Seeking happiness

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It was the next morning that Jolena opens her eyes. She stretches out like a cat and turns around. The view she has is stunning. A man, his eyes closed, his face relaxed, his hair dishevelled, his morning stubble coming through. The man was really a sight for sore eyes. When she looks down, she sees muscles, rock hard muscles and when she looks even further down, oh boy. She sighs blissfully. This is the best way to wake up, with the love of her life right next to her.

When she drove over here yesterday, she was anxious. She was scared. She had no idea how Chris would react when he would see her. She was half expecting him to have moved on and have another woman to love.

Jolena had a hard time returning to the city. Being alone in her apartment was a serious problem, as there were a lot of bad memories connected to it. Instead of moving someplace else, she decided to get professional help to deal with her anxieties. Her therapist advised to deal with her problems first, before going back to Christopher, so that they could start with a clean slate. After her sessions with her therapist were done, she contacted Drake. She decided to ask him for help to overcome her fear of werewolves, she thought that if she could be comfortable around Drake’s wolf, she would be able to feel comfortable around other wolves as well. He was glad to help her, and now she feels stronger than ever.

She scoots closer to Christopher, careful not to wake him. She moves as close as she can and kisses him softly on his soft lips. She pulls back a little to see his reaction. Nothing. One more time she kisses him, this time a little firmer. “Hmm.” He groans, not ready to wake up. A third time, she kisses him, now with even more pressure, kissing him passionately. Suddenly, she feels an arm sneak around her waist that pushes her against that rock hard chest. He kisses her back with just as much passion. She wraps her arm around his neck, running her fingers through his hair.

Christopher pulls back, just a little. He looks still sleepy, his eyes hooded. “Good morning, beautiful,” he says softly with a hoarse voice and a lazy smile appears on his face. This man, goodness, he looks so good. She smiles back at him; words are not needed. They cuddle like that for a moment, just enjoying the after-bliss.

He leans up a little, one elbow under his pillow, his right hand under his head for support. While Jolena turns on her back, he trails his finger slowly from the mark in her neck, down to the valley between her breasts, down to her navel and then softly over her left thigh to her knee. “How are you feeling,” he looks a little concerned. “Aren’t you too sore?”

Jolena shakes her head with a smile. “I haven’t felt better.”

“And your mark, doesn’t it hurt too much?” He places his fingers back on the mark, loving the feeling it gives him when he touches it.

Jolena nods again, “I can feel it, but it doesn’t really hurt.”

He leans forward and kisses her softly on her lips and sits up. “Good. Do you want to take a shower with me? I would like to get some breakfast, with all the exercise of last night, I feel like I could eat a horse.”

Jolena gets up too, smiling widely, “sure.”

The walk to the Packhouse felt a little bit like a walk of shame. Even though Jolena was prepared and had some extra clothes with her, they both knew that they would draw everyone’s attention by coming into the dining hall together. Not that they minded one bit, everyone can know that they finally have a Luna. But it still felt all a bit awkward.

Chris grabs her hand while they walk, placing a kiss on the back. She looks at him for a moment and smiles. Together they step on the steps to the Packhouse and head straight for the dining hall. As Chris opens the door, the chatter inside stills. Although she is hidden behind Chris’s back, she knows all eyes are on them. Chris walks confidently in front of her, not letting go of her hand for a second. Jolena was right, all eyes are on them, especially on their intertwined hands. As soon as they’re sitting down, and Chris grabs his cutlery, the chatter starts again.

“Good morning, Chris, Jo.” Danny smiles at them, knowing all too well what happened between the two lovebirds.

“Good morning to you too, Danny.” Jolena smiles, “Where’s Ava?”

“She is helping out in the kitchen at the moment.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to her later then, when she’s not so busy.” Jolena smiles, grabbing the cup of coffee in front of her.

“So, how are you two lovebirds doing?” Danny’s smile turns into a wicked smile.

“Well,” Chris shrugs looking at his plate trying to hide the mischievous glint in his eyes, “Jolena here, decided to leave me. Again.” Chris sighs dramatically.

“What?” Danny looks like he is at a loss of words. “Jo, tell me you didn’t, do you want him to kill himself?”

“Oh, err,” Jolena looks down as well, she has a hard time keeping in her laugh, “I just feel so much better on my own.”

A dark and low growl is heard. When she looks up, she sees Leo looking at her furiously, his eyes glowering menacingly. The smile on her face dies immediately. “I hope you are kidding, because I don’t know what I’m going to do if this is true.”

“Leo, calm down.” Chris smiles, “it’s alright Leo.”

“No, it’s not!” Leo bellows. “She is your mate! Our Luna, fight for her you stupid ass!” Leo backs out his chair to get up from the table.

“Leo, sit back down! We were playing you.” Chris piercing eyes forcing Leo to back down.

“That is not funny!” Danny looks outraged. “You don’t fool everyone, not when it’s about our Luna! Our future depends on her!”

Jolena smiles, “sorry guys, we thought you would know we were joking. “Isn’t your sense of smell heightened? Can’t you smell that we’re mated? Can’t you see,” she grabs her collar and pulls it down, “that we’re mated?”

They all look at her with wide eyes. “Wow,” Chris laughs, “in your faces. Well done, beautiful.”

They look astounded. “Wow, congratulations Alpha, Luna,” Danny gives them a respectful nod. Then he smiles widely, “congratulations on becoming a grown up, Christopher.” Danny laughs.

Chris shoots him a look, then laughs as well. “You know, I’ve never been happier. This made it all worth the wait.”

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