Seeking happiness

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Chris hops up the stairs as he hears someone bursting through the front door. “Chris! Chris, where are you? Get over here, right now!” Chris frowns and turns around to see who dares to command his Alpha like that. Nobody commands the Alpha! He sees Danny walking around very unnerved. Something that is not like Danny at all. Chris goes back down the stairs quickly to meet his friend.

“Danny, what’s wrong?” “I need to talk to you in private, I think I have a problem, a very big one.”

“Come to my office,” Chris says, and they walk to his office. When they enter the room, Chris walks straight over to his leather chair and plops in it. Danny shuts the door quickly and he starts walking back and forth.

“Sit down, you are making me nervous and you are wearing my carpet off, what’s going on?”

“I just met my mate.” Danny says after he drops on one of the chairs behind the desk and looks down to the floor, his face in his hands.

“What? That is good news!” Chris says and he gets up to pat Danny on the back. He doesn’t understand Danny’s behaviour. He should be over the moon. “Why are you acting so nervous? What are you even doing here? You should be on cloud nine! You should be with her right now, claiming her!”

“She is human.” Danny says quietly, still looking down to the floor. “My mate is Ava Johnson, the girl that is here for the nurse-position.”

Chris stalls and looks at Danny. “Wow, I didn’t see that coming, that is anticlimactic.” He says while he drops back into his chair. He rubs his face with his hands. “What do you want to do? Do you want a human mate? Or do you want to reject her? You know she won’t even know if you do it right now. Humans don’t feel the same as we do when it comes to mates. Either way, whatever you may choose, I’ll have your back.”

“I don’t mind her being human,” Danny says quietly, “I just- I don’t know, I am afraid she will be shocked when she finds out about us. On top of that, I don’t want to put her in danger. What will our enemies do when they find out I have a human mate? She will never be able to defend herself against other wolves. She will always be in danger.”

Chris brushes with his hand over the stubble on his chin, deep in thought. After a couple of minutes Chris suddenly talks. “I think you need to tell her.” He looks his friend straight in the eye. “I think she needs to make her own opinion about it, she deserves to have a say in it. Especially if you yourself don’t mind her being a human. You both deserve at least a shot; you owe it to your wolf too. There is a reason she is your mate. I will talk to her about us being wolves if you like. Think about it, don’t do anything rushed.”

“I will,” Danny sighs and he gets up. He looks at Chris with a desperate look on his face.

“Let me know what you decide,” Chris tells Danny, “I’ll be there for you.”

Chris picks up his phone when Danny shuts the door behind him. He rings the number of Adina’s office. Even though mind-linking is easier, he prefers using the phone. When it’s about Alpha business, he doesn’t mind mind-linking someone he doesn’t know that well, but when it’s about personal matters, it feels like invading someone’s privacy. And even though as an Alpha he should know everyone in his pack, he knows one person a little bit better than the other. He just doesn’t happen to know Adina personally.

“Miller Creek Clinic, Adina speaking, how can I help you?”

“Adina, it’s Chris,” he says. He closes his eyes for a moment before he continues. He doesn’t really know what to say. “I was just wondering, have you had your talk with the potential new nurse?”

“She has only just left my office,” Adina answers with a bit of surprise in her voice.

“What is your first impression of her?” He wants to know.

“Well, I see a lot of potential. She is very qualified. She has the right papers. I really hope she wants to stay.” Adina says truthfully. “What is this about, Alpha? Why are you so interested?”

“I can’t tell,” he says. “Don’t take it personally.”

After they have a little bit of small talk, they hang up. He strokes the stubble on his chin again, deep in thought. Chris is happy for his best friend. Though he is a bit envious as well, Chris has still not found his mate. For years he has been looking out for his mate but hasn’t been able to find her yet. As they say an Alpha is stronger with his mate at his side.

He got the perfect example from his parents. Their relationship was solid as a rock, still going strong until the end, despite all what they have been through. When his mum would visit her parents in their pack, about 300 miles away, his father would be miserable and moody until she came back. And when his father died, his mum just seemed to languish away, getting weaker every day. His mind wanders back to Danny and his mate. He seems to have made up his mind because he suddenly gets up. He marches out of his office to the garage, where his pickup is parked, ignoring the people that greet him on his way. He is a man on a mission. He gets in his truck and dashes up the road, leaving behind a cloud of dust.

Chris stops his truck in front of the cabin where Ava and Jolena stay for the night. He knocks on the door and takes a few steps back. While he waits for the door to open, he looks around, listening to his environment. He sniffs, what is that smell? It’s very faint, but it is there. So sweet, so addicting, he can’t put his finger on it. His wolf is overly excited, what is wrong with him? Before he can think any further, the door of the cabin opens.

“Yes?” The girl that appears behind the door looks at him questioningly. She’s small, only about 5′ 10″ tall. He feels huge compared to her. Her hazel eyes scan his body from head to toe.

“Good evening, my name is Chris, I am the Alpha here,” he introduces himself and he holds out his hand for her to shake.

“Ava,” she replies, and she shakes his hand.

“Is everything to your liking?” He asks, “is there anything you need?”

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