her feel comfortable. He was extremely interested in her. She puts her phone in its holder on the fan and puts her key in the ignition. When she starts her car, her phone rings. It’s Ava. “Hey Ava,” she says when she answers the call, puts it on speakerphone and puts her car into drive.

“Hey girl, have you finished your interview already?”

“Yes, I’m just driving out of the parking garage.”

“Wait, Danny is here too, I’ll put you on speaker.” Her friend is quiet for a moment and she hears some shuffling.

“Hey Jolena,” she hears Danny say.

“Hi Danny,” she greets him.

“Now, tell us, how did your interview go, do you have the job?” Ava asks curiously.

“It went very well, at least I think so. Mr. Simmons is a truly kind man, he really made me feel at ease at some point.”

“That is a good sign, I suppose,” Ava says, “now, did you get the job?”

“I don’t know, he has some more interviews today, but he will let me know by the end of the week.”

“Well, make sure you let me know, okay?” Ava said, “Do you want to meet up somewhere, have lunch together to celebrate?”

“Sure, it will be one of the last lunches we’ll have together,” she answers, “let’s meet at that new bakery we always wanted to get lunch in an hour.”

“Okay, see you then.”

When she ends the call, she focuses on the traffic on the road. If there’s no setbacks she can go by her apartment, quickly change and make it just in time for lunch with Ava and Danny. She thinks about her interview again. It surprises her a bit that it went so well. Mr. Simmons was easy to talk to, she almost forgot she was nervous. She didn’t see Mr. Anderson, although she almost expected him to be there. Wouldn’t he want to know who will be working for him? Especially because the position is about working closely with him. She is a bit disappointed, actually. Yesterday when Danny said that Christopher Anderson was in town, she got her hopes up a little that she would meet him. He is actually some kind of star in the business world. Everyone who knows about him wants to be him or be close to him. Jolena is not like a big fan of him, but it would have been nice to meet him. She is curious why everyone is speaking so highly of him. While she is in thought, she arrives at her apartment, she quickly runs up, changes into something less formal and more comfortable. After a quick look in the mirror, she grabs her keys and heads out for her car again. The drive to the bakery where she would meet Ava and Danny was quick and she actually made it on time. After parking her car, she walks inside. She immediately sees her friends and walks over to them. “Hey Ava, hey Danny, nice to see you again.” They get up and both give her a kiss on her cheek.

“Hey Jolena, it’s nice to see you too.” Danny says and they sit down together, Jolena on the bench opposite of them. Danny continues talking: “We already ordered, but you can quickly give your order at the counter. It’s my treat today.” He gives her a wink.

They talk a little while they’re waiting for their orders. It doesn’t take long before their orders are put on their table and they are silent for a while, enjoying their food.

“Danny, shall we tell her now?” Ava asks, breaking the silence. She looks at him with a secretive smile on her face.

“Sure,” he nods, “go ahead.”

“What do you have to tell me?” Jolena asks, her curiosity awakened by seeing their amorous faces. They look like they are going to spill some tea.

“Well,” Ava pauses almost shyly, “Danny claimed me last night.” She blushes a little, her cheeks turn a beautiful colour of pink.


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