Seeking happiness

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After inspecting the borders, and locating the hiding spot of the rogues, there was nothing Chris could do, so he decided to go back to the packhouse. After dinner time he needed some time for himself, to get some rest. He had a feeling it was going to be a long night, so he went to bed early to get as much sleep as he could.

Halfway through the night, he is woken up abruptly when someone bursts through his door. “Alpha! The rogues!” Chris is up in an instant. This is what he was waiting for, those rogues are so predictable.

Gabriel stands in the doorway, out of breath, waiting for Chris’ orders. “Are there just as many as this afternoon?”

“No sir, there are about twenty-five, but they are highly skilled. And the alpha-rogue is among them too.”

‘Danny, get your ass over here, we’re under attack.’

It takes Danny a moment to respond. ‘Seriously, they’re here now? I was having such a good sleep. I’ll ring the alarm and then I’m on my way.’

Chris links his Gamma and his Delta, ‘Simon, Jason, get everyone in the safe room. I need you two to get everyone in there as fast as you can. We are under attack.’

After he gets their responses, he turns to his head warrior. “Gabriel, get everyone together at the front of the house. I’ll see you there.

Just as Gabriel leaves, Danny storms in. “Chris, what do you want me to do.”

“I need a plan to stop these attacks as soon as possible. I don’t want any other attack coming from these annoying rogues. Help me think about one, while we gather everyone at the front of the packhouse.” Danny and Chris head outside, where a large group of warriors and other pack members already wait for further instructions.

When Gabriel sees his Alpha coming, he immediately informs Chris of the latest developments. “Alpha, the rogues are winning terrain, the warriors at the borders can’t hold them back! We need to do something, right now!”

Chris nods. “Thank you, Gabriel.”

“Let’s close them in, just like the last time. We separate in four groups. Danny will go left, Leo - where’s Leo, damn it!”

“Over here,” from the other end of the group, Leo calls out to Chris.

“Alright, Leo you go right. Then my group comes with me to the middle. Gabriel, if you take your group and try to get around the rogues so we can close them in. We’ll get these bastards for once and for all!” The guys Chris addressed, all nods. Chris starts running and shifts swiftly into his wolf. The rest of the pack follows right behind him. Chris is surprised when he notices the rogues are awfully close, way too close to the packhouse! Gabriel didn’t exaggerate when he told him about the skilled rogues!

Chris steps up, leaping for the first rogue that crosses his path. He aims for the rogues’ neck and when he feels his between his teeth, he bites down and rips out its windpipe. When he looks around, he sees his fellow pack members giving everything into this fight. The fight is messy, truly ugly. Blood, fur, saliva, dirt, everything flies around.

Another rogue comes for him, but he is quick to dodge the attack. He quickly turns around to face the rogue. Once he notices he missed his target, the rogue turns to face Chris’ wolf and comes at him again. Chris braces himself and waits ’till the rogue is close, he bends down, head low, to leap up when the rogue’s head is above him. This way he has easy access to the rogue’s neck from underneath. He only needs a second to bite down and end the rogue’s life.

Again, Chris scans the area, to see how his pack members are doing. He sees Danny on his left, he knows Danny is having the time of his life. Danny just loves having this revenge. On his right, he looks for Leo, who at first isn’t to be seen. But after a second, he finds Leo fighting two of the nasty rogues, having the upper hand, so Chris continues to look around.

There he sees Gabriel, lying on his back with his neck exposed, with the biggest rogue on top of him. This is not good; Gabriel looks in deep trouble. Gabriel can’t seem to get the rogue off of him. When Chris looks better, he sees deep wounds on Gabriel’s fur, the man is bleeding severely. The rogue is much bigger than Gabriel, probably the alpha-rogue.

Chris wastes no time and runs over, clashing into the big rogue. Yep, Chris was right, this is the alpha. The one he severely hurt the shoulder of the last time they met. There should be a huge scar where he bit the guy. When he looks in the feral wolves’ eyes, he notices the green, almost yellowy eyes again. He has seen them somewhere, but where?

He doesn’t have much time to think about it, because he sees the feral guy storming his way. He doesn’t have much time to dodge the attack and he feels the rogue crashing into him, almost like in slow-motion. His back lands against a tree, the bark scraping his back, tearing it open when he slides down. The rogue snaps at him, baring his teeth. He is right in his face daring him to react. Chris moves slow, putting his front legs down on the ground. He lowers his head, his movements are controlled, to not set off the rogue anymore.

From his left, a black ball of fur runs into the rogue. Crashing the beast into another tree. The ball of fur growls loudly, baring his teeth, saliva dripping down. ‘Chris, are you alright? How could you let that happen?’ The ball of fur mind links Chris. Leo, of course, who else would make him feel like a fool?

‘I’m fine, thanks, leave the alpha to me. I can handle him.’

‘I can see that,’ the sarcasm evident in Leo’s voice, ‘being smashed was part of a strategy of some sorts?’ Leo turns around and goes to aid some of the other wolves.

The rogue looks at Chris again, it seems he is weirdly grinning at Chris. Chris gets up on his fours fast, he circles the rogue, looking for the right moment to lunge at the beast. But the rogue thinks otherwise, and tries to lunge at Chris first, aiming for his neck. Chris feels the teeth in his skin, and snarls at him, wriggling to get loose. He uses one of his front paws to slash the skin of the rogue and succeeds. A big gaping wound is to be seen on the rogue’s neck.

The beast howls in pain and let’s go for a second, Chris takes this opportunity to get himself free and takes a step back to catch a breath. The rogue alpha is strong, Chris is taking some serious hits, he has to look out that he doesn’t take too much damage. The beast doesn’t give Chris any time to recover, he comes from behind and slashes with one of his claws over Chris’ back. But before Chris can turn and reciprocate on the attack, the weight of the beast is lifted off his back.

When Chris looks over his shoulder, he sees a grey and brown wolf with light grey eyes and a pitch-black wolf together growling and snarling at the alpha. It’s Danny, together with Leo.

‘This is seriously getting bad, should I worry? This is the second time in five minutes I have to save your ass.’ Leo. ‘Thanks Leo.’ Chris doesn’t know how he can’t handle this alpha rogue.

The beast knows when it has lost and cowers back. All the other rogues that are still alive do the same, retreating. It’s strange, when you attack someone or something with a purpose, you would think you would go on until you’ve reached your goal.

Unless - Chris thinks hard. Unless the goal is not to take over the pack, but to weaken it. That’s it! The rogues are weakening the pack, but why? What do they want to achieve with this? Chris has to have a chat about it with Nick, maybe he knows more. He wonders how he is doing; it’s been some time since he has spoken to him last.

‘Alpha, are you alright? Your back is bleeding.’

‘I’ll be fine Danny, nothing that won’t be healing within a couple of minutes. How is the rest doing? Could you make sure everything is cleaned up? And afterwards let me know if Ava is alright. I don’t know how much she noticed about all this, but she could be seriously shaken up by the noises alone. Take care of your mate, alright?’

‘Will do. Will you be fine? You should go to the clinic and let someone look at that. Take Leo with you.’

‘I don’t need a babysitter, Danny, I’ll be fine.’ With that Chris turns and leaves for the packhouse to check on everyone who stayed behind.

Once Chris is sure everyone is fine and the wounded are treated, he heads for his room. He pulls off his shirt and winces. That hurts more than he anticipated. Before he quickly put some clothes on, so he was decent, but with the adrenaline still flowing he didn’t feel anything. Now all the adrenaline is gone, and it hurts a lot. When he steps in front of the mirror to see how his back looks, he gasps. He can’t see a lot, but what he sees is not good. There are small but deep cuts in his neck from the teeth of the rogue. On top of that, there are serious gashes, and he is still bleeding. The rogue alpha had him good. Maybe he needs to have someone professional have a look at it, after all. He walks through the packhouse to visit the clinic. He couldn’t take the pain, so he didn’t put his shirt back on.

A wave of nauseousness hits him when he walks down the stairs. He clasps the railing and winces. He takes a deep breath and continues his way. Outside he sees Leo smoking a cigarette. He takes the steps of the veranda as another wave of nauseousness hits him. He can’t reach the railing and tumbles down the other steps of the veranda.

“Chris!” Leo sounds alarmed and runs to his aid. He catches Chris just before he tumbles over.

“I don’t feel so good,” Chris barely whispers.

“I can see that,” Leo looks concerned and grasps one of Chris’s arms to throw it over his shoulder, so he can support his brother. “Taking care of everyone but himself, like always. Let’s get you to the clinic, alright?”

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