Seeking happiness

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While Chris runs around in wolf-form, he comes across Danny. “Alpha, your mate safely arrived at the packhouse, she’s now going into the safe room, as we speak.” He links Chris and runs with him on his right.

‘Good, well done.’

Chris walks around the clearing in front of the packhouse. Then he follows the trails that go further into the woods. He leaves the packhouse to his right. Danny follows right behind him. ‘What are we doing?’ Danny asks him.

‘Vince is here somewhere; I need to find him before he finds Jolena.’

A pitch-black wolf comes from the right. Another black wolf joins them from behind; Nick and Leo. ‘Nick, what are you doing here, why are you not in the safe room?’

I am not there for the same reason that you aren’t either. I am not going to stand at the side-lines, I am here to help, now let me help.’

Chris knows it’s useless to argue with his brothers. Something with stubbornness and having the same genes. ‘Does anyone of you smell rogues? My senses are still not what they should be, I don’t smell anything.’ Chris is annoyed. He would like for his senses to turn back to normal so he can function properly and lead his pack the way he should.

They all halt when they see a man coming from behind a tree. The man smiles viciously, but the smile doesn’t reach his green eyes. Those eyes. Vince. “Finally we meet, Alpha Anderson, are you surprised to see me?” He asks and comes closer. His brothers and Danny all take a protective stance around him.

Chris shifts into his human-form and steps forward. “Vince, what do you want?”

The man’s malicious laugh echoes through the woods. “You know what I want.”

“You’re not getting any of my land.” Chris folds his arms in front of his chest. His biceps bulge because of the movement.

“Ooh, but I think I am,” Vince lifts his eyebrows. “I know your weaknesses, Alpha. Isn’t that little assistant of yours, your mate?”

“I don’t think that my mate is any of your business.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Alpha,” Vince takes another step closer. He now is about three feet away from Chris. “I know your little mate. I have touched her, I kissed her, and I am sure, next time, I will fuck her. She trusts me, you know.” He smiles viciously again.

Loud growls come from Leo and Danny. They know what Vince says is not true.

“I wouldn’t be so certain of that, if I were you.” Chris states.

“Well,” the smile of Vince grows wider, “I am. I am certain. She knows me. She knows me better than she knows you. If I were you, I would give in to Mr. Verona, I would agree with his terms if I were you.”

“Again, my land is not for sale! And it’s not going to be given away under pressure either!”

Vince steps closer, he points at Chris. “Well, then I would prepare for hell to break loose, mister! Oh wait, hell is already breaking loose. Your mate, wherever she is, I’ll find her, and I’ll take her. Or you’ll have to give me your land, then I’ll leave your little mate alone.”

In the meantime, the rogues formed a circle around them, closing them in. Their growling is getting louder, they are getting closer.

“You are surrounded, Alpha Anderson, surrender, and you and your mate will live. If you don’t, you die, right now.”

‘Chris, the warriors are right behind us. We have back-up now, don’t worry, don’t surrender, we’ve got this!’ Leo mind-links him.

“Bring it on, Vince, bring on your worse.” Chris says confidently and he shifts back into his wolf. That’s the start of a bloody battle. After a while, a lot of wolves are wounded, both on the rogue- and the pack side. But Chris’ pack doesn’t seem to have the upper hand. When Chris looks around, he sees his pack getting weak, getting tired from all the fighting.

‘Chris! We are not going to make it! These guys are with too many, they keep coming!’ Danny sounds desperate. ‘I don’t want to give up, but this is going out of hand!’

‘I know!’ Chris responds. ‘But what other option do we have? If we surrender, we lose everything! We’ll be homeless!’

Danny’s head hangs low, Chris is panting and looks around. What are they doing? Is this fight over land worth the sacrifices his pack members are making? Chris is the one responsible. Maybe he should turn himself in, maybe that will save the rest, maybe, just maybe?

Just as he is about to shift into his human form again and find Vince, to surrender, his brother Nick opens his mind-link. ‘Chris! The rogues have managed to reach the packhouse! They’re coming from all sides now!’

‘I know, Nick, give me a minute and let me find Vince. I’ll make an end to all of this!’

‘Chris! No! Don’t do it! Are you really prepared to give this all up, to give up the legacy of centuries? Seriously Chris?’

‘Nick, we’re losing men! I can’t risk losing my whole pack to these guys because of my pride! I have to surrender. I have to, to keep you all safe!’

‘Chris, wait-’

‘No, Nick, get everyone to safety, my decision has been made.’

Chris walks around looking for Vince. He’s shut everyone out. He doesn’t want to be convinced otherwise by anyone.

About a half an hour and a lot of wounded and dead later, someone in human form runs to him. “Chris! Chris! Wait, please!”

He turns to look at the person running to him. It’s Nicholas. He pants from all the running he did. “Chris. Stop. Please. My Alpha just linked me. He is standing at your borders; he asks for permission to enter. He has all his warriors with him. He is ready to take on the rogues and beat the shit out of them!”

That is a pleasant surprise! Chris thinks by himself. That help was not a second too late! “Permission granted,” Chris nods with a serious face. “Let him get over here quick! I was about to surrender.”

“I know, that’s why I was in such a hurry. Hold on, brother, help is on its way.” Nick pats his left shoulder with his right arm as he passes Chris.

Another half an hour passes, and the forest becomes quiet. The few surviving rogues are brought together in the middle of the clearing in front of the packhouse. Not found is Vince, he is still somewhere out there.

The Alpha of Nick’s pack walks over to Chris and shakes his hand. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Alpha Anderson, although I would have preferred different circumstances.”

“It’s nice to meet you too, Alpha Krane,” Chris smiles. “I can’t thank you enough for your help, sir. I will owe you forever.”

“It’s no problem, Alpha, I just hope that I can count on you just as much as you have counted on me right now, whenever I may need your help.”

“You can sir, you can.” Chris smiles at the man. “But please, call me Chris.”

“I’ll call you Chris, if you call me Evan.”

“Alright then,” Chris smiles widens.

“Do you have a place for my men to rest?” Evan asks. “They would like to eat, too.”

“We’ll put these feral in the dungeons, then we’ll release everyone from the safe room, then we’ll be able to give everyone a place to rest and something to eat.” Chris smiles. “Maybe you could stay the night, because I would like to ask you for some advice.”

“Sure, you can ask me anything.” Evan says and they walk around, giving everyone their orders.

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