Seeking happiness

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Chris is tense, he is filling his truck with weekend bags and other things they may need. He feels like the coming hours, maybe even days are going to be decisive. That everything will depend on the decisions being made now. He told the guys that Verona wanted to meet. They discussed it together and decided that Danny and Nick are coming with him to meet with Verona again. Leo will follow with his warriors, to shadow Verona and see where the guy goes. Evan will stay here to look after the pack. What happens next, depends on whether Verona leads Leo and his men to their father or not. If he does, they will prepare for a raid and the rescue of their father.

He feels a hand on his shoulder and turns around. “Do we have everything?” Nick asks him.

“I think we do. I really hope so.” He answers.

Danny and Leo join them. “Are you ready?” Leo asks.

“No, not really,” Chris gives him a crooked smile, “but I guess I am.”

“Well, let’s go then,” Danny says, and he turns to kiss Ava goodbye. Nick walks to Alicia, who is standing on top of the steps of the porch to wave them goodbye, and he gives her a passionate kiss. He shakes Evan’s hand who stands next to him. Chris looks around to see if he sees Jolena, but he doesn’t see her anywhere. Not that he expected her to wave him goodbye, but he can’t help but feel a bit disappointed. What did he expect really? Especially after what he heard her say to Leo this morning.

The drive to the city was long and boring, traffic was a nightmare and way too slow. After what seemed like forever, Chris, Danny and Nick finally arrive in the city. They decided to meet with Verona at once, to get it over with.

Nick walks closer to Chris, “are people always this way when you walk to your office?”

Chris turns his head and laughs. “What, like they fear the big bad boss? Yes, they do. They’d all crawl for me, they are all scared as fuck.”

“Wow, I never knew,” Nick looks around.

When they arrive at his office, Chris immediately walks over to Joseph’s office and knocks on his door. He opens it and barges in straight away, not caring if Joseph was busy with something or not.

Jerking up, Joseph’s eyes grow wide when he sees the three giant men walk into his office. “Mr. Anderson, Mr. Harris, and err, I think I haven’t met you before.” He gets up from his chair and he shakes Nick’s hand.

“This is my brother Nicholas,” Chris introduces the men. After that he drops down on Joseph’s sofa. “So, let’s get straight to business. Verona, when will he be here?”

Joseph seems a little nervous with the three tall men in his office. “Err, gentlemen, please sit down.” He gestures Danny and Nick to sit down on the other seats. He scratches the hair in his neck, then looks at Chris. “Mr. Verona will be here in about thirty minutes. So, we have a little time left.”

After a while there’s a knock on the door. The three men sit up with their attention to the door. Joseph gets up and opens the door. “Mr. Verona, come in. Mr. Anderson is already expecting you.”

Mr. Verona enters the room and sits down on one of the vacant seats. “Good day, Mr. Anderson,” he greets. “I see you have some reinforcements with you today. Are you that scared of what I am going to offer you?” The man smirks at them.

Chris doesn’t even bother introducing the guys to Mr. Verona. “I don’t need reinforcements for myself. I have them here to protect you from me. I have a feeling I am not going to like whatever shit you are going to throw at me.”

Joseph’s face pales noticing Chris’ rude attitude to Verona. “I, I don’t think Mr. Anderson meant it the way he said it, right, Mr. Anderson.”

“Oh, I think he meant every word of it,” Nick joins in as he leans forward in his chair, his elbows on his knees. “Exactly like that. Now Verona, come to the point, tell us what you want from us.”

Verona looks around with a smirk on his face. Seemingly unfazed by the men surrounding him. “I think I may have something of great interest to you.” He reaches into his jacket and pulls something out of his inside pocket. He hands a photo to Chris. “Here, I think you may know this man.”

When Chris takes the picture from him and looks at it, he clenches his teeth. His jaw becoming a hard line, his eyes blazing fire. Nick leans over to look over Chris’s shoulder and instantly gets the same expression.

“Looking at your faces, I guess I am right.” Verona smiles, thinking he just won the jackpot. “The resemblance with the man in the picture is striking if I may say so myself. Even with the man behind you. I guess you are siblings?”

“Who my siblings may or may not be, is none of your business.”

Verona devilishly smiles again. “But I think you know this man, don’t you? I think he is your father, isn’t he?”

“And what if he is?” Chris shrugs, his eyes pierce into Verona’s, “My father passed away years ago. Died in a fight. What do you want from him?”

Chris is acting as if he doesn’t know anything about the whole situation. He’s also pretending not knowing there’s wolves involved.

“I know your father is still alive. He’s been hiding from you; I think he doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore. He pretended to be dead, so he could escape from you all. How’s that? How much did he mean to you? Do you feel betrayed now that you know the truth about him?” Verona leans back with a smug smile, “I had a relationship with your mother, right before your parents got to know each other. Did you know he tried to kill me, an innocent man? All because he saw me as an enemy.” Verona shakes his head.

Nick takes a step forward, growling loudly. Chris gets up from his chair and walks over to the window to not have to look at Verona. He doesn’t turn around when he speaks. “I know you’re trying to provoke me. To get a reaction out of me, but you won’t succeed. Now if you’re here to reminisce about my parents, I suggest you leave. If not, then I would get to the point if I were you. I have other things to do.”

“Like what,” Verona stands up to and walks over to Chris, standing about three feet away from him. “Looking for your father’s hiding place? I may be able to help you with that.”

Chris turns around and looks Verona in the eye. His deadly gaze seems to go through him, and the man in front of him seems to shrink. “What do you want in return?”

“That you give up your land and your people and leave. And most of all, that you let my son and daughter in law go.”

Again, Chris pretends to not know what Verona is talking about, he shrugs. “Who is your son? Do you have a son? And who is your daughter in law?”

Verona eyes seem to blaze with fire. He folds his arms. “You know who my son is! Vince Jones and his wife Lisa, you have captured them! You have them locked up somewhere in those dungeons of yours! Let them go you filthy dog!”

Chris takes a step forward, bending down a little so his face almost touches Verona’s. “No! I won’t let them go!” He roars. “Lisa pretended to be loyal, I was there when she needed help, but she stabbed me in the back when I turned around. Your son has tried to kill me and the rest of my people more than once! There’s no way I am letting them go! The only way you’ll see them again is in a body bag, delivered by mail!”

Verona doesn’t back down, unfazed by the roaring Alpha in front of him. “Well, you just signed your father’s death sentence then.” He turns around and walks out of the office, slamming the door shut behind him.

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