Seeking happiness

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“Careful,” Chris says, his breath fanning her ear. His hands cover her eyes and she has to rely on him to know where to go. “Turn to the left.”

Jolena follows his directions and turns to the left. “Wait a second. Close your eyes, don’t peek.”

She feels Chris’ hands on her shoulders and she feels she’s being turned around. Behind her she hears a door open. Then she’s being turned back around and pushed forward. “Go ahead, slowly.” Chris’s breath fans her neck again.

She takes a few steps forward. Then he turns her back around, makes her walk backwards until the backs of her knees hit something. “Stop, you can sit now.”

She hears him move away for a bit. “Open your eyes.”

When she opens her eyes, blinking against the bright light, she sees she’s in an office. One similar to that from Chris. “What is this? Why am I here?” Jolena looks at him blankly.

“This is your new office,” Chris beams.

“My office?” Jolena frowns, “why do I need an office?”

“Well, you are a Luna now. You’re not going to work in the city anymore, but I thought you would like to do something useful while you are here. And when I thought a little more, I thought that the traditional jobs Luna’s have, are not really suiting you. So I provided this office for you, so you can help me out. Be my PA, here, do some administrative work, I think that’ll suit you better.”

Chris moves in front of her chair and kneels, his arms leaning on her knees. “I want to do this together with you, or not at all. So please, accept this job for me. Lead this pack together with me. We’ll be unbeatable, we’ll be unstoppable, we’ll be invincible until we die. Please, be my Luna.”

Jolena nods, “I’ll be your Luna,” she whispers, “If you’ll be my Alpha.”

Chris leans forward and kisses her on her lips. “I’ll always be your Alpha.” He kisses her again, while lifting her up from her chair, to sit down himself and place her on his lap. He leans back a little to take a breath and looks her in the eyes with an intense look.

“I love you Jolena, I love you so much.”

That night, Chrisopher catches Jolena when she is about to walk into the dining hall for dinner. He had some meetings that afternoon, so he had to leave her on her own, but now he made time. He cleared his whole evening and night to be with the love of his life.

“Jo,” she turns when she feels a hand catch hers.

“Christopher,” she looks surprised when she sees him.

“Come with me.” He smiles with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “I have something planned for us.”

He takes her outside and when they walk through the door he picks up a basket.

“What are we going to do?” Jolena asks curiously.

“Out.” Christopher answers as he helps her into his truck.

About fifteen minutes later, he stops his car at an open clearing in the middle of the forest. He helps her out of his car again and takes the basket with him.

“Here, hold this,” he says and he gives the basket to Jolena. He turns back to his car and takes a few blankets from the backseat. He spreads one out in the middle of the clearing and takes a seat. Jolena places the basket in the middle of the blanket and sets herself beside him.

“Are we going to have a nightly picnic or something?” She smiles.

“Something like that,” Chris smiles too and starts taking things out of the basket. The first things he takes are candles. He places them in a circle around the blanket, makes sure they won’t fall over or can’t light anything else on fire and he lights them.

A while later, Chris pours some more wine in their glasses. They just finished eating and now sit lazily on the blanket. “Look,” Jolena points at the star-littered sky. “A shooting star, make a wish.”

Chris looks at the sky, then in Jolena’s eyes and then he closes them for a second. When he opens them again, he notices that Jolena is closer than she was before. She gives him a peck on the lips and smiles.

Chris leans forward, making Jolena lean backwards, until she lays flat on her back. He hovers over her and he kisses her. Their kisses deepen the longer they kiss. Jolena moans softly, but Chris hears it anyway and he growls possessively.

When Chris pulls back for air, he looks at Jolena. Her hair is spread out over the blanket, her lips are red and swollen and her eyes full of lust. Chris kisses her again, giving little pecks on her lips, on her cheek, below her ear and then he brushes with his lips over his mark. Jolena jolts up with a loud moan. The tingles he feels in his lips are driving him crazy, her scent is intoxicating, it drives him wild and he growls again.

Chris leans on one arm, to not put his wait fully on Jolena and with his other hand, he travels down. When he gets to the hem of her shirt, he pulls it up to caress her bare stomach. He feels how sensitive she is, as he feels her goosebumps on her skin. His hand travels upwards, taking her shirt with him, until he reaches her breasts. He pulls her bra downwards to free her nipple and gives it a little tug on it. Then he moves to the other one, doing the same. Jolena wriggles impatiently underneath him, rubbing with her legs against his hardness. “Don’t move,” he warns her.

“I can’t.” She complains, “you’re taking too long.”

He pulls his head back a little to look at her. “I’m trying to be a gentleman here and not take you like a mad man.”

“Chris,” Jolena lifts up her hand and caresses his cheek. “You need to be faster. I need you, I need you in me.”

A wave of her arousal hits his nose and he growls. “You want it fast huh.”

Jolena nods lustfully then pushes Chris off of her. She sits straight up and removes her shirt. Chris sighs when he sees her like that. Then she stands up and removes her pants as well, leaving her only in her underwear. “God, you’re so sexy,” Chris growls lowly.

Jolena pushes Chris backwards, so now he is laying on his back, and she climbs on top of him. She rubs her hands over his chest, making it tingle between them. “Jo,” Chris sighs.

Her hands travel south, to the edge of his pants and she fumbles with his belt. He removes her hands to take off his pants himself. When he is done, she climbs immediately on top of him again, giving him no time to take control. His hands automatically wrap around her waist to keep her there. She rubs her hands over his chest again and lets them travel into his boxers. Chris moans and closes his eyes, “Jolena, I want you.” He lifts her up and places her on his back again.

“Take me Chris,” Jolena whispers, “I am yours.”

The next morning they still lay there on that blanket, another one covering their bare bodies. Chris lies on his side and looks at Jolena, who looks right back at him. Chris sniffles and frowns. He sniffles again.

“What’s wrong?” She asks.

Chris shakes his head. “I think I’m seeing things, or better, smelling things. I think my senses are in overdrive.”

“Why,” Jolena caresses his cheek.

“It’s like-” Chris shakes his head again and takes a deep breath. “You smell like- You’re-”

“Say it, Chris, you drive me nuts.”

“You’re pregnant.”

I've been wanting to do this for a very long time, to give the readers that told me that the story lacked some quality time between Chris and Jo. Now I finally had the time to write an extra chapter. So, you're welcome.
Now this is really the last chapter. I'm not going to add another one, as I am already working on SH - 3. Enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment! Love, Alissa
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