Seeking happiness

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It’s a six months later, he last months, Chris has worked hard. He handed over Vince Jones to the authorities to prosecute the man, he had a hard time with it. He’d rather end the man’s life, but he knew he couldn’t.

He finished his house, it’s completely done, it just needs a resident. The packhouse got a major upgrade and an extension. He got rid of his business in Litchley, Joseph Simmons is now the owner of Anderson Corporation, it’s something he is very happy with. And the new job he got for him and his pack, goes very well. The only downside is that he still has to work through a lot of paperwork.

His father healed fairly quickly, but you can see the life in captivity left its marks. Nicholas’s mate gave birth to a beautiful son named Benjamin. He visits them as much as he can, he just adores him the little one. Leo has officially been hired as the pack’s head warrior.

When he thinks about everything that happened, he deems himself a lucky man. While he thinks about all that, he sits in on the porch of the packhouse, sipping on a bottle of beer. His eyes fall on a black shiny sedan, parked to the right of the packhouse. He frowns, he has seen that sedan before. When he notices the man beside the car, he frowns, an intruder? He immediately gets up to investigate.

“Sir. Who are you, and what are you doing here?” He says when he is about three feet away from the man. A wolf, he sees.

“I am Drake Saunders, sir. You must be Alpha Christopher.” Drake reaches out to shake his hand.

“That is right.” Chris shakes his hand but keeps frowning. “What are you doing here? I didn’t get notified that someone of another pack was visiting?”

“I don’t represent a pack, sir.” Drake seems a little nervous. “I left my pack long ago, but never broke the bond. Now I am here to guard my future Luna, at least I hope she will become my future Luna.”

“I don’t understand,” Chris is confused.

“I think you may know her, sir. I think she’s your Luna.”

“What are you saying? I don’t understand a word you are saying!” Chris is getting agitated.

“Alright,” Drake runs a hand through his hair. “I am accompanying miss Jolena Morrison. She is visiting her friend. She told me about the situation you are in. That she wasn’t sure what to think of you being mates. So, I made a deal with her about six months ago. If she would go back to you and become the Luna of your pack, then I would ask to join your pack and be her personal bodyguard.”

“Hmm,” Chris scratches the stubble on his cheeks. “So, you are actually saying that she’s here?”

“Yes sir.” Drake still looks nervous, he is probably scared of Chris, afraid that he’ll get mad for being near to his mate.

“Thank you for keeping my mate safe,” Chris looks him sternly in the eyes. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to find my mate.” He turns around and heads over to the clinic. Taking large strides.

When he arrives at the clinic, just a few minutes later, he sees her. The most gorgeous woman of the earth steps out of the clinic, her hair swings with her movements. She holds some sunglasses and puts them in her hair. Chris is frozen in his spot, he can’t move, he is blinded by the sight of the woman.

The woman looks around with curiosity. She takes her time to take everything in. When she looks down the road, she freezes. They lock eyes and she gasps. “Christopher?” She is the first to be able to say something.

“Jolena,” he whispers, his eyes start to glow.

She runs down the steps of the clinic and runs to him, until she is in front of him.

“It is really you,” he still whispers. One of his hands raises to touch her cheek. “Pinch me, I think I’m dreaming.”

She laughs, “No Chris, this real, I really am here.”

“Are you back?” He can’t help but ask. He has to know. When he pulls down his hand, it shakes.

“Would you still have me?” She asks, her voice breaks.

He looks at her in surprise. “Seriously? Of course! Are you sure you want to do this though?”

She nods, “I am Chris. All the time I was back in the city, I kept thinking about you. I have talked to a professional about everything that happened, to be able to move on. And I have moved on, I just couldn’t let you go. I’ve tried to go on without you, but even just looking at other men made me sick to my stomach. You’re the only one I want, Chris. It’s taken a long time, but I am ready, I am ready to be yours.” She speaks softly.

Now he holds her cheeks between both of his hands, drawing her closer. “And you are certain you want to do this?” He looks in her eyes, deeply. “You are certain that- Wait, come with me.”

He drags her behind him, running as if his life depends on his. She doesn’t recognise the path they’re taking at first, but as they come closer to where he’s taking her, she recognises the place. When they’re in front of the building, he turns around and faces her again. The building is the house he built for her. Again, taking her cheeks between his hands. “Are you certain that you want to share all of this? Are you ready to move in, with me? Here?” He looks at the house for a minute, but quickly returns his gaze to her, drowning in her eyes.

“Yes Christopher, I am.” She smiles. “I am yours, yours alone.”

He doesn’t need to hear anything more. With one swift move he pulls her close, his chest touching hers, and lowers his head. He claims her lips, with a passion he never knew he had in him. He wants to kiss her, and never stop.

A gush of wind distracts him. He pulls his head back up and looks around, then an idea pops up in his head. He swoops Jolena up, who squeals in surprise. “Chris, what are you doing?”

He smiles suggestively, then starts to walk to the house. “You know, the bed in the master bedroom has never been tested out. I think it’s about time that that happens.”

Chris opens the front door of the house and walks in. Jolena doesn’t get much time to look around, as Chris heads for the stairs straight away. Upstairs he opens another door and then Jolena feels herself flying in the air for a few seconds. But before she can squeal again, she feels a soft mattress underneath her.

Chris takes off his shirt and crawls on top of her. “Are you ready for this?” He whispers huskily in her ear.

She is speechless, only capable of letting out a soft moan. He kisses her passionately, only pulling back to catch a breath.

“Chris,” Jolena sighs, she runs her fingers through his hair, her gaze goes over his body.

He lowers himself again, claiming her lips. He runs kisses from her lips to her ear and then lowers down to the crook of her neck. “Can I-” He pulls back to look her in the eye, “can I claim you?”

Jolena nods. He keeps staring at her, waiting for a vocal response. “Yes, Christopher, please,” she whispers.

That is his sign to continue, and he kisses the crook of her neck again. Pushes his nose against her neck, deeply breathing in her scent. “This is going to hurt, but it will fade quickly,” he says and then his canines emerge, sinking into her skin.

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