Seeking happiness

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Jolena wakes early, way before her alarm goes off. She decides to stay in bed for a little while. When she thinks about the day before, she frowns. It was a hectic day, strange things happened. First Mr. Simmons who was extremely nervous, then Mr. Anderson who appeared to be not well. After that Mr. Verona and Vince who came, Vince who tried to arrange a date with her. The deep growl of Mr. Anderson who looked furious. And when she went into his office later, he seemed so different, caught off guard. She wanted to leave and then he kissed her. He kissed her! She still doesn’t know what to think about it all.

Mr. Anderson wanted to go on a date with her. How would that go? The big boss is interested in her, a mere personal assistant. The kiss was good though, sparks seemed to fly, there was really something there. She wanted more. If he had asked, she would have done so much more, she would do anything for him, for another kiss like that! She shakes her head.

Jolena, she scolds herself, don’t get too carried away! Who knows, maybe Mr. Anderson just wants to get to know his new personal assistant. It isn’t said that he’s really interested in her. Or maybe he just wants to get laid, and thinks she is an easy target. She’ll have to wait and see what Mr. Anderson has in mind.

When she gets up and strolls into the kitchen, she comes across Joe. Joe doesn’t have much time lately, he’s working a lot, so they don’t talk often either. After she greets him and pours herself a cup of coffee, she tells him all about what happened the day before. When she’s done, he looks sceptic.

“He did what? And you let him? You even agreed to date him? He is so out of line.” Joe is getting agitated.

“I know, I know,” she lifts her hands in defeat, “but when he kissed me, I really believe there was something more. There really was a connection.”

“Seriously, you are defending the guy? You have to report him for sexual harassment.”

“What, no! He didn’t do anything wrong except for kissing me. And on top of that, I didn’t stop him from kissing me, actually I liked it! He is a good kisser, you know.”


“No,” she cuts him off. “I let him, he didn’t force me, I could have walked away, I could have slapped him, I could have done something to stop him, but I didn’t. It wasn’t that I didn’t dare to, it was because I liked that he kissed me. So, stop complaining. Be happy for me, please.” Jolena gulps down the last bit of her coffee. “I have to get ready for work. Do I see you tonight?”

“I don’t know, I have a lot of work to do.” Joe looks tired. The late nights he worked lately are taking a toll on him.

Back in his room, Chris drops down on his sofa. Being in pain and not feeling well can make a man very tired. He rubs his face with his hands. All that’s going on right now is weighing on him. He decides to lay on his bed and take a nap. He hasn’t taken a nap ever since he was a kid, but his body needs rest, and his mind could use a break as well.

Later he wakes up but keeps laying on his bed. He’s feeling way too comfortable. He hears a knock on the door in the other room and someone comes in. He listens intently to hear who it is. He decides to get up, to see. When he peeks around the door, he sees it’s Lisa. She’s one of the females of the pack. She asked for shelter a couple of years ago. She was incredibly young, bruised and dirty and had nowhere to go. When she appeared to be trustworthy, he allowed her to join his pack and ever since she was the one who was assigned to clean and maintain his quarters.

“Good afternoon, Lisa.” He steps into the other room. She jumps up.

“Oh my,” she places her hands on her heart, eyes wide of shock, “Alpha Chris, I didn’t know you were back already. I wanted to clean up your room before you would arrive.”

“No worries, Lisa. Go ahead.” He smiles gently at her.

“Thank you, Alpha. Was there anything you needed?”

“As long as you keep my bottle of Whiskey filled, am I a happy man.” He laughs.

“I will, sir, you know I always keep it filled.”

“And you’re doing a great job. I’ll go outside for a while, so I’ll be out of your way.”

He walks out the door and decides to walk over to the clinic. He has to ask Adina for the test results. He is anxiously waiting for them; he really wants to find out what is going on in his body. Once at the clinic, he immediately heads for Adina’s office and knocks on the door. When he hears a “come in,” he opens the door and shuts it behind him.

“Good afternoon, Alpha,” Adina looks surprised. “How are you doing?”

“Err, I’m doing very well, actually, especially concerning the circumstances.” Chris feels like a kid that has misbehaved in class and now has to go to the principal to be scolded at. He did leave the clinic without Adina’s consent.

“Can I have a look at your back?” She asks.

“Sure, I am certain you’ll be surprised how good they look. It was yesterday evening that they suddenly started to heal.” Chris turns around and sits astride on the chair, so Adina has easy access. He pulls his shirt over his head. And he hears Adina gasp.

“You are right, they are almost fully healed.” She slides with her hands over his back to feel the depth of the cuts. “It’s looking incredibly good. When they still feel tight, or when they still hurt, you can apply some cream to relieve you. You can put your shirt back on.” She sits back down on her chair while Chris puts his shirt back on and sits normally on his chair again.

“Leaves us with the question how I got so weak in the first place and why it took so long for my wounds to heal at first. And on top of that, why my wounds started to heal last night so suddenly.” Chris frowns. “Do you have the results of the tests you ran?”

“Yes, I just got them from the laboratory, I was about to call you when you knocked on my door.” she smiles and grabs a folder from the stack on her desk.

“Tell me, please. I’m dying to know.”

“Well, the results indicate that a high dose of Wolfsbane was found in your blood. The amount of wolfsbane was lethal, although we didn’t test immediately, so the dose that you got injected, or how else you got it into your body, was even higher. It is a miracle that you’re still alive. Though you’re an Alpha and you can handle a little amount of Wolfsbane, the amount found in your blood could’ve killed you.”

Chris looks astonished. “Wow, I did expect to be poisoned or something like that, but that it could’ve been lethal, that I did not expect.”

“The high amount of Wolfsbane explains why you didn’t heal as fast as you’re used to. It explains your nauseousness, your dizziness, your passing out, it explains everything. Except for what you told me just now. Did you say you started to heal last night? Did you take anything, did anything out of the ordinary happen?”

“Not that I know of. I didn’t take painkillers. Danny only applied some cream that numbs the pain and helps heal the wounds. I didn’t ingest or apply anything else.”

“There’s only one thing I can think of, that could have sped up your recovery.” Adina looks at him, a little unsure.

“What is it? Spit it out, doctor.” Chris looks at her expectantly.

“Could it be that you have met your mate?” Adina fidgets with her fingers.

“Not that I know of,” he thinks a little. His hand strokes his chin, raw from his stubble. Then he thinks about meeting Jolena, and the sparks that he felt when she touched him, when he kissed her. His eyes grow wide. “No, Could it-, no way.” He stumbles over his words, “I didn’t even notice.” He is taken aback; it all finally makes sense. How could he not notice that she was right under his nose. He even asked her out. His wolf must have taken over, thank God he did.

Adina smiles, “That explains a lot. Congratulations on finding your mate, Alpha.”

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