Seeking happiness

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Chris walks inside the packhouse, together with Leo and Danny. The people in the saferoom are released, everyone who is not wounded or physically weak, is helping clean up the mess made by the fight. “Chris, you should go to the clinic and let someone take care of that wound of yours.” Danny looks at him worried.

“Later, not now. It’s not as bad as last time.”

“I know, but the faster they look at it, the faster it will heal. If your senses aren’t still working properly, your healing will take longer as well.”

Chris sighs and halts for a second to look at Danny. “I will make sure it’s been taken care of, but right now I first want to see my mate if she’s alright.”

“Alright then. I’ll come with you.”

When they walk in the direction of the room that Jolena was given when she came here, Danny stops in his tracks suddenly. He gives Chris a sign with his hand to stop him and be quiet. Chris looks at him confused, what is going on?

‘I smell a rogue.’

‘What? How is that possible, isn’t it just their scent that’s still lingering, somehow?’ Chris frowns.

‘No, it’s a new scent, it’s very recent. Let’s follow it.’ They quietly walk further. Chris behind Danny, who shows him where to go. The scent is getting stronger the closer they come to Jolena’s room. Now Chris smells the scent too.

They stop at her door. Danny looks at Chris. ‘Is a rogue in Jolena’s room?’ He asks. ‘What do we do now?’

‘Go in. Let’s see what’s happening in there.’ As soon as Danny opens the door a little, a thumbling is heard and the crying of a woman. Then a voice calls out. “Stop right there! I’ll kill her if you even think about getting closer!”

When the door fully opens, Danny gasps. Chris growls loudly.


Vince stands behind Jolena, one of his hands around her waist, the other pushes a knife into the skin of her neck. He smiles viciously. “You know I’ve held my promise, Alpha. I told you I would get to your little mate and here I am.”

Chris growls loudly and takes a step forward.

“Oh, I wouldn’t do that, Alpha.” Vince threatens, “don’t come closer I said!” He pushes the knife a little further into Jolena’s skin. Her skin breaks by the pressure of the knife and a little droplet of blood runs down her neck.

She winces. Tears stream down her face. It’s obvious that the girl is scared to death. Chris can’t help but feel all the helplessness Jolena is feeling at this moment. He has to get Jolena out of here, out of this situation. Chris can endure a lot of stress, a lot of pain and a lot of emotional pressure, but he knows Jolena can’t. The fact that she is human makes her his weakest link. Vince has sorted it out well, he has to admit. He puts his hands in the air, a sign of surrender. “Wait, Vince.”

Vince looks at him, surprised when he sees the hands of Chris in the air. Danny nudges him in the side. ‘Chris! What are you doing?’

‘I need to get Jolena out of here, she can’t handle this. She is already scared to death of the whole fight. She can’t handle being kidnapped, being tortured or anything else. I am already losing her; I want to make sure she is safe.’

‘But Chris, let me get the warriors here. We have a chance.’

‘No Danny, I have to do this. When this situation is over, you get Nick to take over my position. Don’t ever give up my pack to these bastards! But before most, make sure Jolena is safe. Don’t let her leave as long as Mr. Verona and Vince are still a threat.’

Danny looks to his side to look at his Alpha with a serious frown on his face, sadness appearing in his eyes. He realises he would do the same for his own mate.

‘I’ll have your back, Chris. But why do I have the feeling this is the last time I am going to see you?’

Chris takes one last look at Danny, and then starts walking forward. “Vince, let me take her place.” He says.

Jolena’s eyes grow wide with surprise and her crying gets louder. “No, Christopher, no, you can’t do that.” She protests, her hands clutch the arm Vince has put around her neck. She tries to pull it away, but he is too strong.

“Let me take her place,” he looks Vince straight in the eyes, his hands still in the air. “let her go, take me, you’ll be rid of me, I’ll be out of your way.”

“Don’t take one step closer!” Vince shouts, he gets stressed out because Chris is getting too close. Vince moves Jolena a little to the left of him, as Chris is approaching a little at his right side. He tries to keep Jolena away from Chris. Behind him Chris feels Danny quietly moving closer, Danny remains a little to Chris’ right. Chris is about three feet away from Vince and Jolena.

‘Chris, do you think you can get closer? If I can move closer as well, maybe we can overpower him. Let him think that you want to surrender yourself to him, when Jolena is out of the way, we’ll get him.’

‘I don’t know.’ Chris keeps looking in Vince’ eyes, to not let him see he is communicating with Danny.

“Vince, take me, please. Let her go, she’s innocent, she has nothing to do with this whole situation. It’s not fair, she’s a mere human. Vince, let her go.”

Jolena glares at him, she really thinks he means what he says. Chris has to try so hard to not smile. In a different situation, he would laugh so hard. Carefully he moves closer to Vince, inch by inch. Behind him he notices Danny does the same, moving further to the right. Vince is so focussed on Chris; he doesn’t even notice Danny is almost beside Jolena.

Chris still looks Vince in the eyes. “Vince, decide. Do something, take me, release her.”

“Stay there, don’t come closer!”

“How would you get out of here?” Chris asks Vince, “you’ll have to pass me, you know.”

“Stay!” Vince is nervous and doesn’t think clearly anymore. His knife scrapes against Jolena’s neck, making it look fiery red where the knife scratches.

“Don’t you think I’m offering you a good deal?” Chris asks him.

‘I have to find a way to get that knife out of his hands,’ Danny links him.

If Chris could stretch his arms, he could easily take it away, but he knows that any unexpected movement could make Vince stab Jolena. So, he can’t risk it.

“I don’t know,” Vince smiles viciously and looks at Jolena, “what do you think, honey, do you think Chris is offering me something good?” She looks at Chris and looks him in the eyes. He nods almost unnoticeable, but she still has seen it.

Jolena tries to nod. “Yes,” she says quietly. “I think it is an exceptionally good deal, you should take it. When you get a hold of Chris, no one would dare to even try to stop you.”

“Hm,” Vince’s smile grows wider. Then he looks back at Chris. Who moved a little closer when Vince didn’t look. “Maybe I should consider it, then.”

Vince suddenly pushes Jolena forward but doesn’t realise he pushes her straight into Danny’s arms. At the same time, Chris grabs Vince’ hand with the knife in it and squeezes it hard. “Aargh!”, Vince cries out in pain, he tries to pull his hand out of Chris’ grip but doesn’t succeed. With his other hand Chris grabs the blade of the knife and pulls it out of Vince’s hand, quickly throwing it to the side.

He does a step back, and within a second, a black growling wolf stands where Chris stood just moments ago. His wolf moves forward and Vince stumbles back in astonishment. This is not what he expected. Chris drives Vince into the corner. He hears stumbling behind him and then he recognises the voices of some of his warriors. They come from the left and right of Chris and throw Vince violently on the ground.

Chris quickly shifts back into his human-form. He knows his warriors have the situation under control. Then he turns around and walks out of the room. On the hallway he walks straight over to Danny. He pats him on his shoulder, “well done Danny, thank you for convincing me to not surrender immediately.”

“You’re welcome, Chris, I’d do anything to keep you and your mate safe, you know that.” Danny looks at him worried. “Are you alright?”

“I am,” Chris says, “Where is Jolena? How is she?”

“I asked Ava to pick her up and bring her to see Adina. She was terribly upset, scared, you name it. It’s been too much to handle for her”

“I need to see her.” Chris steps away in the direction of the stairs.

“Wait! Chris, I don’t think that is a good idea. I think you need to give her some time to process everything. She’s been through a lot today.”

Chris looks at Danny with a deadly gaze. Then he remembers what he thought before. If he pushes her too hard right now, he’ll only push her away. There’s already a very good chance that she wants nothing more to do with him and the wolves. Chris looks down at his feet. A great feeling of sadness and dejection overwhelms him. “You’re right,” he says. “I’m going to see if I can help with the clean-up and the wounded. Make myself useful, distract myself.” He looks at Danny, “make sure that bastard is tied down with silver handcuffs. Do not let him out of your sight until he is secured in the dungeons.”

“Alright, I’m on it.” Danny turns around and walks back into the room to assist the warriors and escort Vince to the dungeons. Chris walks away down the hallway, runs down the stairs and then outside to help his pack members anywhere he can.

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