Seeking happiness

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The next day Chris wakes up from a deep slumber. He is lying on his stomach, something he never does when asleep, it’s strange. There’s a thick fog inside his head that keeps him from thinking. It feels like he is having a major hangover, but he didn’t drink last night, did he? He has a hard time remembering what happened. His head feels heavy when he pulls his head up from his pillow, the skin on his back feels as if it is pulled very tight. It hurts, a groan escapes his mouth.

“Thank the heavens, you’re awake.”

Chris is startled and swiftly turns to kill the intruder in his room, but the pain doesn’t get him very far, he winces. When he sits up on the edge of his bed, he takes in his surroundings, this isn’t his room. And this is not his bed, where the hell is he? He looks at the intruder, “What the fuck are you doing here? You scared the hell out of me. Where am I, what happened?” When he takes a better look at the intruder in the chair next to his bed, he sees he is all crinkly, with bags under his eyes and major bed hair, “what happened to you?”

“I slept here. You collapsed last night in front of the packhouse. Don’t you remember? I brought you here so Adina could take a look at you. You’ve been out for more than twelve hours.”

“What?” Chris is dumbfounded, this has never happened to him before. Is he getting weak? “What time is it?”

“It’s two in the afternoon.” Chris’ eyes widen, he really did sleep that long. Chris tries to say something, but the fog keeps him from saying anything. He is so confused.

“You lost a lot of blood because of the injuries you got at the fight yesterday. That’s why you collapsed. When you came back from your unconsciousness, you refused all treatments offered to you. Adina had to sedate you in order to keep you from moving. She cleansed your wounds and stitched them up.”

“Get her over here, I need to get out of here and get to work. There’s a lot to be done.” His head jolts up when he remembers something.

“Gabriel, how is he?” When he checked last night, he was still in surgery.

Leo looks at him with sad eyes. “He is fighting for his life. He’s barely holding on. The rogues hit an artery, he has lost a lot of blood. His life is hanging by a thread.”

Chris lowers his head and stares at the floor. He shakes his head, he can’t lose him, Gabriel has done so much for him and his pack. He put his life on the line multiple times to protect the ones that were important to him. Gabriel doesn’t deserve this! He jolts up quickly and smashes the nearest wall with his fist. Ignoring the dizziness that comes up immediately after he stands up. “Damn it!” He turns to face Leo. “We need to get these fucking bastards! I want their heads and stick them up a pole! For everyone to be seen, as a warning to everyone who just as much as thinks about putting my people in danger!”

“I couldn’t agree with you more, but it will have to wait. You need to get better first.”

“The fuck, I am perfectly fine, you don’t need to tell me what to do.” Just as he says that another wave of dizziness comes over him, making him grab the first thing that is within reach to hold himself up, Leo’s shoulder.

“Yeah right, I thought you said you are fine? You can’t even stand straight for longer than five minutes. You need to take it easy, Chris, seriously.”

Chris grumbles. “I can’t, I have to be there for my pack, they need me.”

“They can wait, they need their Alpha, but they need a healthy and strong Alpha. You can’t do anything when you’re like this, you need to get better first!”


“No, for once in your life you are going to listen to me! Don’t give me any bullshit.” There’s a knock on the door and both men pause their discussion to look who’s coming in. It’s Adina.

It’s not good. He apparently lost a lot of blood. Adina wants him to stay where he is, he is not allowed to go back into Alpha-related things. This is so not convenient. Chris needs to be with his pack, he needs to be there for support, to organize the retribution of this attack. After Adina left, Leo insisted that Chris tell him what things were very important so that he could take over. He also asked what else needed to be done to get the pack back on track, what to be done with the prisoners that were captured. Just almost everything that Chris should be doing himself right now. When Chris had told him, Leo left to get to work. Chris is deep in thought about everything that had happened yesterday, when he heard a knock on his door. Danny looks around the corner. “Hey man, heard you were awake. Glad to have you back.” Danny struts in to sit on the chair beside the bed.

“Pff, I hate this,” Chris grumbles, “I can’t lean back, ’cause my back hurts, I can’t do anything, ’cause my back hurts. I’m not allowed to walk, ’cause I have to rest. Me, the great big Alpha, I’m confined to bed. Can you imagine?”

Danny grins, being in the hospital is so unlike Chris. “I’m sorry man, but we need you to get better first. It’s only for the best.”

“Oh, I know. But still.” Chris sulks, he can’t stand this resting he has to do. “Do you understand what happened? How could I not handle this stupid rogue alpha. I just don’t understand. He should be easy to handle, for me at least. How could I end up like this?”

“I don’t know, maybe he is somehow stronger than you expected him to be, or he knows what your weak spots are. I have no idea, Chris.”

“I do feel like I know this guy. I feel like I have met him before, but I don’t know what he looks like in his human form. I only think I recognize those eyes.”

“I don’t know, I have no idea who the guy is.” Danny shifts in his seat, trying to sit in a more comfortable position. “Oh, by the way, I contacted Nicholas, I thought he may want to know that his big brother is in the hospital.”

Chris looks at Danny annoyed and crosses his arms, “now, why did you do that? You’ll only make him worry about me.”

“Chris, although he lives somewhere else, you’re still his family. His only family. Wouldn’t you like to know when anything happened to Nick?”

Chris continues to sulk, his mood is unimaginable. Another quiet knock is heard and Ava walks in hesitantly. “Hello Alpha Chris,” she keeps a respectful distance from the imposing man, who looks very pale and weak in his bed.

“Ava, I didn’t expect you here.” Chris’ eyes light up a little when he sees her. “I hope the fight from yesterday didn’t scare you too much?”

Ava pulls another chair to Chris’ bed. “I was a little shaken up last night, but I am fine now, thank you.” She smiles shyly. “Err,” she seems unsure of what to say and looks at her hands in her lap. “I, err, I took the liberty to go into your room to get you some comfortable clothes and your toiletries. She shows him a bag that he didn’t notice she had with her.

“Oh,” Chris is surprised by her gesture. “That is very kind of you, thank you.”

“There are also some towels in there, in case you need them, and I put your slippers in there too.”

“Ava, you are the best, let me give you a hug.”

As she wants to get up to give Chris his hug, a loud growl is heard from the other side of the room. “I don’t think so, mister! Get your own mate to hug!”

Chris laughs and throws his head back, but cringes when he feels the pulling on his back. “Sorry man, I forgot. You know I have my own mate, somewhere. I wouldn’t dare to try and steal your mate away from you.”

“You better, I am watching you,” Danny raises his finger to him teasingly, trying to lighten Chris’ mood.

“Do you feel well, Alpha Chris? You look pale.” Ava looks at him with concern in her eyes.

“I am a bit tired and I am in pain, so that’s probably why I look pale,” Chris answers, then he looks at Danny, “I still don’t understand why I am not recovering faster though, I should be up and running by now. Even regular werewolves heal faster than I am doing now.”

“Chris, I really have no idea what is going on.” Then Danny thinks of something. “During the fight you were only focussed on the fight. You didn’t pay attention to the rest of your surroundings. You could be drugged or poisoned without you even noticing it. And if they did, anything that was in your system last night could already be evaporated, so to me it seems that checking your blood is pointless.”

“That is quite possible, I haven’t thought about that. That is just crazy. What do those guys want?”

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