Seeking happiness

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On his way home Chris keeps thinking about the meeting with Mr. Verona and that Vince guy. Why couldn’t Mr. Verona be a little more indulgent. It’s not that he would lose anything. Chris on the other hand has a lot to lose. He doesn’t want to think about it too much, but because of his wolfs’ impatience concerning his mate, he has lost several contracts. Let’s just say he hasn’t always been friendly to his clients. Another reason why he doesn’t want to come back to Litchley that often. His wolf would be able to destroy everything he has worked so hard for. While his mind is somewhere else, he keeps on driving, his wolf is giving him a hard time and is fighting him for control.

Everything with Mr. Verona, the issues he has with the company and on top of that, his mate. It is just too much. His speed is increasing. Luckily, it is late and already dark. He drives on an almost empty highway; his wolf is into racing right now. Fifteen minutes later he reaches the exit to the dirt roads that lead to his home. His wolf senses that he is getting close to home and gives Chris back control.

Once he arrives at the packhouse, he parks his sedan in front of it, he won’t be needing this car here. When he is in the mountains, he uses his truck which is more convenient for the dirt roads. When he goes to the city, he exchanges his truck for the black sedan.

When he steps on the porch to the front door of the packhouse, he is greeted by Danny. “Hey man, back already?” Danny smiles and gives him a pat on his back, then sits back down on the bench he was sitting on, “how are things? How did the meeting go?”

“Not as good as I hoped. The client really doesn’t want to budge.” Chris sighs and sits beside Danny on the bench. They are quiet for a moment.

“It’s not only that what bothers you, is it? I know you too well, Chris. Your wolf is on the surface, I can sense he is restless. Is there something else bothering you?” Danny looks concerned. Chris’ wolf is on the surface a lot lately. It’s not very like Chris, most of the time he can keep his wolf in control pretty well. He is an Alpha, he is the one who controls his wolf best.

“You’re right. I came across my mate’s scent again. I broke down my office. Mr. Simmons scolded me; can you imagine what that was like?” Chris rubs his face, embarrassed when he thinks back about what happened that day.

Danny smiles, “man, too bad I couldn’t be a fly on the wall. I would have loved to see that. You, scolded by a human.” Danny shakes his head; he can’t believe it. When he realises what Chris said, his head jolts up. “Wait, did you say you smelled your mate’s scent again? How?”

“She applied for a job within my company. She was all the way in Mr. Simmons office. I missed her by seconds.”

“Wow, that sucks.” Danny looks at Chris worried.” That this is not good is an understatement.

“Yeah, you could put it that way,” Chris lets out a frustrated sigh and looks at the stars. He needs some distraction. “So, how was the move here. Do you think Ava will be able to adapt easily?”

“It went smooth,” Danny looks at Chris concerned, “but do you really want to talk about my mate when you are so frustrated with yours? Doesn’t that make things worse?”

“I need a distraction, Danny, I am about to explode!” Chris’ wolf is surfacing again. Chris gets up and kicks a pillar of the porch. Then turns and looks Danny straight in the eye. “Anything is better than thinking about my mate, who I still have not found! Help me out! I can’t handle it!”

“Sorry, sorry,” Danny puts his hands up in defence, “maybe you should go for a run, let your wolf out for a while. Maybe that will help calm him down a little.” Chris’ eyes could light a fire. “Damn it, man, don’t shoot me, alright?”

Chris looks at Danny for a second, then turns around and goes down the steps of the porch. “Make sure someone parks my car in the garage and drops off my cases.” He throws the keys over his shoulder to Danny. Then he takes off his shirt and starts running. When he is near the treeline, he leaps up and shifts smoothly into his black wolf. Just like that he is off.

When he comes back from his run, he is visibly calmed down. He shifts back to his human form, then grabs the pants Danny left for him and puts them on. Even though he treated him like crap before, Danny keeps taking care of him. He gets inside and just as he wants to walk up the stairs, he bumps into a beautiful lady, a lovely female wolf.

“Well, hello there, mighty Alpha. Be careful where you go,” she smiles and puts her arms around his neck for balance, he holds her at her waist to help her keep her balance, “what are you still doing up at this late hour?” Her hands slide down, she lets them rest on his hard chest. “Were you looking for some company?” She smiles again, she pulls herself closer to him, so that their bodies touch. He looks at her, her scent is seductive.

He loves the feeling she gives him. He lowers his head and sticks his nose in the crook of her neck and inhales deeply. “Would you like some company tonight?” He whispers, then kisses her neck.

“If it’s you, always Alpha,” she looks at him seductively. He takes her hand and pulls her up the stairs. He quickly walks her to his room. When the door is closed, he wastes no time and pushes her against it. He kisses her hard, his kisses are aggressive, demanding. His hands roam her body. From her neck down to her breasts. He looks at them when he squeezes them through the fabric of her top. She moans, she lifts her head, so he has easy access to her neck. He moves his kisses from her mouth, over her jaw down to her neck. When he kisses the sensitive spot of the crook of her neck, he takes in her scent again.

His wolf starts to fuss, there is something wrong. When he looks at the girl he is making out with, he realises why his wolf is fussing. This is not right indeed. What the hell is he doing? What was he thinking? He backs out immediately. “Leave,” he says gruffly.

“But Alpha-” the woman protests but he cuts her off.

“Leave!” He bellows, he uses his Alpha-command.

He turns around and walks to his patio doors to look at the darkness outside. When he hears the woman walk out and slam the door shut, he walks over to the dresser where his whiskey and his cigarettes are. He pours whiskey in a glass and finishes it in one gulp. He pours another and then picks up a cigarette to put it in the corner of his mouth. Then he takes the lighter and the glass and takes them outside to his balcony. Maybe the whiskey will make him feel numb for a while.

Maybe, just maybe he will be able to sleep after what he just did. How could he be so stupid? How could he just let himself go like that? Does he really have no willpower anymore at all? What will the people think of his behaviour if they find out about this? What will his mate think of him if she ever finds out? He is ashamed, he is frustrated. What is happening to him? Why can’t he control himself? He has too many questions. His head is spinning. He goes back inside to put his glass away. He sees himself in the mirror above the dresser, but he can’t bear his reflection. He hates himself. He throws the glass against the mirror with a roar. The sound of falling glass fills the room. Then he pulls the dresser from the wall. It falls forward and lays flat on the ground, again he roars. He can’t release his frustration, it only increases. He needs to sleep. He needs to get rest. He needs to calm down. He walks to his door and throws it open. He strides down to the front door and when he is outside, he stops a second and inhales deeply. Then he runs to the treeline again. He knows where to go. He knows where he will sleep tonight. He shifts into his wolf again and heads off to the top of the mountain. There he will look for a suitable place to sleep. He won’t bother anyone there with his bad temper.

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