Seeking happiness

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After the meeting, Chris discusses the threats Verona made. How did he know about Chris’ physical condition? He asks Danny who still sits across the other side of his desk. “I don’t know. Maybe he has an insider? Then we have a mole in our middle. But who could help him out, who would want to stab a knife in his or her Alpha’s back?”

“We’ll have to find out, but first I need to go home and rest. I am spent, worn out. Did you smell those guys, by the way? I always thought they had a smell, but as my senses are not working, I didn’t smell anything today.”

“Yes, I did. Jones is a rogue. Verona smells like one too, but I don’t think he is one, I think he’s human.”

“Did you see that Jones’ guy hitting on my assistant? I don’t know what came over me, I couldn’t stand it.”

Danny leans back in his chair and puts his right foot up on his left knee. He looks Chris in the eye and raises one brow. “Jealous much, huh? Her name is Jolena.”

“What, no! Well, maybe.” Chris is confused.

“You know what that could mean,” Danny has a meaningful look in his eyes.

Chris’ eyes grow wide. “You mean-” he doesn’t know what to say.

“Yes,” Danny laughs, “seriously, I haven’t seen you as confused as you are right now. Grab yourself together and find out man! There’s only one way to find out!”

A quiet knock interrupts their conversation. The assistant called Jolena comes in again. “Mr. Anderson, I wanted to let you know that I am going home now. Do you need anything before I leave?”

Danny’s eyes grow wide when he recognises her voice, then he gets up from his chair with a mischievous glint in his eyes. Before he turns to walk out the door, he gives Chris a thumbs up and a wink. The door slams shut behind him, leaving Chris and the assistant alone.

“Err, I,” Chris is annoyed by himself. When this woman is with him, he doesn’t seem to know how to form a proper sentence. “Can you come here for a second?” He carefully stands up as she walks to him.

“Yes?” She looks at him questioningly.

“I, err,” his legs almost give out on him, leaving him wobbling on his feet. He reaches out his hand for support, she grabs it and puts it on her shoulder. “Sorry,” he says, “I don’t feel so good today.” The hand on her shoulder tingles where he touches her.

“No worries,” she smiles politely, “I’ve got you.”

“What I wanted to say,” he hesitates he’s never been so insecure; he hates it. “I, err,” he looks in her eyes. Her beautiful eyes seem to draw him in, making him lean forward. Getting closer to her face. He looks at her lips, so soft, so kissable. Before he knows it, he closes his eyes and touches them lightly with his own, breezing over them with his lips. He was right, they are soft, so soft. When he feels she doesn’t pull back, he holds the back of her head with his free hand and pulls her closer to him, kissing her passionately now. The tingles increase, the comfortable warmth he felt before coming back. Giving him the confirmation that he needed and now he wants more. When he feels her pulling away, he lets her go again, almost intoxicated by the kiss. He gazes at her and strokes her cheek. “You are so beautiful,” he whispers.

She pushes him away from her and frowns, “Excuse me,” she looks down at her feet, her cheeks turning a beautiful shade of red. “Did you need anything else, sir?”

“Miss, err, Morrison, right?”

“Yes,” she looks up, confusion clear in her eyes.

“I am sorry, I am making you uncomfortable. Would you like to go out to dinner with me some time? When I am feeling, better, of course.” Hope is shown clearly in his eyes.

“Didn’t you say you didn’t allow relationships in the workplace?” She teases him and smiles a little.

“I did, goodness, I’m going against my own rules,” he laughs. He steps back to sit back down in his chair. He couldn’t keep himself straight up any longer, but he longs for her touch again.

“I’ll go with you on a date, but only when you’re better. I can see you’re not feeling well.”

“Oh, you made my whole day so much better! You have no idea,” he says, and he smiles widely. He feels like a kid that got a long-awaited gift. “I’ll ask Danny for your phone number and call you when I’m feeling better, is that alright?’

“That is fine by me,” she smiles friendly, then she turns around and walks away. At the door she turns around. “Good evening, Mr. Anderson.”

“Good evening, miss Morisson.” He sighs and smiles happily.

After Jolena left, Chris immediately headed home. He lays in his bed, laying on his stomach, recuperating. It’s around eight when Danny knocks on his bedroom door and steps in. “Chris, are you awake?”

Chris lifts his head up from his pillow, “yeah, I am,” he groans.

“You need to eat something; do you think you can get out of bed and sit up to eat? I got some food delivered from your favourite restaurant.”

“I’m not hungry.” Chris groans and tries to lay on his side, showing his back to Danny.

“You need to eat; you won’t heal if you don’t eat. Your strength won’t be coming back.”

“I know, now leave me alone.”

“Chris! Get out of your bed and eat! Now!” Danny bellows, his authoritative beta-tone coming through.

Chris leaps up, anger visible in his eyes. “How dare you!” He raises his finger up to Danny, he is fuming now. “How dare you use that tone against me, I am still your Alpha!” But his finger starts to tremble, he is panting heavily.

Danny smirks, “Gotcha. At least you’re up now.”

“Damn it, Danny, not funny. I feel like crap.” He is still out of breath.

“Come on, let’s eat something, you’re up now anyways. I’ll help you.”

“It’s time I’ll heal. I don’t want to feel pathetic and weak. I don’t want to need help for everything I need to do.”

“I understand, but you have no other option than to go through this, though.”

Chris groans again but tries to get up from his bed. “Can you help me; I feel like my legs are about to give in.”

“Sure,” Danny immediately comes to his aid and supports him. Together they walk out of the bedroom into the living area.

“Hmm,” Chris sniffs, “that food smells good. Smells like smoked ribs and something like chicken. Wait, my smell is getting back!”

“You’re right,” Danny smiles enthusiastically, “that is a good sign!”

Danny helps Chris to his chair and when Danny sits down, he asks Chris, “so when did you plan on returning to the packhouse?”

“We’ll stay the night here in the city, but tomorrow morning we’ll head home. I need the peace and quiet to get myself healed and I am waiting for Adina’s test results”

“Great,” Danny smiles. “Then you can tell me everything about what happened with Jolena.” They eat together in comfortable silence, enjoying their delicious food.

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