Seeking happiness

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This night couldn’t be more chaotic. Apparently one of Jolena’s colleagues is new and does everything the wrong way so the rest has to make up for his mistakes.

“Can you take table twelve over from Roy, the new guy?” Michelle asks, her eyes looking at her pleadingly, “apparently he can’t handle the pressure.”

“Sure, did they order already?”

“I think they did, they only need their drinks, here, this is their order,” Michelle points at the screen of the tablet they use for the orders.

“Alright, I’ll handle it.” Jolena quickly makes sure the wine they ordered is ready and puts the glasses on a tray to bring them to the customers. When she arrives at the table, she asks, “here are your drinks, did you both order a glass of red wine?”

One of the men at the table nods and smiles at her, “Julius, look, don’t you think we are in luck today?” Jolena quickly puts the glasses on the table and holds the tray to her chest, her arms folded around it.

“What do you mean?” The man that was called Julius says and he looks at Jolena.

“Well, look at the stunning waitress we just got, it’s a huge improvement on the clumsy kid from just now,” he gives her a wink. She smiles back at him, then turns around to continue with her work. Every time she passes table twelve, she gets a smile or a wink from the man that winked at her before. After a while a couple of customers leave, so it becomes a little less hectic.

“Jolena, did you already take your break tonight?” Michelle asks her when Jolena walks through the door to the kitchen. “No, I didn’t have time yet.”

“Go, you need your break,” Michelle smiles, “I should fire you, just because you work way too hard and don’t take your breaks as you should.”

Jolena smiles, “thanks.” Jolena walks out of the kitchen into the bathroom. When she’s done doing her business, she washes her hands.

Just as she steps through the door, she bumps into someone. She immediately takes a step back. “Excuse me,” she says and when she looks up she notices a man with reddish eyes. She sees his flushed cheeks and the sweat on his forehead. “The men’s room is next door,” she says, pointing her finger to the next door on her left.

“Oh, I know,” the man smiles, but the smile doesn’t reach his eyes, “but I like the sight here better.” He comes closer to her, invading her personal space, blocking her way. “What is your name, beautiful?” He slurs a little. The man has clearly had too much to drink.

“Please, can you let me go? I would like to go back to work,” Jolena tries to remain polite, although she feels a little threatened.

“But I just want to have a little fun,” the man says indignantly, “what is wrong with a little fun? Come, let me buy you a drink.” He grabs her hand and tries to pull her into the restaurant.

Jolena tries to free her hand and protests, “no, I work here, I can’t have a drink with you right now. I’ll get fired.”

The man becomes impatient and he pushes her against the wall, closing her in with his arms at both sides of her head. His face right in front of hers. “What is your problem, missy? Are you a picky little brat? Is what I offer you not good enough?” He slams his fist into the wall on the left of her head.

Just when she sees him raise his fist to hit her instead of the wall, he is pushed to the ground with great force. The man from table twelve is on top of him and plants his fist into the others face, “leave the women alone, you drunk ass!” The drunk man tries to cover his face, begging for the man to stop hitting. “Get a cab and get home!” The man from table twelve gets up and smoothes his clothes. Then he turns to look at Jolena. “Are you alright?” He asks.

“Err, I think so,” she says with a shaky voice. She runs a hand through her hair, “thank you for helping me out.”

“Anytime,” the man smiles then he extends his hand to shake hers, “I am Vince.”

She puts her hand in his, though hers is a little shaky, but she instantly is comforted by the warmth of his hand. “I am Jolena, and thank you again.”

When she looks him in the eye, she notices that he has very special green colored eyes. He reaches into his jacket and takes a pen and piece of paper from his inside pocket. He scribbles something on the paper and hands it to her. “Here, when you’re in trouble, or if there’s anything you need, just call me.”

“Thank you,” she smiles again.

“Now go, your colleagues are probably wondering where you are.” He smiles. A little shaky she walks back into the kitchen.

When her shift is done, she walks to the other end of the parking lot to her car. She notices that there are two men next to a dark sedan. They are busy talking. When she gives them a better look, she sees that they’re Vince and the man called Julius. Once in her car, she quickly gets in and puts the key into the ignition and turns it. Nothing. She tr

ies to start the car again. The car hiccups a couple of times, but she doesn’t get it moving. “No, not right now,” she sighs loudly. Again she tries to start it, but to no avail. “Damn it.” Now she has to walk all the way home. A shadow on her left appears through the window and someone taps on it. When she looks up, she looks in a familiar pair of green eyes. Quickly she turns her window down.

“Do you need help?” Vince asks her, smiling lightly. He lowers his head so he can look at her better.

“I think my car died,” she says a little sad, “I don’t know how to get home now.”

“Can I offer you a ride?” Without asking he opens her door and smiles, “I swear, I won’t bite. I think after tonight you do deserve something good.”

“Err,” she doubts. She doesn’t know the man too well. But on the other hand, he already proved that he is a nice man. She grabs her stuff and steps out of her car. “Are you sure you don’t bite?” She asks with a mischievous smile.

With a hand put lightly on her lower back, he leads her to a shiny black car. He opens the passenger door for her and helps her in. Then he walks over to the driver’s side and gets in himself. “Where do I go?” He asks. Jolena types her address on the screen of his navigation system. “There,” she says. He starts his car and drives in the direction of her apartment. They are quiet for a while.

She looks at the lights on the sides of the road. “Are you always such a decent gentleman, to help damsels in distress? Or is this just for me?” She looks at his profile while he drives. She sees the corner of his mouth lift, a smile appears.

“It’s just for you,” he admits, “when I first saw you, I was enchanted by your beauty.” She blushes, she didn’t expect for him to say such a thing. The drive was quick, a few moments later they arrive at her apartment building.

“This is it, thank you so much for your help today.” She grabs her things and lays her hand on the handle of the door.

He lays his hand on her left hand, “it is a pleasure,” he smiles. When she looks in his eyes, his head moves closer. He places a soft kiss on the corner of her mouth. “Goodnight, Jolena.”

“Goodnight, Vince and thanks again.” She opens the door and steps out.

It is a few days later when she gets a call from an unknown number again. “Jolena Morrison, speaking,” she says when she picks up.

“Good morning, Anderson Corporation, this is Denise Lewis speaking. Is this Jolena Morrison?”

“Yes, that is me,” Jolena instantly gets nervous, this is about her application. “I am calling you about your application. I think I may have some good news for you. You are hired for the position of PA. Mr. Simmons wants to see you as soon as possible for you to sign the contract.”

“Well, that is good news indeed!” Jolena says excitedly. “Will it take long? Otherwise I can come by this afternoon, around one?” She suggests. The quicker this is done, the better. She should quickly write her resignation letter and give it to Michelle. There’s a lot to arrange to get everything in order.

“That will be fine. I’ll have a badge ready for you at the security officers office at the entrance of the parking lot. You can go straight to the top floor, you don’t have to register. Just knock on mr. Simmons door, he will expect you.”

“Okay, thank you very much.” Jolena smiles. When she hangs up, she shouts happily. “I got it! I am in! Yes!”

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