Seeking happiness

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This is it; this is the moment of truth. Chris and his brothers sit at the dining table, Danny is among them too. When Lisa is serving coffee at their table, Nick is about to start the conversation the brothers have talked about.

“Chris, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you.” Nick says, pulling up a serious face.

“What do you have to tell me?” Chris asks, not looking away from his food. From the corner of his eye, he sees how Lisa tries to scoot a little closer to hear their conversation, just as he expected.

Danny looks up, all ears. “What news?”

“My Alpha won’t support you in your battle against the rogues.” Nick says with a little dread in his voice, he is a good actor.

“What?” Chris jolts up, acting as if he is outraged. “Why doesn’t he want to support me? Your pack has been attacked by those damn rogues as well! Does he want to give away his land to them for free?” Danny looks shocked.

“I’m sorry Chris,” Nick looks down to his plate, feeling intimidated by the aura Chris radiates. Chris apparently is a good actor too.

Lisa hurries away, looking around if someone notices her. Little does she know; three pairs of eyes follow her all the way to the door. When she is out, Leo gets up, winks at Chris, and follows Lisa out.

Danny looks around confused when he sees the smiling faces of Nick and Chris. “What’s going on?”

“We just confirmed that we have a mole in our midst.” Chris folds his arms in front of his chest and looks content.

“It isn’t me,” Danny raises his hands in the air, his eyes wide as saucers, “I mean it, I haven’t done anything wrong!”

Nick and Chris laugh out loud.

“It isn’t you, dummy,” Nick laughs, “I’ll tell you later.”

“Chris,” Leo links him, “she just grabbed her coat and her purse, I think you should get ready to leave as well.”

“I am on my way.” Chris gets up from the table. “I have some business to attend to. Nick, you know what to do? Explain to Danny what’s going on.”

Nick nods. “Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Now go!”

From the distance, Chris can see Lisa going into a large warehouse. The warehouse Leo was talking about before. Together with Leo and a couple of warriors he came here. A multitude of cars following Lisa’s would ask for too much attention, so Chris decided that just one truck on a safe distance would follow Lisa’s car and the rest would come in their wolf form. The truck carries all their belongings. He decides to wait, maybe some of the rogues come out.

After a while Lisa comes back out. She takes her car and takes the same road from where she came. Chris knows she’s going home, so he doesn’t pay attention to her anymore. He’ll wait for Vince or Verona to show up. It takes a long time to wait for anything to happen. Chris and the warriors left this morning, and now it’s already somewhere in the afternoon. Chris shifts into his human form again and puts his clothes on. He is almost giving up when he sees a person coming out of the warehouse. When he takes a better look, he sees it’s Vince. Vince steps into a car and speeds away. Chris decides to follow him, together with Leo in the truck. The rest of the warriors stay in the vicinity of the warehouse. They’ll get in touch if anything changes.

Vince’ car rides all the way into the city. He stops in front of a cheap-looking apartment building, they look all the same in this part of town. Vince gets out of the car and heads to the main entrance. Chris follows him on a safe distance, he doesn’t want to get caught. Is this where Vince lives? Or does he have some accomplices here? When he walks by the mailboxes at the bottom of the stairwell, he sees a familiar name on one of them. What the hell is Vince doing here? How does he know where the girl lives? He quickly runs up the stairs with Leo right behind him. He can hear Vince pounding on one of the doors. Chris can only hope that he’ll get up there in time, because Vince doesn’t seem to come here for a friendly visit. Vince shouts something unclear.

They hear someone unlock a door and then they hear sounds of Vince shouting and calling names. They’re almost where Vince went in. The door is still open, and they quietly sneak in. “Did you really think you could get away with what you did last night? Your biggest mistake was to underestimate me, bitch!” Vince is clearly audible. They can hear a slapping sound and the wincing of a woman.

It appears that someone is being threatened. They can clearly hear the stumbling of a fight. A female voice cries out in pain. Chris wastes no second and barges further into the apartment, with Leo hot on his tail. His wolf is on edge, he would recognise those cries anywhere. This is his mate being threatened!

When his mate and her attacker come in sight, Chris doesn’t hesitate and pulls Vince off of Jolena. Jolena screams, scared by everything that’s happening. Vince stumbles backwards, he obviously hadn’t heard Chris and Leo come in. Chris punches him straight in the face and he stumbles backwards once more. “Leave her the fuck alone!” Chris roars.

“Mr. Anderson!” Vince looks in shock, his eyes wide as saucers. He puts his hands in front of him, as to protect himself from the roaring beast in front of him. “I, I-” He can’t get a word out of his mouth

Chris grabs him and pushes him against the nearest wall. “No, please!” Vince cries, “I didn’t do anything, please!”

“Shut your mouth!” Chris grabs him by the throat and squeezes a little. “What did you think you were doing? Taking on a human, even worse, a female? You must be very pathetic; can’t you get someone your own size and race?” Chris is still roaring, he is livid.

He drags Vince out and he looks at Vince menacingly. “Get out of here! You piece of shit!” Chris yells, “get out of here before I kill your sorry ass! Don’t ever come back!” Then he goes back inside, slamming the door behind him.

Once back inside he takes a deep breath and counts to ten. Then he walks into the living room of Jolena’s apartment. When he sees Leo hugging Jolena, a low growl escapes him, and his anger rises again. Jolena’s and Leo’s heads jolt up. “Goodness, Chris, calm down.” Leo looks surprised.

“Let her go,” Chris warns slowly. “now.”

“Chris, what’s going on?” Leo doesn’t understand his brother’s behaviour but doesn’t let go.

“I can’t tell you right now, but you have to let her go,” Chris says threateningly, “now.”

“Mr. Anderson,” Jolena says softly, “this gentleman was so kind to comfort me when you pulled Mr. Vince off me. I don’t think you should be threatening him.”

“As I said,” Chris is getting impatient, “I can’t explain myself right now, I will when the time is right. But for now, I suggest you do as I say. Let her go! Goddamnit!”

“Alright, alright!” Leo holds his hands up in defence. “Is it the time of the month or something?”

“Leo, would you be so kind to step out for a minute and leave us alone?” Chris’ impatience is rising, he grinds his teeth. His wolf wants to be with his mate, hold her, comfort her. But he can’t.

“Chris! Seriously? What’s going on? You tell me right now!” Leo steps in front of him, not scared of his big brother.

“Leo! Out! Now!” Chris roars, his Alpha-voice coming through.

Leo obediently walks out, muttering something about his big brother being an ass.

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