Seeking happiness

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Chris leans back on his bed. He closes his eyes to try to rest a little. But his back won’t let him, every time he tries to sit up and lean back, everything hurts. How has he not healed yet? He should be up and running by now. He sighs, he has no idea what is happening to him. Yesterday he asked Danny for his phone. He had to promise him to not work, but he needs to be available, he can’t just let go. A knock on the door brings him out of his thoughts. The door opens and Leo looks around the door. “Hey brother. How is your back?”

“Bad. It gets a little better, but the feeling is still the same. My senses still don’t work, though. I can’t smell anything, I don’t see very sharp, my healing doesn’t work, my hearing is off. It’s all crap. This is how it must be like to be human.”

“Strange. Have you told Adina about the possibility of being poisoned?” Danny walks over to the chair on Chris left and sits down.

“You know about that?”

“Yeah, Danny and I talk, you know. We have to work together, you know.”

“Well, I told Adina and she’s already taken some blood samples to get them tested.”


“I would like to take a walk in the hallway, I don’t know if I can though. Would you help me out if I need help?”

“Chris, seriously, you need to heal first. As long as your wounds haven’t healed, any sudden move can rip them back open and cause them to bleed. So no, I’m not going to help you, you have to stay put!”

Chris’ phone rings. When he grabs it from the nightstand, he sees it’s Mr. Simmons. “Simmons.” Leo looks at Chris with a frown, he doesn’t want Chris to work already.

“Mr. Anderson, how are you today?”

“Well, I could be better. And you, Joseph? What are you calling me for?”

“Err, you know, Mr. Verona, was here this morning. He demands to see you as soon as possible. I told him to handle things with me, but he wouldn’t let me. He even threatened to call off the deal if you don’t show up.

“What?” Chris is confused. Mr. Simmons is just as good as Chris himself. Mr. Simmons handles all the clients and the contracts. Why is Mr. Verona demanding him? “Why does Verona need me? You can handle things, you always do.”

“I don’t know, sir. He had his accomplice, Mr. Jones, with him. He grabbed me by the collar and pushed me into the wall. I really don’t want to know what they’re going to do when they hear that you’re not going to meet them anytime soon.”

“What?! He threatened you? What is this guy up to? Looks like some shady business here.” Chris sighs and rubs the bridge between his eyes. “I would love to come and help you out, but I am in no condition to get out of bed, let alone travel to the city.”

“What do you mean, you’re in no condition?”

“I’ve been in an accident, I am hurt. I can’t move without being in pain.” He can’t tell Mr. Simmons what really happened. The fewer people know about them, the better.

Mr. Simmons is quiet.

“I could send my brother, but he doesn’t know anything about business. Besides, I think they’ll call the deal off if they see him instead of me.”

“Mr. Anderson, I’m sorry. I wish I could solve this problem on my own, but I can’t. I really need you here. Mr. Verona won’t wait.”

“Call Mr. Verona and tell him I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon.” Chris puts the phone down and sighs. When he looks at Leo, he sees that he is not happy.

“NO! You are not going anywhere! I won’t allow it! Christopher, you have to heal!”

“I can’t! Really! This client is threatening Mr. Simmons, I can’t leave him to do this on his own! I have no choice!”

“Let me go, then. I’m an Anderson too!”

“They want me. Not you. If they don’t see me, the deal is off, and Mr. Simmons may be dead!”

“What kind of business do you do, Chris? What shady business are you in? Murdering business partners, seriously?”

“I don’t do shady business and I thought Mr. Verona didn’t do shady business either, but apparently I am wrong! Now I need to fix this, before anything bad happens.” Chris swings his feet over the edge of his bed. He holds himself up by grabbing the footboard of the bed. “Help me out, Leo, please, I need to get dressed.”

“No, I’m out. I don’t want to see this, nor do I want to have anything to do with this. You’re on your own.” Leo stands up and walks away, the door slams shut behind him.

After Leo left him on his own, he called Danny to help him out. His senses still don’t work, but he has to go. He can’t leave Mr. Simmons on his own.

“You know, I don’t agree with this.” Danny frowns, but helps Chris up. Danny has the bag with Chris’ stuff on his back and Chris’ arm on his shoulders for support. Together they walk out of the room, slowly.

“I know you don’t agree. But Mr. Simmons is in danger and I am the only one who can help him.”

“And you will go anyway, with or without my help, right?”


“Then I better help you out. Hopefully, this way the damage will be minor. I still think you should stay here. Aren’t there any other options? Can’t you send some warriors to protect Simmons?”

“Then I have to tell him we’re wolves. How else would I explain those huge, muscled guys? No, it’ll only freak him out. I can’t have that.”

“I am coming with you.”

“No, you stay here with Ava. You don’t have to miss her just for me.”

“I am coming, or else you’re not going either, I’ll steal your keys. You’re in no condition to properly walk, let alone protect yourself. Who knows what else this Verona has in store?”

The road was bumpy and took long. Chris felt every pothole in the road the car drove through right up to his back. Chris was glad he didn’t have to drive himself; he wouldn’t be able to handle the pain. Danny, who was driving, took a glance every now and then to check if he was okay. Once they arrive at the apartment, Chris drops down on the first seat he comes across. He groans.

“Let me check your bandages first,” Danny suggests.

“Yeah, where do you want to have me? Guess it’s really convenient that your girl is a nurse.”

“It is,” Danny smiles. “I learnt a lot from her. Maybe sit astride a dining chair, then I can easily reach your back.”

“Sure.” Chris does as Danny says and sits on the chair. He grumbles and groans when Danny pulls the bandages off. “Seriously, why can’t I even handle a bandage-change. I don’t understand why I’m not healing, why it still hurts!”

“Poison. I’m sure.” Danny cleans the wounds and then applies some pain-relieving cream.

“Must be. You done?”

“I only have to apply the new bandages.”

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