Seeking happiness

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Chris walks out of the clinic, in the direction of the packhouse. There is the forest road, where you can get by car, but there is a shortcut, a track you can only use on foot. Chris walks on the track. He just came back from a visit to Gabriel. It’s not going well. The guy is getting worse every day. They think he will not make the end of the week. This is his fault. He should have protected his pack and its members. He is the one responsible. He feels horrible. He hears snapping twigs somewhere on his right and he turns around. Nothing. He sniffles but can’t catch any scent. Is this Wolfsbane still fucking with his senses? He wonders. He walks further, back to the packhouse. Again, he hears snapping twigs, now on his left. When he turns around, he sees nothing and smells nothing either. He is wary, there’s someone here and it doesn’t want to make itself known. “Come out! Show yourself!” He calls out. He waits a while, but no one shows up. He turns around and continues his walk. He knows someone is there. ‘Leo?’ He mind-links his brother.

‘Chris! Is everything alright?’ His brother immediately seems to notice that something is wrong.

‘I don’t know. I have the feeling I’m being followed. Someone is here somewhere in the bushes, but I don’t smell anything, and when I call out it doesn’t make itself known either.’

‘Where are you?’

‘The small forest track that leads from the clinic to the packhouse.’

‘I’ll be there in a minute.’

Leo was right, a few minutes later Chris sees his brother coming. Leo is fast, even in his human form. Leo walks over and together they walk to the packhouse. The feeling that someone is looking is still there, a rustling sound in the bushes on the right is heard occasionally.

‘You are right, someone is here.’ Leo says through their mind-link. ‘I smell a rogue.’

‘You smell someone? I don’t smell anything. Could that still be the Wolfsbane?’

Leo stops to look at him for a minute. ‘That should already be out of your system by now. You’re a strong Alpha, you shouldn’t be affected by that anymore.’ Leo frowns. ‘Are you still being poisoned?’

They slowly walk further. The rustling sounds follow them, but now the sound is heard to both sides of the track. ‘I have no idea. Lisa is already taken from her kitchen duties. I don’t think anyone else is involved.’

Leo abruptly halts and his gaze is absent for a moment, then he looks at Chris. ‘Chris, we are surrounded. The smell of rogues is getting stronger. I linked my men, and they are on their way. Be ready to fight.’

‘Then we should stay here, we can’t take the fight to the packhouse, we can’t put everyone in danger.’

Chris mind-links Danny to get everyone to safety, including Nick and then to come to him to assist him. Then he mind-links Simon and Jason, his Gamma and Delta, to get Jolena and Ava in safety, together with their own mates.

“Chris! Christopher! Are you there?” Jolena comes running down the path, she seems to be in a hurry, her eyes wild. When she sees him she runs towards him.

“Whoa!” Chris catches her and holds her for a minute. He frowns when he looks at her. He doesn’t like the look on her face. “What’s wrong?”

“I- I,” She gasps for breath, agony visible on her face. “I saw Vince. Vince is here. I got scared, so I asked some people if they had seen you, and they said they smelled your scent in this direction.”

“You shouldn’t have come here,” Chris looks concerned, and talks quietly. “It’s dangerous here, the rogues are here, we are surrounded. You should take cover; it’s going to be ugly. This is the most dangerous place to be right now.” He grabs her hand, takes her to some bushes and crouches down.

“I’m sorry, when I saw him, I just panicked. I didn’t know what to do.”

Chris looks around, there’s still no one to see, but he knows the enemy is lurking in the shadows. “What you did was good in normal circumstances. You need to know that whenever you are in danger, you’re the safest in the packhouse. Now we need to get you out of here as soon as possible. You really don’t want to see what’s coming.”

‘Chris, I can’t find Jolena anywhere, any idea where she might be?’ Danny mind-links him.

‘She is here, she came here just a minute ago. She has spotted Vince near the packhouse. Is everyone safe?’ Chris asks him.

‘Yes, everyone is safe. What do I do?’ Danny asks.

‘I need you to come over to get Jolena to safety. There are more and more rogues surrounding us. I need her out of here before hell breaks loose. She can’t see what’s going to happen, she’ll be scarred for life.’ Chris looks concerned at Jolena. If she sees how wolves can tear each other apart, she will be traumatized for life. He doesn’t want her first time seeing a wolf to be like this. He wants her first time with a wolf to be a good time. With him.

‘Alright, I am on my way, will be there in a second.’

It doesn’t take long before Danny arrives where Chris, Leo and Jolena are hiding. “Jolena, you may be scared, but I need you to trust me. You need to come with me. I need you to stay close to me at all times, do you think you can do that?” Danny asks her whispering.

Jolena looks at Chris with worry. “I’ll be fine, Jolena, don’t worry about me. I need you to be safe, go with Danny.” Chris looks at her with a serious face.

Jolena nods. Danny steps back, looks around and takes Jolena by the hand, he pulls her with him. Just at that moment, they all hear the howl of a wolf and then the thundering of a lot of paws is heard. Danny speeds up, pulling Jolena after him, who almost can’t keep up. When she looks over her shoulder, she sees a group of wolves coming for Chris and Leo, a couple of them follow her and Danny.

“Danny! Behind us!” She screams.

“Jolena! Don’t look back, come with me,” Danny shouts. When they run by some bushes, a wolf lunges at them, but Danny responds immediately and dodges the attack. When the wolf turns around, Danny steps in front of Jolena and tells her to run to the packhouse. “Go Jolena! Run as fast as you can! I’m going to shift into my wolf. Don’t be scared, I’ll catch up with you and you can climb on my back! Go! Go now!”

Jolena doesn’t waste a second and runs ahead. When she looks back for a second, she sees wolves tearing each other apart. Blood, saliva, and fur fly around. Where she saw Danny a second ago, now stands a tall grey with brown wolf with the same eye colour Danny has. For a second he looks at her and shakes its head. She understands that that wolf is Danny. Further away she sees two pitch black wolves, one a little bigger than the other. They both are fighting for their lives. The bigger one has a big bleeding wound on its flank; she gasps. Jolena turns back around and in front of her a large group of wolves comes running from the direction of the packhouse. She freezes in place, but the wolves that come running her way, ignore her and run past her. She feels soft fur stroking her right hand and leg and when she looks down, she sees Danny’s wolf. He jiggles his head to tell her to climb onto his back. He crouches a little so she can climb on his back. When she is on his back, she holds her arms around his neck. When he feels that, he straightens up again and starts running with so much speed that she must tighten her arms around his neck.

In no time they arrive at the packhouse. Danny’s wolf crouches down again and lets her climb off. He looks her in the eye for a second and then turns around and speeds away. She has no idea where he is going, but she hopes he’ll be alright. She runs up the steps onto the porch and into the house. There she sees two tall men. “Who are you?” One of them asks, “Are you miss Jolena?”

“Err, yes,” she says, a little unsure. Who are these men?

“Come with me,” the man on the left reaches out his hand and grabs hers. “We need you to get to safety as soon as possible. Alpha’s orders.”

These guys are Chris’ men? “Who are you?” She asks while being dragged into a lot of hallways and corridors.

“I am Simon, Chris’ Gamma. You need to go in here,” He points to a thick metal door. “This is the safe room. I’ll lock it. As soon as the fight is over, I’ll let you out. You’ll be safe here.”

Jolena nods and walks in the room meekly. When she looks around, she sees a couple of elder people, some women, and a lot of children. Some of them nod to her and smile friendly.

In the meantime, Chris is running in the direction of the packhouse. When the warriors came to them for help, the rogues that were attacking him and Leo were quickly eliminated. Now he is looking for the bastard named Vince. If Jolena saw him somewhere around, it means that there are more rogues somewhere else on his property. He needs to find him, this time he won’t get away with all this that easily. He knows where he has seen those green eyes before. Vince is not just a rogue; he is the rogue alpha. The only thing he has to find out now, is his connection with Verona.

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