Seeking happiness

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“Chris, you needed me?” Danny bursts through the door of Chris’ office, he didn’t even knock.

“Who gave you permission to barge in here without even knocking?” Chris gets up from his chair and rages with anger. Chris seems furious for such a futile thing. “I am your Alpha, show your respect! You of all people should know how to behave around your Alpha!” Chris’ head turns red.

“Err, sorry Chris. I thought you needed me urgently, so yeah.” Danny shrugs and looks at his feet. He has no idea why his Alpha is so furious.

When Chris sees Danny’s submission, he takes in some deep breaths to calm himself down. “Sorry, Danny. Sit.” Chris gestures to the chairs in front of the desk and drops into his own leather chair. “I am not myself today. Forgive me.” He looks at his best friend, who sits down quickly, still a bit shocked from his outburst.

“You want to talk about it?” Danny asks, back to his normal self, “you know I’m here for you.” “I smelled my mate.” Chris sighs. He puts his elbows on his desk and drops his face in his hands. “I only smelled her, I haven’t seen her, and it is so frustrating. I don’t know who she is. I followed her scent last night, but it disappeared before I got to her. I couldn’t sleep last night, I am restless.”

“Oh, no, this is not good,” Danny is a bit shocked, “not good at all.”

“I know, my wolf is putting up a serious fight, and I don’t know if I can keep it up to fight back. He is frustrated, which makes me frustrated. I don’t know what to do.”

“But your mate, she is here?” Danny asks. “She was last night, right now I don’t know.” Chris sighs again, still frustrated.

“So, what did you need me for? Did you call me to find her?”

“No, I didn’t call you for that reason. I did call you because I need you to think about something. This afternoon I am planning on a meeting with the board, our Gamma, Delta, and the Elders, but I want you to think about it in advance. My brother Nick called yesterday during dinner. They seem to have a big problem with rogues. He asked me for help to deal with them, but also, he warned for potential attacks on our grounds. It seems to go about a big pack of rogues that attacks in small groups. At first sight everything seems under control, but they keep coming, and they are getting closer to the packhouse. Nick’s Alpha wants to handle the whole pack at once, but he needs our help with that. Think about what we should do, I’ll call the others this afternoon to see what they think about it.”

“Okay, will do.”


After a while in his office, he decides to go outside, to let his wolf run free. He can’t concentrate on anything he is doing. He just keeps thinking about his mate. How he just missed her. It is so frustrating; it is so infuriating. He doesn’t know what to do. She was exactly right under his nose and he missed her, by seconds. He runs down the stairs, trying to avoid anyone who may want to talk to him, and he quickly runs through the back door. Once outside he finds a place in the shadows, he undresses and shifts into his wolf form. Fully shifted, he sniffs the air and takes off. His wolf loves the run, he is enjoying himself. Sprinting through the forest, splashing into the little streams that come off the mountain, rolling his back on the thick forest moss.

His wolf decides to climb higher, to the top of the mountain. Once outside the forests, there only remain grasslands. And when he goes even higher, there is nothing but rocks. The higher you get on a mountain, the more desolate it gets, but also the less colour there is. When he turns and looks at the view, he gasps. It has been a while since he was here. The sky is blue, he clouds white, and the forests below him are green. There is no one here, no one will interrupt his thoughts, it’s just him and his wolf.

After a while of enjoying the view, he decides to go back down. Back in the packhouse, he walks straight back to his office. He really isn’t in the mood to talk to anyone right now. His office seems to be the perfect place to hide. He knows he later has a meeting with the leaders of his pack, but until then, he likes to be on his own. His wolf feels a lot better, is even almost at peace with himself right now. He doesn’t feel restless anymore, he let go of the whole mate-thing, for now.

Chris, on the other hand, doesn’t feel any better. Yes, he enjoyed the quiet time on the mountain, but he doesn’t feel any calmer. He only finds himself getting more determined to find his mate. He has smelled her scent, now he wants more. He has to find her, no, he must find her. He needs her, he wants her, hell, he doesn’t want to be without her anymore, even though he hasn’t seen her yet.

While deep in thought, the phone on his desk starts ringing. “Anderson,” he says when he picks it up. He rubs his face with his free hand to get his attention on the person at the other end of the phone.

“Good afternoon, mister Anderson, it’s Simmons.” Simmons is his representative. He sees to everything concerning the company in the city.

Chris sighs, he really doesn’t feel like talking business at all. “Simmons, I just left Litchley, now you’re calling me already? Can’t I have a little down time?”

“I’m sorry, sir, a problem seems to have occurred when you left.”

“Simmons, cut to the chase, what’s up?”

“The CEO of Verona and Sons does not want to negotiate with us anymore. He only wants to meet with you, sir.”

Chris sighs again and rubs his face again. Can’t these people do anything without him? “What went wrong?” Chris asks.

“We didn’t do anything wrong, sir, he just doesn’t feel like working with us anymore,” Mr. Simmons gets a little nervous, Chris can hear it in his voice.

“I have some problems to solve here, but I think I will be able to come back by Monday. Make sure you arrange a meeting with him, then I can solve this problem.”

“Alright then,” Simons says, “I look forward to your return, sir.”

“Simmons.” Chris puts the phone down, and sighs, again. He takes a folder that was on his desks and throws it against the wall opposite of him. He roars, wipes his desk clean, then topples his desk. Some loud curses leave his mouth, he can’t contain his growing frenzy anymore. It is his own frustration, not his wolves’. A gentle knock on the door gets him out his rage for a second. “Leave!” He bellows.

The door opens a little. Leo slips his head through the small opening of the door. “Chris, are you alright?” He asks.

“I said, leave!” Chris roars again.

“Chris, calm down. We are supposed to have a meeting, remember? All leaders are here,” Leo whispers, “they can hear you; you know.” Leo slips in completely and puts his hands on his brothers’ shoulders. He looks him straight in the eye. “Chris, get it together. Please, I need you to calm down. The Elders will lose their trust in their Alpha if he just loses it.”

The door opens again, Danny slips in and shuts the door behind him. “Guys, is everything alright? The Elders are waiting, they are becoming impatient.”

“I don’t know what is wrong with him, but as you can see from this mess, Chris is freaking out.” Danny looks at his Alpha with a worried look. As he said earlier, this is not good, definitely not good. Chris’ behaviour is worrying. “Is this about your mate?” Danny asks.

Leo’s head shoots up, and his eyes switch between Chris and Danny. “Mate?”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up! Leave me alone! Just leave!” Chris roars again while pulling the blinds off the window. He then tries to open the window but doesn’t succeed because it is locked. Danny and Leo try to pull Chris away from the window together, as the Alpha is extraordinarily strong.

“Chris, stop it! Sit down!” Danny tries to convince Chris. “We will help you find your mate, but you have to calm down first”

“Take deep breaths,” Leo says, he puts his hands-on Chris’ shoulders again, looks him in the eye and tries to make Chris breathe with him. Eventually Chris looks back at Leo and his breathing slows down. “Good, easy,” Leo says with a calming voice.

Chris sinks down against the wall. He buries his face in his head. “Sorry guys, I don’t know what got into me. I just lost it. I can’t take it anymore.”

Danny kneels in front of him; “you are not alone in this, Chris. Just talk to us. You can talk to me, to Leo, you just have to call us.”

“I know, I’m sorry. Give me a minute to clean myself up. Meet me in the conference room, I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Sure, I’ll tell the Elders to go there and wait for you. I’ll call someone to clean this mess up.” Danny says.

“Let me do that, then you can reassure the Elders,” Leo suggests. “They need assurance. I’ll go and make sure this mess is cleaned up.”

After one last look, they both leave the office. Chris retreats himself in his suite to freshen up.

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