Seeking happiness

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“Mr. Anderson, I-”

Christopher holds up his hands to silence Jolena.

“Mr. Christopher, I-” she tries again, but gets shushed again.

He walks to her and takes her in his arms. “Are you alright?” He asks quietly.

“Err, yes, I think so.” Jolena frowns, she doesn’t get what the deal is with Chris’ behaviour. One moment he is raging with anger the other he is gentle and sweet.

Chris inhales deeply, putting his nose in her hair. “Are you sure? Did he hurt you?”

“Yes, I am sure,” she pulls away from Chris. “Vince slapped me in my face, so that will be red for a while, but other than that I’ll be fine. Thank you for saving me.” She looks up to him with big eyes. She sees his eyes run over her body. When they land on her neck, he growls.

She looks shocked. “You growled.” She says astonished.

“Your neck, it looks red. Did he choke you?”

“Err, yeah, I guess so. I don’t- It all just happened so fast. I’m a bit confused, I guess.”

“That’s no problem. My main concern is that you are alright.” He takes her back in his arms. He strokes her back and kisses her on her temple.

“You growled, though,” she repeats, still wondering where that growl came from. She looks up to him. “And you were terribly angry with your friend. Why?”

“You know I am a werewolf, right.” He looks into her eyes. “You shouldn’t be surprised, werewolves growl.” Chris shrugs.

“And what with your friend?”

“Actually, he is my little brother. Leo. He was touching what’s mine, can’t have that.”

“What’s yours? Do you mean me? How am I yours?” She pushes him away again.

“I can’t explain, not right now. It’s not the right time for you to know.” He sighs again, then he brushes some stray hairs out of his face. “Please, come here, let me calm you down.”

“No.” She takes a step further away from him.

“Please,” he holds out his arms. “Let me hold you for a minute, it will calm you down.”

Jolena has no idea why he wants to hold her so badly, but the idea that he won’t stop asking until she gives in, gets stronger. She sighs and walks back into his arms. She lays her head on his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. Chris sighs contentedly and lays his head on top of hers. She must admit that he was right, though. The second he has her in his arms, she feels a comforting feeling warming her body. And where their bodies touch each other, she feels a slight tingle.

After a while, a question pops up in her head. “How did you get here, by the way?” She backs away a little, to look at him, without letting go of him. “How did you know I was being assaulted?”

“I didn’t.” Chris thinks of a way to give Jolena a logical explanation but doesn’t really come up with something. He starts playing with a loose strand of her hair

“Then what are you doing here?” Jolena’s eyes are full of questions.

“I was following Vince, He has threatened me, attacked me, fatally wounded one of my pack-members” Chris tells Jolena. “I’ll explain it all to you, when you’re a little less shocked.”

Jolena steps away from Chris and sits down on the sofa.

“Do you live here alone?” Chris asks suddenly, he needs to know she is safe.

“No, I have a roommate, he’s not at home now though. Why do you want to know?”

For a little moment Chris has to fight the urge to punch her roommate in the face. But then he realises that he’ll push her away when he does that, so he shakes his head to get rid of the thoughts.

“I need to make sure you’re safe. I’ll keep an eye on Vince but next time I could be too late.” Chris walks over to the window and looks outside. The sun is setting, like nothing ever happened.

“I am safe.” She says.

“No, you’re not.” Chris turns his back to the window and walks to where Jolena sits on the couch. “I think you’re underestimating Vince a little, sweetheart.” He kneels in front of her and grabs her hands. “He already came here to have his revenge. Now he’ll just wait for you to be alone again, and he’ll strike again. The Lord knows what he’ll do to you then.”

“But-.” Jolena frowns, a stubborn look on her face.

“There’s more.” Chris squeezes her hands softly. “This guy is highly dangerous. He is part of a big group of rogues, criminals, they have no good in mind. He won’t hesitate to kill anyone when he thinks he needs to do so. Even you.”

“Then what should I do?” She looks at him. He sees how this information is too much, she can’t handle it well.

“You could come with me to my house and live there until the threat is gone. There’s no place safer than with my pack. Ava will be there too. Or I could hire a bodyguard for you.”

“Why are you doing this for me? I can hire myself a bodyguard, right?”

“Yes, you can. But it’ll give me some peace of mind. As I said, I need you to be safe.”


Chris scratches the hair in his neck. “Jolena, I-” He doesn’t want to tell her, she’s not ready. She wouldn’t handle it well with all that just happened.

“You can’t tell me?” She raises an eyebrow questioningly.

He looks down, he can’t take those interrogating eyes. “Jolena, I-.” He sighs. “You know about how Danny and Ava are mates, right?”


“Well,” he keeps looking down and barely audible he says: “You are mine.”

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